Sample Room is Now Open!

I am writing this post with great excitement (as in hindi ko macontain haha)! I know this post about Sample Room has been long over due. However, this is just in time for their opening. Yes! Sample Room is now up. This site is heaven sent to all beauty enthusiasts out there. I also think that this is perfect for those who are wary of buying expensive products. Sample room lets you experience the wonders of expensive products without breaking the bank. I am so thrilled with the idea of SampleRoom. Being a frugal and practical buyer, I do not want to spend thousands of pesos on a product that I am uncertain of its effects on me. Ohh MLI Readers you know me, right?  I will search high and low for a dupe or a more practical counterpart of a product. This is the answer to my prayers. Now, I can test products without even breaking the bank. I just registered tonight in Sample Room and it was such a breeze! After 10 minutes, tada!!! my order is already placed!!  Here is a diagram on how Sample Room works:
I have never been excited for an online site like this!!! :)) I think this is truly ingenious.

Want to know why I am so excited about this site?

I just placed my order and paid the shipping immediately via paypal. (I am so sorry mom! I am secretly using your credit card but no worries it is just a hundred pesos.. ) I ordered Benefit Porefessional. Wow!!! I have been wanting to try this baby for the longest time but I do not want to spend a lot for a primer. Let us see if this is worth all the raves both in the blogging and youtube commnity!

Visit SampleRoom website here:

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @sampleroomph

Godbless everyone!

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  1. THIS IS LIKE A GODSEND! I'll definitely try this out.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ada no Nikki

  2. hooray for sample room! >u<


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