Review: Beauty UK Baked Eyeshadow in Wave

***This product was sent to me for review purposes by Khei Shop***

''Slow baked powders refined into a pressed trio of shimmering shades. Sheer in texture yet buildable with each sweep of the brush. Colour intensifies to create a veil of luminous hues on the eyes. Choose from 6 nature inspired colour combinations.'' -Beauty UK

Hi everyone! I received this Beauty Uk Trio Palette form the Khei Shop for review. I am not fond of blue eyeshadows. Perhaps, I often relate it with the '80's and I honestly think that this shade is the hardest to pull off. Thus, I envy a lot of women who can wear blue eyeshadow with such class.  When I received this eyeshadow, I was not that giddy to try it at all. Obviously, I cannot wear it in the office and most especially during trial. I rarely go to night outs! As in! I would rather stay at home and watch telenovelas.. haha
However, upon close scrutiny of the product, I can honestly say that the shades aren't bad at all. They are really wearable especially for night outs or parties. The medium and darker shade can be used as an eyeliner even for day time wear

. The dome shape reminds me a lot of MAC MSF products.
The applicator  that came with it is really weird!
It is the same retractable brush that came with their blush. As usual, this brush is not even useful at all. It is quite big for eyeshadow application and it is really scratchy.
The eyeshadows are very pigmented. They may appear hard on the pan but it blends beautifully when swatched. The colors are frosted and shimmery.  All the colors in the pan compliment each other really well. Further, I can wear each shade by itself.

Shade Description: 

The darker blue is more of a bluish black shade.
The middle one is a medium steel blue.
The lightest shade is perfect for highlighting the brow bone or you can even use it as is. It is a light shimmery blue almost white in shade. 
With one swipe!
Look how beautiful the shades are.

Over all, this eyeshadow palette is really nice. However, I prefer other neutral and more wearable hues. I am looking forward in trying Beach, Earth or Sunrise.

You can find more Beauty UK Products at Khei Shop: 

Thank you Khei Shop!!!!

Godbless everyone!

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  1. I can pull off blue eyeliner. But blue eyeshadow? Er, I don't think so. Haha

  2. wow pretty! I love the pigmentation of those! and they look like Luview's Baked eyeshadows... :)

    1. ang ganda ng pigmentation noh? Could you imagine kung ibang shade ito like neutrals mas bongga!!

  3. I've always been a big blue eyeshadow fan. Ewan ko ba. But, I so love the pigmentation of this.

    1. Bongga talaga yung pigmentation.. Buti ka pa you can rock the blues!! :)

    2. Actually, it's more of makapal lang talaga ang mukha ko. Hahaha!

  4. Thanks for this review :) I'm really sorry I don't have your choice of color in stock, but I promise I'd send it to you next time! Followed your blog as well! ♥


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