Monday, January 30, 2012

Loads of Lashes and A Dash of Pink

Hi guys!! I finally have a photo for the Neutrogena campaign. My younger brother was my photographer. I had to borrow BF's DSLR for this. I must get a new SLR camera asap!!! We took like 300 something shots and I only chose this one.. haha I am not a model that is why I had a hard a time posing (either my arms or my bilbil steals the spotlight !grrr!!) .  I am wearing an H and M one sided dress. I swear it looks so pretty on the hanger but I  when I wore it, never mind. HAHA

Moving on to the makeup, I had smokey eyes here!! Believe it! I had grayish purple shadows packed on my lids but when I look straight into the camera, they just disappeared! Good thing, my hbc falsies rescued the look. It made my eyes pop.

Anyways, here are the products I used:

ELF mineral face primer
MAC studiofix liquid in NC35
Fanny Serrano 2 way foundation in Chino
ELF matte bronzer

Etude House Face corset in No. 1
SAN SAN peach blush
ELF 32 pc. warm palette
KKCENTERHK 40 pc. shimmer palette
HBC falsies
Nichido Mineral Kohl Liner in ONYX
ELF eye pencil in coffee
Avon Simply Pretty eyebrow cake in brown
Yanquina Volumizer Mascara
Nichido eyelash adhesive (this costs 60 pesos only and it is way better than the aido putti!!!)
Careline lipgloss in 103
That's it, I will be announcing the winner of the month tomorrow.. I am thinking if I will be giving out a reader of the month giveaway this month since I will be giving out a secret prize to two lucky readers each week for the coming weeks to come.. :D What do you think? I want to give a shoutout to the best dad in the world, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAPA!! I SUPER DUPER LOVE YOU!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nothing to Do Haul

Strolling around the mall for three hours alone can be  exhausting and amusing all at the same time. I accompanied my mom to a seminar in Makati but I vehemently refused to  attend the seminar itself!! haha I went immediately to Landmark after dropping her at the seminar.I have been looking for a teasing comb ever since I got into hair styling. I wanted the teasing comb that Say got in her previous video and I also saw Noe with a nice teasing comb but they are not available in Manila. Sad! Then , I found this comb at Landmark for only 35 pesos!! I also found this super cute Leopard printed (fake gold plated.. haha) handy mirror. Would you believe that I do not carry a mirror in my makeup kit?! I also bought my very first oil blotting paper and a nice black feather earrings. I forgot to take a picture of these.

Lush is on sale! I got this for half the price! I love the almond scent and the SA told me that this soap is really moisturizing.

My new makeup kit! I have been searching for this organizer for ages!! I have been to different malls already but they are always out of stock. I  think the label should add "PROUDLY" in  MADE IN THE PHILIPPINES, don't you think? I love it! I will make a separate updated makeup kit post soon.

I bought this spa milk salt because my body needs major exfoliation!!  I also bought the SNOE Here Comes the Sunblock. This brand is pretty popular with a lot of bloggers lately. Bec, told me that this one is really nice. This is also a proudly Filipino made product. Review about this product soon. 

Godbless everyone!

Lunch Event: An Introduction to Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream

Hi everyone!Years ago, minerals was biggest thing in the makeup industry. Every beauty junkie I knew of owns at least one mineral makeup in her stash. Now, everyone is into this bb cream craze. My friends who are not so into makeup, are asking me what BB creams are nice. They heard that it is different from the normal liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer in the market. Most BB creams promises a lot of skin benefits from UV protection to whitening effects. Neutrogena  now joins the bandwagon. Knowing the quality of skin care products that Neutrogena products makes,I am so excited to try their BB cream. The Neutrogena BB cream is their final addition to their Fine Fairness Range. I am very honored to be a part of this event which happened at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club yesterday. It was a very informative lunch with Neutrogena and Dra. Frez. I will be sharing more about their BB cream in the coming weeks. The best part is -- my readers will be a part of it! I am dead sure you will enjoy it too.. :D More information about this soon.
The beautiful Ms. Nica is sharing the product information of the BB cream.
The bloggers who attended the event. I was actually expecting a lot more people but Nico told us that due to their schedule, they could not come.
Julia, Kira, Me, Phoebe, Say and the ever so cute, Helga
I will not miss this chance to take a photo of Phoebe with me. I am an avid reader of her blog like forever! 
Helga's hair was the bomb!! :D love it. 
Guess who was my seatmate for that event?
I attempted to curl my hair but it did not turned out the way I wanted because I lacked time and I forgot to apply a face primer by the end of the day my face look streaky and uneven!! 

Say!!!! I have seen her makeup skills evolved in her videos.

I told her "tabi tayo!!" wahaha I was really excited to talk to her. I thought she was suplada or snob because the first time I met her was in a dinner hosted by Neutrogena too. She gave me than sweet shy smile before. The moment we sat on the table, our chika was never ending! You thought our bonding time ended after the lunch event was through? NO way Jose!! We strolled at the Powerplant Mall and drank milk tea at Happy Lemon. (She loves strolling around the mall alone, and I love doing that too. WHy? because nobody wants to come with me and spend half a day looking at makeup, clothes and whatever fancy my eyes!!) We spent talking about a lot of things for almost four hour or more!! From makeup to life. I was really blown away with her attitude. She radiates this positive energy and she is really pretty.  I asked her about the negative comments being thrown at her in her videos. I heard the best answer from a 20 yr. old lady! She is very driven, positive and family oriented. I cannot wait to spend another time with her soon. :D 
Say, did you get a nose job?? haha
Her nose was very genuine! I am so jealous!hmpf! :D

Food Porn from Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club:

I have a dilemma! I need a high resolution photo for this Neutrogena Campaign.. The only high res photo I have was my graduation pictures!! waahhhhhh  I am in dire need of a decent picture ASAP! :S Help!!!!!!

Godbless everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quick and Simple Side Ponytail Look

Hi guys. My previous post was about how to curl your hair without heat. I bet you all thought I happily flaunted those curls.. Wrong!! Lately, it was so hot and humid in Manila that you can't move an arm without sweating like you are in an oven. I opted to tie my hair on the side and and wore a cute hairband from PinkBox to add cuteness to the look. 
(on my lips -- nichido lip liner in rosette, Venus and Mars Lip butter in cherry berry as base then I top it off with Venus and Mars Lip Butter in pink posies.. Nice noh?? <3)
This hair elastics are very nice.. My curly hair did not even get tangled when I used this. 

The cute hairband from PinkBox which I got from their recent PinkBox event.
I added a bit of twist to the side ponytail. Tie your hair on the side and make an opening on your hair just above the elastic then tuck your hair in it. Then your side ponytail will look this afterwards:
Better than the simple tied hairstyle right?
This look is really simple and quick to do.. If you have waves or curly hair, this hairstyle will definitely suit  you. :D

More hair tutorials soon.
(well, nothing hard and intricate for sure!!)
Godbless everyone

PinkBox products are given to me for free during their PinkBox Party.
For more information about Pinkbox, click here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How To: No Heat Big Bouncy Curls like Zooey Deschanel (New Girl Inspired Hair)

(photo not mine, credits to the owner)

Hi everyone!! Have you seen Zooey in her latest tv series, New Girl? Are loving those big bouncy curls? Well, I am. A lot!!! I wanted to have bangs because of her but I am afraid I might get rashes and pimples on my forehead and nose bridge since my skin gets easily irritated. I want to have curls like hers but I am not really good in using iron curlers at all. I have the Conair 1 and half inch barrel which I do not even know how to use. My hair looks a mess when I use it. Hence, more practice pa noh? I am really amazed with people who can curl their hair using a flat iron. I have tried that before but my hair won't cooperate. I end up ironing it straight instead!! Hmpf!

So if you are like me who sucks at curling their hair with these electronic tools, here is a
not-so-new trick that I want to share with you. This is very easy and all you need:
Hair elastics
Do not attempt to use rubber bands on your hair because they will surely be knotted like crazy.

First, make sure your hair is damp with water. I applied two drops of shine serum (only two drops because your hair might get oily). Then you lather your favorite hair mousse or setting lotion on your damp hair. 
Section your hair. The bigger the sections the bigger the curls and the smaller the section the smaller your curls are. I parted my hair into 5 sections since my hair is really thick. Start twisting your hair and create tiny buns like this:
Then let your hair dry. I had mine dried overnight. Yep, I slept with those tiny buns that is why I use hair elastics and not pins so as not to pierce my scalp. I sprayed a bit more water on those small buns.
Then, the next morning I looked at myself in bewilderment! Everyone in my house was laughing at me. 
Slowly remove the elastics. Look at those big curls, baby!
Apply 2 drops of hair serum again and run  your fingers through hair. This will help loosen the curls.
Wait for a few minutes and the curls will loosen by itself. 
It turned to this.. :D
Yeavah!!  Zooey Deschanel kindly move over! haha
Apply your hair spray if you like but I did not sprayed on my curls since I want them bouncy and flirty.
The curls lasted a very long time on about half day. At the end of the day, you will have waves which is looks more natural.  My hair does not usually cooperate when styled and I am very impressed with this method. 

Godbless everyone.
Hope you like this quick hair tutorial.. :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx

The first makeup product that made me realized the wonders of makeup was a black eyeliner. I specifically remember that whenever I was chosen as a flower girl for a wedding or would join a school program, I would  always look forward to that black eyeliner. I really saw a huge difference with or without a black eyeliner on. I would tolerate all the tingling sensation when the makeup artist would line my waterline. I was like 5 then. I learned to endure all the pain and prevented my eyes from watering because I knew it was worth it (I was that keen on looking good at such young age.. arte!).  The bottom line is if I want to quickly prettify my self, I would definitely reach for a black eyeliner.

I bought this eyeliner because of Say (do you now realize how gullible I am  and I get easily lured to buying things I just do not need by just reading blogs and watching youtube? may gad..). Here is a video of Say which got me into buying this liner.


It only came in one shade which is in ONYX (black). It only costs 138 pesos. It glides on very smoothly on my lid and on my waterline. It is also very pigmented. My aunt from France even commented how nice the shade of this liner is. She told me that it looks more opaque than her Christian Dior eyeliner. This eyeliner is made in Czech.
What I love about this eyeliner:
  • The color is very rich and it gives out a beautiful texture when applied.
  • It glides very smoothly on my lid and even on the waterline. I can even use this to tightline my eyes. I can also use this to smoke out my lower lashes to achieve a  more sultry look. 
  • It is very affordable and locally available too. 
  • It does not sting my eyes. No watery eyes and red sore.  This liner is allergy tested.
  • When applied on the upper lid, the staying power is pretty good. It lasts 3-4 hours. The good thing about this is that you can reapply it over and over again. I use this more often than my gel liner.
  • Easy to remove with water and soap or makeup remover. 
  • It stays in place especially when applied on the upper lid.
  • It does not break even if you sharpen it over and over again. I have that annoying problem with my In2it gel liner. 
What I do not like about this eyeliner:
  • It does not lasts long especially when I use this to tightline my eyes. It disappears on my waterline too after 2 hours or so. If you hate reapplying, then this liner is not for you.
  • It smudges a bit on my outer corner of my eyes. Have you experienced having all of your liner stuck on the outer corner of your eyes like a mole. 
  • It can be easily rubbed off. 
  • I do not really know if this is truly water resistant. I was that it is transfer resistant instead.
  • It only comes in one shade. I hope they have this in brown too.
I will definitely repurchase one if I ran out. I love eyeliners that glide on smoothly and  those which are pigmented even with one swipe. 

However, this definitely failed the rub test! Sigh!!

Godbless everyone!!
What eyeliner are you loving now?
Care to share?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

J. Thomas No Tangle Leave in Hair Mist

Hi everyone!! Happy Chinese New year! :D I found this Leave in Hair Mist by chance when I went to Watsons. I was looking for a hair mousse but ended up adding this to my cart. I am really into hair care and styling products lately. Why? Finally, I have a long hair that is not rebonded at all. You know the dilemma of having rebonded hair right? You cannot tie your hair up, curl it or even change your hair color often (tiis ganda moment talaga!). I can now iron my hair all by myself (clap clap naman diyan oh! Yes, it took me years to master this.. Not kidding.. I was too afraid to burn my ears, my fingers, my scalp.. wahh I have too many fears...). I am now almost through with my Pure Beauty Water Essence. I honestly do not know if this product does something remarkable to my hair. I just love the scent and it somehow add moisture to it. When I saw the NO TANGLE sign, I was really giddy. It says mist so I thought it is definitely not a serum (yeavah!). Unlike my Pure Beauty Water Essence, this one is not clear. You can see that if you shake the bottle, it would develop bubbles as seen on the photo below. 
I am too lazy to retype the ingredients and how to use it so please refer to the picture.
I have to agree that it is not greasy. I love love the scent. It smells fresh but the scent does not stay all day long. Hmpf.  My hair is longer now and I am really not fond of combing and brushing it. hehe  I use this after I have dried my hair and I have noticed a difference.  My hair is easier is to comb through and brush. Indeed, no tangles at all! It made my hair a bit softer too. My hair is really dry but it does not add shine to it. I still need to apply a hair serum to make my hair look more vibrant. The atomizer is really good. It spreads the product very well on my hair. This only costs 165 pesos. The bottle is smaller than that of Pure Beauty which is in a 200 ml. bottle. Will I buy this again? I am not quite sure. I will probably make my home made hair detangler with the use of water and conditioner! :D 
The product is whitish and not a clear fluid compared to the Pure Beauty Water Essence. 

The following part of this post consists mostly of photos (my face is all over.. wahh). Those who are sensitive to narcissism,, skip this part.. please! I am planning to color my hair. What do you think?
1. 2. 3.
The first photo is my actual hair color. I know the color suck! It looks so uneven. I haven't touch it for almost 10 months (I think). 
I really want to hear your opinions.Will I color it black? lighter brown? or a bit reddish? I am so confused. I am now sure that I will not have my hair rebonded because I am learning to style my hair. Thank you, youtube! haha

Btw, Thanks to all those who gave me an insight on what editor to use. I am now trying photoscape and I am really trying to get used to it. :D I really find it easier to use especially when adding watermark on my photos. 
Godbless everyone.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation

Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation

Hi everyone.  If there is one makeup product that lured me into this addiction that would be foundation.  In buying foundations, I am very particular with the price. I have this weird belief- the higher it costs - the better it would be. Right? The exception will be my San San Matte Foundation. This Maybelline liquid foundation has been with me for months and I have been reaching for the SanSan Matte  Liquid Foundation more than this (because I love foundations with more coverage). Originally , this costs 499 pesos but I bought this less 30% off. Woohoo.. I wanted to get the powder foundation but BF prevented me from doing so. He's been complaining that I got tons of unused makeup and I need not add more junk in my closet. I honestly do not know if I like or hate this foundation. Overall, I honestly think it is very mediocre. Hence, writing this post made me think why did I ever bought this? (thinks.. )  I know now. I wanted a light foundation as an alternate for my Studiofix.  
This is dermatologist tested and allergy tested too. I experienced no breakout or rashes in using this. There are three important points that I took into consideration in buying this foundation. It says that:
  • It gives breathable coverage. It says that it contains micro minerals that won't clog pores.
  • It hydrates skin since it has moisturizing properties.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains no preservatives (but it contains Parabens and made in China.. hmmm..) and no fragrance.
I can use this everyday because it is lightweight. However, it can make my skin a tad bit oily by mid day but not too much though. It just gives me that dewy glow (please take note that I have dry skin). The good thing is that it did not dry my skin. My skin can breathe underneath this foundation without feeling tight. When I first used this, I was really disappointed. It does not blend well at all and it creates those crazy streaks. It does not blend well with moisturizer. I realized that unlike my other liquid foundation which I apply immediately after applying my moisturizer, this foundation needed a different application because it has hydrating properties already. I now apply this foundation after my moisturizer has dried. It works!! I love using my Lumiere pink stippling brush in applying. 

The shade I got is OC3. It has yellow undertones but I still find it light for me. I sometimes mix this foundation with my SanSan Matte foundation in No.3. The texture is a bit runny.

This is what it looks like on my bare skin. The before and after shot.
You can see that my dark circles are really bad noh? My pores are very prominent on my cheeks and nose are
It did a good job of evening out my skin tone but it looks so light one me!! It also covered my pores. The coverage is light but not sheer.
What I like about this foundation:
  • It is lightweight and I can use this everyday.
  • This did not caused me any breakouts.
  • Not funky scent or fragrance.
  • The pump bottle is very useful. You can control the amount of product very well.
  • It has SPF18.
  • I experienced no dry patches or areas when I used this. 
What I do not like about this foundation:
  • The shades are too light for most Pinays. 
  • It can give a slight white cast on photos too. 
Over all, this product will suit women/girls who loves light foundation and it has a built in SPF 18 suitable to our weather. Will I buy this again? NO. 

Me using the Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation.
Please do not be deceived with my airbrush face here (and do not be angry.. Haters please let me use my camera by using the soft skin feature without fear of retaliation. haha). Thanks to my Sony H70, it has this soft skin feature that made me look poreless. Btw, picnik is closing down soon. This is an online site where I edit my photos because it is very easy to use. Now that it is closing, I really do not know where will I edit now. Does that mean that I must now learn how to use Adobe Photoshop? Wahh... I suck with computer programs. :C 

Godbless everyone
Have a nice weekend.