Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Made It!!!!

Congratulations to the new lawyers!! We made it. I cannot make it without God's help. I am nothing without you. Lolo, I wish you were here. Thanks makeup and blogging for keeping me sane. To my family, BF, friends, and sorority. Thank you. 

To GOD be the GLORY!!!

Thank you LORD!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Hit List (Monthly Faves for January and February 2012)

Hi everyone! I decided to do a hit list post which will feature the products that I am loving lately.   I have even considered checking out a list of online cosmetology colleges to discover even more great makeup products from a cosmetology/ makeup class. 

In no particular order, my fave products are:
1. Maybelline Baby Lips - Two of my readers commented on how good this product is. I have tried Carmex, Chapstick to Vaseline.. I think this one is the best. Thank you for your recommendation. It moisturizes my lips very well. The balm just don't sit on my lips like a gloss but it does a nice job of making my lips softer and more supple. I have dry lips and I have noticed that I rarely experience chapped lips now. I also love the scent. I think I got the raspberry one. This only costs 79 pesos. I will definitely repurchase.

2. Splash Hair Control Polish - I like this better than a leave on serum. This tames my tresses and baby hair without my hair looking oily.  (The trick is not applying too much)

3. Sophia Eyelash Enhancing Kit - I posted an intro post for this product and a monthly update. I am very impressed with this one. A co-employee asked me last week if I my lashes are true or fake. Waahhh Nobody has ever took notice of my lashes before. Click here for more info about this product.

4. Revlon Lip Butters - I have been raving about this lip butters ever since I got them. I use it almost everyday to the office especially pink truffle which is my lips but way better shade. :D Review and Swatches here.

5. San San Rosy Blush - I expressed my profound love for the Peach blush before. I have been liking this blush because it looks similar with my ELF blush, the one in the Studioline blush/bronzer compact. The gold shimmer is not noticeable but gives my face that nice glow. Click here for review and swatches of the San San blushes.

5. Fashion 21 Loose Powder - I honestly did not like this when I bought it at first. I was even thinking of throwing it away but I just kept it inside my makeup drawer for about 2 or 3  months. Again, I was influenced by Filipina Youtube Gurus in buying this product. I find this great for touch ups but not for setting foundation or BB Cream. However, I use this to set my concealer to highlight my under eye because the shade is a bit lighter for my skin tone.

6. Saizen Face Massager - I do not actually know what you call this stuff. Is it a face massager or scrub? I saw a Youtube guru cleaning her face with a face brush (the one used in facials). Having sensitive skin, I have an inkling brushes will definitely not work for me since it will prick my skin. Then I saw this at watsons and I am using this to clean my face every other day (not everyday). I feel that my face becomes softer after using this. I never thought that cleaning one's face can be so relaxing. :D 
The tiny bristles are very gentle. Just don't press this hard on your skin.
7. Marionnaud N32 Angled Brush - Fave brush for the moment. I use this for blush application and for contouring my cheeks. I think I should get a back up for this brush.

8. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Bb Cream - I am using this everyday! More about this product soon.

9. MAC Gingerly Blush - This is my go to blush as of the moment. I find the shade very versatile. I can use this with a pink, peach or red lipstick!! Also, JlovesMAC love this blush too. :D

The shade is a very warm peach blush with brownish red undertones. 
 10. Nichido Tru Lashes Eyelash Adhesive - I was very disappointed with Aido and I was in search for a nice lash adhesive. During one makeup gig with my sorority sister, I was amazed that she was wearing falsies since 8 am and it was still on her until I went home (around 7pm). I was surprised when she showed me a tiny bottle which is very familiar because I have been seeing it always at the Nichido Counters. I was also thrilled that it only costs 60 pesos!! This tiny bottle does a great job. It dries relatively fast(not super quick, I hope you get what I mean). 
This bottle is very tiny and it is worth every penny. The only thing I hate about this is the packaging. The cap can be really hard to remove.

That's it. What are the products you are loving right now?I would love to hear from you.
Godbless everyone.. :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gotcha! The Cheapest Kabuki Brush

Hi everyone! I never intended to buy something makeup related until payday. Plus, I do not have any craving as of the moment except for the beauty blender look alike sponge that Etude House was selling for less than 400pesos only!!  I chanced upon this kabuki brush from Landmark! I was so thrilled because I was looking for a kabuki brush before in Landmark but these are not available.

The kabuki brush is dense compared to my small ecotools kabuki brush. This brush is also huge. 

See? I told you it is huge.

No bleeding when washed.
No shedding.
I use this for loose powder and/or setting my liquid foundation. NO PRICKING at all.
The size is relatively big for kabuki brush. I also use this in
applying powder on my neck area (to prevent the Casper look).
VERY CHEAP! Guess how much?? :D
129.75 pesos!!! Let's do a cart wheel for the price!!! I am so thankful for Landmark for bringing good and affordable brushes for us to enjoy. 
You don't even need an online accounting degree to know that is a good buy!

The only  reason that I would give a thumbs down for this brush is that the black cap was removed when I was using it! Thankfully! I just applied some mighty bond and it is good as new again. :D 
It comes in this plastic container.. :D

This kabuki brush is available at Landmark Trinoma.

Godbless everyone!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

To Cut or Not to Cut, That is the Question ( Pondering about Short Hairstyles)

Hi everyone! I am thinking of cutting my beyond-the-shoulder hair.. I think my hair goes down as low  as to the bra line (is there such a thing?). Anyways, I wanted to get a haircut because my plaque psoriasis is getting worst. Last year was very very very stressful for me and it is only now that I am experiencing the effects of it. I have been sternly warned by my derma to veer away from steroids that is why I keep on using the petrolatum plus other ingredients medicine she gave me. Hmm.. I know a lot of people do not know about psoriasis and the usual reaction is "eewww,, what's that?" I think people should stop being dumb and insensitive about people with skin conditions (whether they be contagious or not). Psoriasis, btw, is not contagious at all. I became more confident on my skin now (unlike before that I would sob to death because of my condition). Being a beauty blogger, it took an immeasurable amount of courage to announce to the whole world that I have psoriasis (I already blogged about this before). I will do separate post on this.

 Anyways, moving on with my haircut. Aside from my psoriasis, I am also considering the minimal amount of time I could spend every morning to get ready before going to the office. My hair is quite thick too and it takes a long time for it to dry. I am not fond of blow drying at all. When I saw Charlene Gonzales last Sunday at The Buzz, I was so mesmerized with her new look. I told myself that if I just have that jaw line like hers and those cheekbones, I would get such haircut and  even go shorter! :D I sought an approval from BF that I would cut my hair short and the answer was in the affirmative! The dilemma? the kind of hairstyle! haha  I need advice from ladies working on their online bachelor degree in cosmetology - which one do you think I should go with?

Choosing the right hairstyle for people with round face (like me) is very hard. I tried having a haircut (like a boy's cut) back in my high school days and damn, I looked utterly ugly! haha as in super! The following haircut look so pretty!! I do not if I could pull this of this layered razor cut. 

I really like this cut because it deflects the width of  the face.
Kelly Clarkson looking good with a short hair. 
After her break up with Piolo, KC Concepcion  chose to keep it short.

I would probably go for the inverted bob which became quite popular. Thanks to Victoria Beckham! :D

(all photos not mine.. credits to the owner)
What do you think? :D

Godbless everyone! Thank God tomorrow is Friday, Friday, Friday!!! :D 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CLOSED! Week 3: Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Giveaway

Hi everyone!! We are now on week three of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream!  Weehh.. :D Btw, congratulation to Apol Duque and Candy Matira for winning the week 2 giveaway! The answer to week 2 - YES! I am wearing the BB Cream.
I took the above photo with flash. :D Careful.. Flash can make me look wash out in photos. I also made the picture smaller so you will have a harder time deciphering if I am wearing the BB Cream or not.

Also, the prizes are now ready for pick up.. To my batch 1 and 2 winners, I will send prizes next week. Please be patient. :D I already made a huge effort of sending out the prizes to all of you for your convenience and I also want those in the province to join my giveaway. :D

To join, answer this very simple question:
Am I wearing the Neutrogena BB Cream in the above photo?

Here are the mechanics to qualify for this giveaway:

1. Follow my blog though Google Connect (if you have a blog)
2. Like my Facebook Page : 

(this is mandatory)
3. No person will win twice. (Let us not be greedy!!Give chance to others..)

4. This giveaway is for PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY. 
5. Sample Answer/comment:

No/Yes! You are wearing it!
Fb Name: Donna Banana
(you could add more comments if you want but make sure you write your FB Name)

Godbless everyone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Aido Lipstick (Cheapest Local Lipstick)

Aido Lipstick

Hi everyone!!! I saw these lipsticks from a post of Kumiko or I wanted a red lipstick that is really cheap since I am not into red lippies (they have the tendency to makeup my lips look bigger!!! arghhhh!!! ). Anyways, I am so late on finding these lipsticks considering that I have a strong penchant for local cheap thrills! Correct me if I am wrong but I think they are the cheapest LOCAL brand of makeup available in the Philippine market. Of course, I was expecting this to be made in China but it is made in Taiwan. Hmmm.. Will there be any difference if that's the case? NYX and Maybelline are both made in China and their products are very nice! I am also looking at their ingredients and I saw no sign of parabens in it .. or perhaps they just included a different name?? 

I wanted to get five lipsticks but I forcefully (haha) restrained myself from getting five! Why? Because I ordered 6 or 7 NYX lippies!! They have not yet arrived but I am really excited to get my hands on them.  
Here are the lip swatches:

This shade is a very pigmented neutral deep red. This is perfect for warm/yellow skin tones like me. I have a hard time finding a nice red lipstick and this one compliments my skintone and does not make my teeth yellow.

This is a very beautiful peachy pink shade. I find this lipstick creamier than the other two shades.

This is a frosty blue toned pink. This shade is quite tricky. It may not suit majority of Filipina skin that much.

What I love about these lipsticks:
  • Pigmentation is good. Shade N and J are very pigmented! With shade Q, you have to double the layer to get your desired shade/pigmentation.
  • The texture of shade N is creamier compared to the other two. They are easy to apply and glides smoothly on the lips unlike Ever Bilena's Matte lipsticks. Also,  compared to the very soft texture of NYX round lipsticks, these are way better since they do not smear nor stain my teeth.
  • Very cheap!!!
  • Locally available
  • It has a nice staying power (2-3 hours, if my memory serves me right).
  • It has manufacturing date. This will serve a good guide in determining whether these lipsticks have already expired.
  • They have a wide range of colors. Majority of the shade are very wearable.
What I do not like about these lipsticks:

  • The packaging is very tacky. Poor packaging talaga!!!! Well, what do you expect in a 50 pesos lipstick!?!
  • These can be drying on the lips (not too much though.. that is for my lips ahh.. ).
  • No funky smell when applied on the lips. However, when you will intentionally smell these lipsticks (as in close to your nose..), it has a faint plastic smell. 
  • I hate the alphabet shade names!!! Hello!?! A B C D E F G?? The names are so hard to recall.

N looks peachier when swatched. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil
190 ml. 

Pure Beauty Perfect Cleansing Oil is enriched with Soybean Oil, Olive Oil and specially selected natural seed oils to help gently remove makeup, impurities and excess oil effectively and thoroughly. The special formula helps soften skin and prevents dryness after use. With  a natural herbal complex (Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint, Freesia, Chamomile & Rosemary Extracts), it also provides a soothing and moisturizing effect to the skin. 
Hi everyone.. :D I have been hearing about cleansing oils for years now but did not even bother to know the details and benefits it brings to one's skin. Why? I do not like oils!! Younger, my lola (grandmother) will always give me a bottle of baby oil and a pack of cotton. Then, she will tell me to clean myself! If I will not do it, she will forcefully, intentionally and willfully grab my arm and start doing it herself! waaahh... Anyways, I have heard a lot of raves about Shu Uemura cleansing but the price is just so steep. I saw these cleansing line from Pure Beauty at Watsons.. Before beauty bloggers started blogging about them, I was thinking of getting one for myself but I want to read more reviews about them. I was dumbfounded on which among the three variants will I choose. Water, Oil or Liquid? 
This comes in a pump bottle with a lock. I find it very easy to use and no spillage at all because of the lock provided.
The primordial reason why I kept on hesitating to get this cleanser (when they came out in the market) is the price. They costs 300 pesos (I think). Now? Tada!!!! Half price reduction! I wonder why they reduced the price so much.. The Cleansing Water only costs 119 pesos while the Cleansing Liquid has a similar price as the oil. Honestly, I was supposed to get the water because I want something light and my skin is very probe to rashes and all. I researched through the internet what is the best cleanser amongst the three (thank goodness for beauty bloggers!!). The Cleansing Oil is one of the popular choice. I gave in!
How to use this product? Pump an appropriate amount on your dry hands and spread/lather it over your skin.
I followed this and I find it very messy. The product gets everywhere I touch (like Midas touch lang noh?). I prefer using cotton pads. I dampen the cotton with the product. The product is more effective when your hands and face are dry.

What I like about this product:
  • Inexpensive! Only 149 pesos now!! Great deal right? Good thing the reduced the price because I will not spend 300 pesos for this product!! I would rather get a decent makeup remover from Etude House of Maybelline. 
  • The pump dispenser is very nice and you can control the amount of product very well. The lock is also useful. No spillage at all.
  • It removes my face makeup really well without leaving a tight feeling on the skin.
  • The oily and greasy feeling goes away after washing your face with water. Amazing!! No trace of oil at all.
  • It did not irritate my skin. No breakouts or rashes!
  • After using, my face feels soft and supple. Not greasy!! Thumbs up for this. I usually use my Eskinol Derma Clear C to remove my face makeup but my face turns so dry when using this.
What I do not like about this product:
  • It has a weird smell! Hmmm.. Very similar to fish oil. Have you seen an squalene tablet? When you burst the soft gel capsule, the scent of that is very similar to this cleansing oil. When I bought this product, my mom was the first to use it and she was too afraid to use this on her face because of the scent. haha
  • The first time I used this, It stung my eyes!! Oh my. My eyes became watery and sore. I hate it.  Be careful when you use this to remove your eye makeup. 
  • It does a very poor job of removing my waterproof mascara (In2it Fiber Free Mascara). The best in removing eye makeup is still my Pond's Cold cream.
Will I buy this again?
Maybe? I do not know. I hate the smell. I expected a lot from this product since it is in oil form. I thought I could use it alone without buying a separate eye makeup remover. I might try the water or liquid soon. 

Have you tried this product?
What are your thoughts?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip Butters are much raved about from youtube to blogging world. I was very curious about it!! I asked my cool aunt to get me three shades of it since I really thought it would be released at a very late time here in the Philippines. However, these lippies hit the market before I got hold of my lippies from NYC!! haha.. My aunt told me that she can't find these at local stores near her place. She got these at instead. I had a hard time picking the shades because at the back of my mind, I need to make the right choice!! haha

Pink Truffle/Sweet Tart/Tutti Frutti

These are my top three choices. I was torn between lollipop and sweet tart.. Pink Truffle is a just a spur of the moment decision because I wanted a natural lip color but it turned out to be my favorite shade. When I received these lippies, I immediately took pictures of them (for this review post) and tried it on. Good heavens!! They are nothing that I have ever used. The texture and consistency is very smooth and balm-y. The shade is very opaque for a lip butter and they are very moisturizing (in my opinion, but a lot of people are not that impressed with the moisturizing factor these have). I can use them even without a lip balm. I have very dry lips and these worked really well on me. The packaging is very nice too but I have a hard time removing the cap. This costs 525 pesos each. I find it very pricey but with the quality.. I don't not mind the price at all. I am a fan of these lippies!!
What I love about these Lip Butters:
  • They have a wide range of color selection. They have 20 shades available! That is a lot!
  • The texture and consistency is very smooth, creamy and very similar to a lip balm (but way better because of the tint!)
  • The shade is quite pigmented for a lip butter/lip balm. The coverage is very good too. I have dark outer lip lines, thus, I still need to apply a lip line. However,  I can use the Pink Truffle on its own without a lip liner.  I am not into glossy lip products but this product is an exception. I hate glossy lippies because they tend to be sticky but these are not!! 
  • These are very moisturizing. I have very dry lips and I gave up on every lip balm I knew of because my lips somehow becomes immune to them after some time(uhmmm do you experience this too?). Anyways, I can use these alone without a lip balm unlike my Venus and Mars lip butter.
  •  The packaging is very sleek! 
  • The staying power is quite good not great. (emphasis supplied) I need to reapply after 3-4 hours.. The good thing is that I reapply this even without using a mirror. Yes, like reapplying a lip balm.
  • The slanted tip makes the application very easy.
What I do not like about these:
I would love to say NONE.. haha 
  • I find it pricey for a lip butter. (di ba?)
  • There are times that I have a hard time removing the cap. (I need to use force talaga!!)
  • Not all shades will probably work on dark lips, some shades are not that pigmented. Thankfully, I got the good ones.. :D

Tutti Frutti
A very nice sheen of orange on the lips. Perfect for summer.

Sweet Tart
Nice bubble gum pink with slight blue undertones but look well on warm skin tone. On some people, it looks like a warm bubble pink.

Pink Truffle
Would you believe that this is my favorite shade? This is my lips but way better shade.. hehe The shade does is a dusty  rose with hints of brown. It has slight shimmers too but very subtle. 

Look how natural and beautiful it looks on my lips.

Pink Truffle/ Sweet Tart/Tutti Frutti

More than just a hype, these lippies are worth raving about! I definitely recommend this to everyone especially Pink Truffle. :D

Godbless everyone!
Do you have these lip butters? What do you think of them?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CLOSED!!!! Week 2: Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Giveaway!!

(photo taken without flash.. :D)
Hi everyone!! I am so sorry for the late update. I am busy adjusting with work primarily commuting to the office! Yay!! It is so tiring. Anyways, congratulations to the winner of the Neutrogena giveaway Week 1. The winners are: Jen Gerez and Krystar Sean Ricio!! I am not wearing any BB Cream on the first week. :D  How about in this picture?
Am I wearing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream or not? 

Here are the mechanics:

1. Follow my blog though Google Connect (if you have a blog)
2. Like my Facebook Page : 

(this is mandatory)
3. No person will win twice. (Let us not be greedy!!Give chance to others..)
4. This giveaway is for PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY.
Btw, have you seen my Neutrogena Banner from Nuffnang on my sidebar??
Feeling mowdel!! hahaha

Godbless everyone..

Gera Accessories Online Shop

An accessory can transform a simple wardrobe into a stylish new look. I envy those women who can wear a simple tee and add some spice to it with accessories. I have never enjoyed wearing accessories until now that I am working. My excuse will primarily be tight budget so as not to buy accessories.  I have recently discovered this multiply shop, Geraonline.The brand name, Gera, doesn't mean war, it just so happened that in combining the owner's name they came up with "Gera." The accessories (the "etc" part) that they're selling is at it's lowest price possible, so that is their edge amongst all of those who sell them online. However, being affordable, it doesn't mean that the quality be compromised.

Good news to my readers, here is a discount for everyone to enjoy.
  • The discount will only be applied if a single purchase is within the required minimum order amount of 300php
  • The code that you will create is valid until March 1, 2012
  • The code can be used as many times a customer would want to so as long as it is within the time frame. 
  • Orders can be processed through our multiply shop or through text messaging. 
  • The discount code is not applicable to shipping fees.
Btw, I am blogging here at the office!! waahh.. gotta go or else I will lose my job..waahh :D

Godbless everyone!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guest Post: Top 10 Tips for Losing Weight Without Actually Hitting the Gym

Hi everyone! This is a very special guest post from Chrissy. I have known her ever since I started blogging. I asked her to do a non makeup related post because I want some inspiration. She is indeed an inspiration. Losing weight seems like a herculean task for me since I love eating and hate exercising but I have to motivate myself. Chrissy is the lady behind the blog,Cosmetic Fixation. 

Top 10 Tips for Losing Weight Without Actually Hitting the Gym

Hi gals! My name is Chrissy and I write a beauty blog, CosmeticFixation. I’m writing this as a guest post for Donnarence, who was kind enough to let me have this opportunity. J

Hitting the gym seems to be everyone’s first choice when it comes to weight loss but when it comes to a busy schedule, finding time to go to the gym seems more difficult than the exercise itself. Many are forced to take losing weight into their own hands. How exactly is that possible without going to the gym?

I think that any girl can agree with me to the fact that dieting and exercise takes a lot of willpower, something that not really everyone has. With summer rolling around and beach days getting closer and closer, losing weight becomes an even higher priority. I personally wouldn’t want to show up on the beach without the rocking bikini bod to go with it. Ikaw ba, gusto mo?

I’ve previously lost some weight but as we’ve just been through the holidays...I need to lose some again. So since I was doing some research on how to lose weight, I figured why not share it with you?

WEIGH YOURSELF AND CHART IT. Stepping on a scale is scary for many people but finding out your weight is necessary in order to keep track of it. Weighing yourself everyday allows you to see if you are doing something right or wrong when it comes to eating and physical activity. Just put it this way: weight loss will make your day and weight gain will allow you to adjust your habits so that you won’t gain any more.

KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL. Keeping track of your food intake will allow you to see just how much you are eating. It may seem like it’s not a lot at first, but once it’s on paper you’d be surprised. Many successful dieters keep food journals so they can know if they are staying within their calorie range or not.

HAVE FUN. Summer is coming and that normally means more fun, physical activities. If you have time on the weekends, try to do something with your family or friends such as playing Ultimate Frisbee or taking a hike. You can also pick up a sport or pack up and head off for an adventure. A good place for a weekend getaway is La Mesa Eco Park. Try their Fitness and Mountain Bike trail, boating and zip line.

SWIM. When you go to a beach or a pool, don’t just sit there and soak up the sun. Have a good time by taking a dip in the pool and having a leisurely swim. You don’t have to do laps to burn calories—non-lap, leisure swimming can allow you to burn up to 400 calories in an hour, depending on your weight. To put it in perspective, a 130 lb person can burn around 354 calories an hour.

INDULGE. Don’t deny yourself your favorite foods because you’ll pay for it when you end up craving and binging later on. You shouldn’t ignore your cravings. In fact, you should allow yourself to have them (in moderation!). Not only will this keep you happy, but it will also keep you motivated. Think of your small indulgences as little rewards for your weight loss efforts. This way, you can have your cake and eat it too.

DO YOUR CHORES. Stop putting off cleaning and laundry for another day because your chores can help you to burn calories. In fact, calorie burn in housework is equivalent to that which you would burn on light to moderate exercise. So pick up the broom, wash the dishes and have a general cleaning day. It’s tiring, but at least you’d have burnt a ton of calories while getting everything done.

WALK. Many people agree to the fact that walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Get as much of it as you can by using the stairs, parking your car farther than normal to the entrance of your workplace or just heading out for a leisurely stroll. This also means that walking around in the mall for hours actually burns you a good deal of calories—just don’t wipe it out by scarfing down a sinful serving of fast food.

Since I’ve given you a few tips on how to lose are a few on how to maintain your weight!

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DRINK. Most people just watch what they eat but continue drinking whatever they want. What they don’t realize is that drinks are actually far worse when it comes to calorie content. A coffee drink can contain up to 700 calories (or more!) and can be very fattening. Ditch the high calorie drinks and stick with water, natural juices or shakes. If you must have caffeine, take it in the form of tea or plain coffee without all the bells and whistles.

DON’T COMPENSATE WITH FOOD. A lot of people who work out on a regular basis feel justified when they eat too much. When people are tired, they tend to eat a lot in order to regain their energy. This is restaurants and fast food places are usually right across from gyms. Eating a lot after exercising might just be the reason why you can’t seem to lose weight. Eat, but don’t overdo it so that you don’t wipe out your progress. Do what the hunky athletes do and eat a banana. It will give you a great energy boost along with a good deal of potassium.

DON’T GET COMPLACENT. People who lose weight can sometimes become confident that they can keep it off so they eat whatever they want and forego exercise. This is a quick way to get your weight right back up to where you began. Eat whatever you want but remember portion control and exercise so you can keep that weight off for good.

Thank you again to Donnarence for letting me write a guest post on her blog. Don’t forget to check out my blog for some makeup tutorials and reviews!

Before Photos of Chrissy

And her vavavoom body now!!! waahhh

I am speechless when I saw her pictures. It is high time that I take care of my health and trim my body.. who know 3 years from now, I will be walking down the aisle and I must be in my best form, right? :D 
(BF, if you are reading this.. please take not note, three years from now. haha)

Godbless everyone!!
Have a blessed weekend.

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