Current Favorite: Wet n Wild Color Icon Vanity Palette

Good morning! I was awaken by a text message from a colleague that really bothered me (work related). That explains my early blog post on a beautiful Saturday morning! Who is excited for the long weekend ahead? I am!!!! I want to share with you my favorite palette as of the moment. I have mentioned this palette a few times in my previous posts.I needed a palette that I can bring anywhere. I have a lot of choices in mind but I decided to get this one. I was not mistaken in choosing this. This palette is now part of my makeup kit essentials. I am regretting that I did not buy Wet n WIld Color Icons palettes when they were sold at ebay for a fraction of a price. I got this for 400 pesos which I find quite pricey compared to US price. 

The packaging is ok . It has this clear flit top cover which I find a bit flimsy.  The details underneath are quite useful. I also saw some Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes that have imprints on the eyeshadow itself with words - highlight , eyelid and crease to indicate where to use the particular eyeshadow shade. I find that really cute and helpful.

Here is a close up of the eyeshadows:
This palette is composed of two types of eyeshadows. The matte side and the shimmery ones. I love the matte eyeshadows a lot.
The shimmery part consists of a whitish gold, yellow gold and a dark bronze shade. The matte part consists of  light cream, tan and a dark chocolate brown. The pigmentation is awesome especially for the matte eyeshadows. Even without primer or base, the colors are 
surprisingly vibrant. The shimmery ones are quite powdery. The matte eyeshadows are intensely pigmented. I finally found a light cream color that is best for highlighting the brow bone that is not chalky and stayed true to its color on the pan after application.The eyeshadows have a creamy texture. They lasts really well especially the matte eyeshadows. I tried using the matte eyeshadows without any primer and it amazingly stayed for 2-3 hours on my lid. However, I really have a hard time layering the shades or blending them together especially when I use a base or primer. They adhere so fast on the lid which makes blending really hard. I suggest to apply the shadows lightly and just slowly build the color. Packing the color on the lid is not a good idea because it can make blending a tedious task.

The swatches:

The matte eyeshadows are without really gorgeous right?

Stay tuned for my 500 pesos makeup challenge! I will make use of the long vacation to create makeup looks. I really miss doing that.
Godbless everyone!

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  1. I so love the fact na may matte and my shimmer. Parang best of both.

  2. i've also been contemplating on a 500 makeup challenge BUT cant bring myself to the limit cause i would end up using very similar brands. I'm thinking of doing a 1k one, all because internationally, it's a $20 tag anyway :D

    1. ako din pero i thought na it would be challenging to find other products.. :)

  3. I loooove the matte shadows! Can't wait to see you use this palette in one of your makeup looks! ♥

  4. I have the other 3 palettes but I still haven't bought the Vanity one. I seriously need to though cause I don't want to lose the chance to buy it kasi phased out na.

    Have you tried the palette with 8 colors from Wet n Wild din? :D

  5. I love the vanity palette!!! It's such a great one for on the go make up!

    Please follow me, I'd love for you to visit my blog

  6. 400 is pricey na that means ang mura lang pala tlga US price wet n wild.

  7. lovely color, very natural~ I want to have this!! :)


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