A Moisturizer/Sunblock Perfect for All Skin Types: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30
Neutrogena® Hydro Boost™ Essence has intensely moisturizing and deeply revitalizing properties that will keep your skin soft and supple all day long. Massage evenly on your face and neck after using the clear lotion, and before using the water gel. 

Hi everyone! How was your week?  Before falling in love with makeup,I was more of a skincare freak.The first beauty item that I ever purchased was a moisturizer. That was weeks before my high school graduation. I did my makeup during my high school graduation which I am very sure it does not look good at all. Haha Anyways, at such an early age I was aware that I have dry and sensitive skin. Having the right moisturizer  is a MUST for me eversince. I swear I can't put on my makeup without prepping my face with a moisturizer. I have always been very picky in moisturizers. I do not mind paying a lot provided it will not break out me out and it should provide my super dry skin, the much needed moisture. 

When Neutrogena released their Hydro Boost Gel last year, I was ecstatic! I loved that product a lot. I referred to it as "heaven in a jar." Just when I thought that that was the best moisturizer for me, Neutrogena released their Hydro Boost Gel with SPF 30 months ago. Guess what? I find this better than the Hydro Boost Gel. Guess love is sweeter the second time around, right, Neutrogena?Hehe

This moisturizer is THE MOISTURIZER for me.. hihi The consistency is thicker than the Hydro Boost Gel. Since this is a gel moisturizer, this does not feel sticky at all but after application my face feels wet. Compared to the Hydro Boost Gel in the jar, this does not dry that quickly which I really love. This product is intensely moisturizing. My face does not feel dry throughout the day even if I stay in an air conditioned room for almost eight hours (provided I do not touch up my powder every now and then.. hehe). The slim bottle with pump is very handy and posh. The pump is great for sanitary purposes. Also, I can highly control the amount of product I need. I usually need two pea size amount to cover my entire face. The best part is the SPF 30 included in this moisturizer. It does not give me that ugly white cast on photos like most moisturizer with SPF do. This is a great two in one product. Great news to those with Oily SKin, this moisturizer is versatile because it can suit normal, dry and oily skin. :) This feels gentle on the face too and did not break me out at all. The down side is it takes forever to dry (usually 5 to ten minutes, and also depending on the amount of product you apply).
The pump dispenser is very useful.
The scent is very clean and really refreshing.
This costs 800+ plus pesos per bottle. 

The moisturizer appears more opaque and is quite thicker in consistency compared to the Hydro Boos Water Gel housed in a jar. I am almost finished with the bottle I received from the Neutrogena launch. I need another asap!! This will surely be on my to buy list this month or wishlist on my birthday (Uhmm Neutrogena Phils.  I hope you are reading this.. kapal mode.. haha ).

I highly recommend this moisturizer to my readers.
What moisturizer are you loving right now?

Godbless everyone!


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  1. That's a great product shot! :)

    I have dry skin too. I wanna try this gel product but i just wanna ask, does it tingle or sting on the cheek area like how toners usually do?

    1. HI!! No stinging sensation at all.. That is for me.. :) I do not if other experienced such using this moisturizer.. Godbless :)

  2. thanks for this post. I have an idea now on what moisturizer to buy :)

  3. finally an in-depth review! really wanna try this. I have dry skin too! what i am using now is celeteque's moisturizer for dry skin :)

    1. This is better than the one in the jar if your have dry skin.. :)

  4. Gusto ko nito. Or any water-based moisturizer. Kasi lahat ng moisturizer ko puro oil based. Nakakainis :(

  5. I have a very sensitive and oily skin. The BB cream I am using has relatively high SPF and provides enough moisture to my skin that's why I don't apply a separate moisturizer before applying make-up. But before bedtime, I looove using Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel.

    1. Thanks for sharing this.. I will check out the Jason moisturizer.. :)

  6. I bought hydro boost water gel in a jar last month and it really suits my combination skin.I'm about to buy this slim bottle rather than the jar but I don't usually go out so I thought the jar would be better for me especially before going to sleep.If only I read your blog first before buying I would have bought this one since the price was the same. I will reconsider buying this one soon after I emptied my jar.Your review is a must read!Two thumbs up.Keep it up and more power!

  7. Hi!! Where can I buy this in Manila? Thank you!


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