Review/Swatches/ FOTD: Sleek Blush in Aruba

Aruba blush provides the ultimate colour of paradise, sweep on lightly for a tropical wash of coral or layer to build an intense holiday hue.  - Sleek

Bored of the usual pink/rosy cheeks? I am. 

I was browsing through my blush collection and I realized that I have tons of coral and peach toned blush than pinks. I have a hard time finding the right shade of pink on my cheeks because some can really look unnatural on my yellow medium skin tone. Tangerine and orange is this year's color trend. I was ecstatic to see models sporting the bright orange blush to hot neon lippies on the runway and on magazine covers. While browsing through Ebay, this shade caught my eye. I have the NYX Cream Blush in Orange before and I truly love it. I wanted to try the same shade but in powder form. I have my Milani Coralina but that has shimmers in it. I wanted a matte one and thankfully, I found this in Ebay. I was drawn to the hot color on the pan. The next thing I knew was I was already paying for this baby through paypal. Haha 

This blush is only limited edition, a part of the Caribbean Collection. :(

The color looks awesome on the pan. I know a lot of women will easily get intimidated with the color. Shocking to the senses ang peg. hehe 

When swatched  -- Ohhh la la Gorgeous color pay off indeed.
The shade is bright matte pumpkin orange. 

When blended.

I was afraid that this would look a bit off on my skin when worn but I was so wrong. It gave my cheeks a warm glow something pink blushes can't give.  This will look perfect on Morenas  and with the right application, this will also look great on fair skinned girls.

This blush is really pigmented. And for only 490 pesos, this blush is a steal.  I am thinking of getting more shades!! They also have the Sleek Blush by Three which looks so tempting. Anyone knows an online store that sells one?  The pigmentation and color pay off is super great. The pictures do not lie. What you see is what you get. This blush stays on my cheeks for hours. It also applies smoothly on the cheeks. The downside is that this is not locally available. Thank Heavens for  online sellers, UK brands and other US Brands are now available to makeup junkeess without going through the hassles of pre order and shipping. Being very pigmented, this blush tends to appear patchy when applied. A light hand will do the trick. The color is very buildable. You can control the intensity of the pigmentation depending on the  application.

Over all this blush is amazing. I would love to try Blush by Three and other shades like Pan Tao, Suede and Rose Gold. 
This is the makeup look that I usually wear in the office. No eyeshadows for the lazy me. I have been using this blush a lot. I have been pairing it with different lipsticks too. I know this blush looks perfect on coral toned lips or  red  but I love experimenting. Thus, I tried using it a while ago with my NYX Black label Lipstick in Diva.I even tried it with my WEt n WIld lipstick in sugar plum fairy which is a MAC rebel dupe.  What do you think?

Godbless everyone


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  1. Looks a bit like Careline Fresh Tomato in the photo, only that this is more orange while Fresh Tomato is more red. Both are great! The usual pinks and peaches give a sweet, girly look, but bold shades such as this give a warm glow.

  2. Nice review! Makes me wanna buy one.

  3. Love these bright..some what scary in the pan blushes, so much more wearable then people think.
    I need to try Sleek Blushes now:) xx

  4. glad that sleek reach philippines =) my first sleek is from louise of Lou Lou Land =) my Sleek iDivine in Graphite and the other one Sleek Storm from Penelope of Inspired by Beauty =)

  5. Did you get this recently on ebay? I've been searching for this blush online for sooo long but it seems to be sold out everywhere!

    1. Hi!! Yes I bought this at ebay.. :)

    2. Is it possible for you to tell me the name of the seller please? I've literally wanted this for so long but i cant find any ebay sellers :)


      really_nice_buy -- seller

  6. wow, it looks so nice. i actually saw this on ebay too but i got scared of how it looks. i don't have any orange blushes but your face swatch makes me want one:)

    1. where did you see it on ebay?


      seller: really_nice_buy


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