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Arm candy  is an attractive person who accompanies another to public gatherings but is not romantically involved with that person according to the slang dictionary. However, the world of fashion has managed to modify this word/words into a different sense more likely appearing to be literal and vivid all at the same time. I have seen tons of pictures from Instagram with the caption of armcandy. I initially thought, Ohh that girl is so cool using that term "armcandy" to describe the tons of accessories loaded on her wrist. Then, I saw another one posted a picture with the same caption and hashtag. Thus, I began researching and I just came to know that Armcandy in fashion means stacking up bracelets and watch on the arm. Honestly, they look so pretty and cool to look at. 
Pia of armcandy4uetc sent me these goodies. All of these are handmade. Aren't they pretty? I have to say that I have a strong fondness for anything handmade. I really think that handmade items are very personal and made with love and patience.. :)
These came in a beautiful cardboard box. 
This look so posh and unique. This is actually my fave.. :)
The design looks like a web but for me it looks like a dreamcatcher. 

This bracelet reminded me of my Alma Mater - UST.. :) I was not really expecting to get this bracelet because I saw another shade (a colorful one with gold chain) in the box that will be sent to me. 

150 pesos
Very Regina.. :) My sorority's color is purple.
This one is very pretty too. This only costs 250 pesos.  The lock design which is a heart is very unique. I know you can have this customized. :) Very nice noh?

Saying hello to the fashion with an #Armcandy!!

Thanks Pia for the wonderful handmade bracelets. :)
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Godbless everyone!!


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  1. hi! love the dark blue one, so pretty and versatile!:-)
    btw, arm party is the term for stacking bracelets and a watch as coined by fashion blogger the man repeller.
    while arm candy on the other hand refers to the actual.accessory. just sharing. hehe
    Anyway, im off to read your other blog posts. im trying to catch up!:-)


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