Cheap 7pc Brush Set + Random Haul

Hi everyone! How was your week? My spirits were quite low this week. This is primarily due to my career and some thoughts that bother me every now and then. 

On a lighter note, let me share with you this cheap find!! I heard about this glish brush set years ago. I remember that this costs 500 pesos before then it became 350 pesos and now --- 175 pesos!! For 7 brushes and with such cheap price, I do not care buying it at all. The blush brush and the powder brush are ok but are quite scratchy too. These two bushes  bleeds like crazy. These two brushes are not soft. Despite this fact, I still  like the blush brush. It is perfect for contouring.  The lip, comb, definer and liner brushes are the best.  The definer is a bullet brush perfect for blending the crease. The shadow brush is quite big for shadow application. Over all, this is a decent brush set. 

Some random haul

I saw the dry shampoo from Say's vlog video. I bought shampoo and conditioner that is anti dandruff. To those who does not know, I have been suffering from scalp psoriasis for years now. Anti dandruff shampoo and tar shampoo are best for me. :)
I thought the cleansing cream from Tony Moly was a facial wash. It turned out to be a cream cleanser like that of Pond's cold cream! Yay!

More cheap thrills:
I have seen a lot of bloggers and Filipina youtube gurus using the bear liner. I must say it is really good! It is long lasting and smudge proof.

That's it everyone!

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  1. Hi Donna! the bear liner looks so cute! Wear did you buy it? Thanks! :)

  2. Hi jannah!! I bought mine at isetann.. :) for 30 pesos only.. i guess there are tiangge who sells them.. :)

  3. hoe much is the cleansing cream from Tony Moly? :)

  4. Hello!

    Responded to your PM na :)

    I recently discovered the anti-dandruff shampoo from Pantene and it works better than Head & Shoulders. Gets rid of flakes and I can skip conditioner for a day or two pa because it keeps my hair soft.

    1. Thanks Jill for this.. :) I will def check this Pantene shampoo.. ;)

  5. mura nga po sa isetann ung mga ganyan. da 168 parang tinubuan na. mejo mahal na compared sa isetann.

  6. awesome haul... I have those glish brushes, it's actually the very first brush set I ever bought.hehe I only kept the g-lish definer brush and gave the rest away... and oh do let us know what you think of the beauty formulas dry shampoo.

  7. My scalp gets itchy at times too. I always have head and shoulders shampoo as a back up in my stash =)

  8. Hi! Where did you find that Dry Shampoo?

    1. Hello Loves!! I bought it at SM Supermarket..:)


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