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Hello MLI Readers!!!

Are you a heels lover or a flats lover? I would have to say that I am the latter. Aside from the fact that I am very clumsy , I love flats because I tend to walk a lot because I commute to work. Could you imagine me walking and running with heels to avoid being late for a hearing!? Baka tumalembang na ako nun! haha Then when I arrive at the court premises, I would hurriedly change my flats into heels in the washroom. Wearing heels just gives that much needed confidence in the court room. :) Also, since I do not do exercise daily, walking is my way of burning the calories I gain throughout a day of sitting and munching. Thus, I prefer wearing flats.  During the long weekend two weeks ago, I was so bored. My mom and I went to the mall. One thing a girl must not ever do are be bored, have money in her pocket and stroll around the mall. It will definitely cause irreparable damage to her pocket. haha Here are the few pairs that I got that day. 

There is something about flats and ribbons/bows that make them a perfect combination. 
I have been wearing this flats for two weeks now. I am really happy I bought. The gold cushioned insole is so elegant to look at. I bought this for only 1080 pesos. This is originally 1199.00 (I think) less ten percent. I use this almost everyday to the office. Black matches almost every office clothes that I have in my closet. :)
This is the comfiest shoes from my haul. The insoles have perfectly positioned cushioning that makes walking and running very cozy.
This is perfect for a stroll in the mall. I could go mall strolling for half day without complaining. haha Adik lang
I bought this for 1700 pesos. It was on sale (less ten percent off). This was originally 1999.00. 
Amongst the flats that I bought, this blue one is the prettiest. Do you agree with me? The color looks so classy and dainty for office and even casual wear.

My only problem with this pair is the smooth surface of the outsole. I always have fear that I might slip while walking especially on a tiled floor. This has the same price as the black flats.
The last pair I got was from Rusty Lopez. I fell in love with the glittery pink shade. However, I have only worn this pair twice and the glitter on the shoe rim have already faded . I only got this for 540 pesos.

Over all, I love my haul especially my Gibi flats. I never thought that I would get comfy shoes at a very affordable price.

Godbless everyone!


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  1. I am more of a flats girl since heels tend to tire me out easier... but since I don't have the luxury of buying flats, I tend to abuse my fitflops... :) for two years and running. :) but yes donna, you're right, heels do make a woman more confident. :)

  2. OMG nice haul!!! I like everything you got! The Rusty Lopez ones are so pretty <3 I love wearing flats! For heels, I prefer wedges because they're much more comfy :)

  3. Although I admit, super sexy nang high heels, I am a flat person. My feet hurt whenever I'm in high heels for long periods of time. Must be my weight. But for me lang kasi, mas versatile ang flats. You can party, go to church, attend a seminar, and be w/ friends at the mall with them. Pero if I had to be in heels, I go for wedges, because their sexy and cute at the same time, less painful than stiletto. hehe. I love your gibi haul. comfy talaga? Might visit them this weekend. :)

  4. Flats lover here! I agree that the blue pair of flats is the prettiest!


  5. lovelies.,i love flats than heels..
    love u too.,

    although this is so embarassing
    mind visit mine

  6. I love flats. I'm also very clumsy and and the truth is I walk around way too fast to be in heels. On occasion you can also spot me running in heels (it totally ruins them though). All the flats that you purchased are cute. I like the first and the light blue one the most. The gold accents are very nice.

  7. I'm the Queen of Heels (and bunions!). I don't know why but I've always quite liked the feel of heels on my foot. I even remember a time na I didn't wear flats for 2 years! Hahaha!

    I do need a break from corns sometimes so I wear flats at times.


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