This or That: White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hairspray vs. Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray

White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hairspray vs. Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray

Good day MLI Readers!! Today , I will be doing a this or that post. I know you would have encountered products that are almost similar with the benefits they offer. What makes it harder is that their price are also of the same range. I have had a lot of experiences with this kind of dilemma. To buy this or that? It would usually take me an hour or two to decide
 which to buy. There are a lot of times that I  regret buying the product and thoughts of "I should have bought the other one..." bugs me persistently. I will now be adding this new portion on my blog. I have made this blog out of my penchant for makeup. However, as time went by, this blog has been my avenue in telling my readers how to be practical in buying makeup and other beauty products. Items that are not worth buying and stuff that are simply amazing.
White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hairspray

I got this out of sheer desperation because I ran out of my Tony Moly Hairspray and it was OOS. I figured that it seemed almost the same with the Tony Moly -Citrus scent and Maximum Hold too. The best part was it costs 9 pesos less than the Tony Moly Hairspray. This only costs 169 pesos and this is very easy to find. Watsons carries this brand and I even saw SM supermarket selling this hairspray. And the pink bottle is something I could not resist (I absolutely love pink). I am using this for quite some time now (a month or two). I am not impressed with it. It does not tame my frizzies very well. It does not even last whole day on me. The citrus scent is ok. I will definitely not tell everyone that the scent is very nice or soo bango at all. The scent is plain ok. Noting extraordinary but it's scent is better than ordinary hairspray in the market. 
The sprayer nozzle does not work well. It does not really distribute the product on my hair. Thus, I have to spray a bit of product on my palm and manually spread it on the desired area. 
Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray

This huge bottle only costs 178 pesos.This is already my second can and with this you can readily tell that I am in love with this product. The scent is addicting. I have allergic rhinitis and I usually stray away from scented products because they trigger my allergy. The scent lasts fairly long on my hair which is a plus. This product has an above average control and hold level which lasts the whole day. The tresses are tamed when I use this (provided I do not comb/ brush my hair).  The packaging also looks so posh and sosyal compared to the tacky plastic bottle of the White Rain Hairspray. 
The nozzle distribute the product very nicely on my hair.

Product Details

 White Rain  Sensations

Tony Moly Silky
Glaze Fruit



The plastic bottle is actually cute because of its pink shade. However, the whole packaging itself is not sturdy. The nozzle/sprayer does not work well.

The hairspray is housed in a can which is very hairspray-ish. (haha) The packaging is very elegant. The sprayer distributes the product really well on my hair.

Hold Level

The bottle says maximum hold but on the contrary it only has a light-medium hold. It does not tame my frizzies really well.

The bottle claims that it has a maximum hold. Indeed, it does! Amazing hold and control.


The scent is ok. Nothing special. I will not exclaim in excitement with a line – “it smells so good” hmmm.. (haha)

The scent is addicting!!! It does not smell like an ordinary hairspray. It makes my hair smells so good throughout the day.


This definitely did not last whole day on me.

It can last whole day on me as long as I do not comb or brush my hair.

Who won the face off?
It is definitely the Tony Moly Hair Spray from the scent to the product quality.
Also, you 300 ml of product for only 178 pesos! Isn't that a steal?
Godbless everyone!


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  1. tony moly seems nice,yung white rain i had that way back in college,i always spray it directly on my hair never on my palm..maybe thats why it didnt worked lol.

    1. I spray it on my hair too but the nozzle/sprayer is not good!!!! It does not distribute the product on my hair at all. The only recourse was to spray it on my palm
      To get the product evenly distributed on my hair..

  2. cool! thanks for sharing this, I was about to grab the etude house hairspray (ultra hard) it costs 198 pesos, but I'm scared that it might make my hair really stiff so I hesitated. I'm going to check the tony moly spray since it's 20pesos less. I really love the V05 hairspray it smells fabulous, but I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore. Watsons used to have a lot of stocks. I'm currently using the Finesse Hair Spray and I'm running out.

  3. As much as I would want to style or put some products on my hair just for it to stay pretty, I'm really struggling with hairfall and I'm too afraid that I might go bald. LOL anyways blog is hosting a beauty giveaway and I would appreciate it if you encourage your readers to join my giveaway. :) thanks!

  4. I've been hearing good things about Tony Moly's hairspray. I never really liked White Rain hairsprays. Like you said, it claims to hold your hair for so long but it doesn't. I guess I'm buying Tony Moly soon. Thank you for this review! :)

  5. Thanks for this super detailed and honest review!:) Buti pala di ko binili yung white rain the other day! hahaha!! Thanks!:)


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