SAN SAN Nail Polish in Sea Green and Perfectly Pink

A beautiful Sunday to everyone! I am getting fond of nail polishes lately. Thus, I am slowly learning how to put polish on my nails neatly just like a pro. LOL.. I do have a problem applying nail polish on my right hand nails.  My left hand is too shaky and unsteady.  I saw these two gorgeous shades at HBC last week. I was actually looking for a blue nail palish but ended up buying green and coral. I bought them for 37 pesos only. Here are the swatches: 
Sea Green is my current favorite. I love how the color turned out on my nails. I applied two thick layers and the color turned out very opaque and true to the shade in the bottle. It is a beautiful light shade of minty turquoise green.  
I observed that applying in with lightly made it appear streaky so I opted to apply two thick layers on my nails. 
Perfectly Pink is a misnomer for the shade. It does not appear pink to me at all. It is a sheer coral color with gold shimmers. This is very easy to apply compared to sea green. However, I applied three layer to get my desired pigmentation. 

I think that the color would been more beautiful sans the shimmer. The shade is very dainty and surely BF would approved of the color.. ;)

Godbless everyone!


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  1. Great review! Sea Green looks so nice! Sansan nail polishes are really nice. My favorites are Sapphire Blue and Cloudy Gray!!

    I love your blog! I hope you can follow me back! I love make up and nail polishes too <3


  2. i haven't tried these colors but i hope that the green didn't bubble on you.
    i notice that applying thick coats mostly likely ends up with bubbles, unless you really made sure that they are really dry in between applications (which could be a pain to wait).

    i love the gray one!
    but it's always out of stock..haha!

  3. both shades are pretty... I remember having a similar color to sea green before but looks weird on my nails.

  4. i have Sea Green, it applies really good to me and doesn't look streaky when applied. i think you got a bad stock :)

  5. Perfectly Pink looks really pretty on you :)

    ~ Yette

  6. Hi dear, Im selling Seche, BK and other items for nails art.
    Feel free to check my online shop on facebook


  7. Hi. Great review! I also have the perfectly pink and i like how it applies so easily. I also have a review on these nail polishes on my blog :

    It would be great if you could come and visit my blog sometime.



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