Youtube Love: My Current Favorite Guru

Hi guys!! Sorry for the lack of proper blog posts. I have recently told you that I will soon be updating my youtube channel. Thus, I have decided to sell my beloved Tamron 90mm lens because I have decided to replace it with a new Nikon lens (what particular Nikon lens? SECRET!haha)Any takers for my Tamron lens? Email me.. hehe Anways, I want to share with you my current fave makeup guru. I really do not know if you know her already. I simply love her!! She look super gorgeous. Emphasis on the word adjective super.. :) I also love how she applies eye makeup. I particularly love this look she made.Visit her channel and you will definitely enjoy her videos.

That's it.

Regular blogging will be resume tomorrow or Saturday. Godbless!!


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  1. Laurenbeautyy! I recently discovered her as well & I instantly loved her! :)

  2. I definitely subbed to her! Thanks Donnarence for sharing! Stay pretty! ^_^ I'm waaay to excited to watch your videos on youtube!



  3. I watched her videos before, she is absolutely beautiful with stunning eyes <3
    But same as other young beauty gurus, she is not good at reviewing products or expressing her thoughts sufficiently.
    So my favorite (Australian) guru is jodik76 instead of her :P


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