Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention

Hello readers!! I was invited by Snoe Beauty to their Suntervention Bloggers Convention. I have heard a lot  of good things about Snoe from other bloggers and I saw their stalls at Robinsons Galleria and Cinderella at Glorietta. I bought the Here Comes the Sunblock a month ago (I think). It definitely smells so good and I got an instant whitening effect that looks so natural. 
These are the cute and super girly products that all the bloggers went crazy about. HAHA I bought that Hard Candy Lip Color  Key Chain. Charlene of  Yellow Yum insisted that I try it because the color is long lasting and it is like a lip stain. I cannot resist her marketing skills as she handed me her own Lip Color for me to try. I love it. It leaves a beautiful stain on my lips. It only costs 119 pesos I think and they smell like candies!! 
The place was filled with decorations and I can't help but feel that summer was in the air but sadly it rained. :C The event was so much fun with fire dancers. The fire dancers were sales representative or those from the manufacturing office. I was really amazed. Good job Snoe!! On top of that, there are fun games and snoe money!!! I was the first person to arrive and they have this booth where you can have false lashes applied. Yes. Snoe also carries false lashes! 
The Snoe Money! Cute, right? We can use this to buy their products. I was not lucky that night.. I think I only got 500 pesos Snoe money and I need to shed extra cash to get the items I really want. I think I need to go back to Snoe counters asap to buy more products from them especially the hair and body glaze! 
With Michelle, Sophie, Clair and Clarizza
With the Beautiful and Glamorous, President of Snoe Beauty, Jen Gerodias-Diaz. She looks absolutely stunning that day but I was too shy to have a picture taken with her.
With the HOT HOT boys.. hehe Thanks gulay talaga I was not called to apply sunblock on them or else BF will be fuming mad at me.. haha The one with tattoo looks so handsome noh? Aminin! May Pak - tor! haha 
Irene, Martha and Tara
They are the best dressed for that event. 
Finally, I have met Charlene of Yellowyum. She is really nice! Her hair looks soft and silky. I wonder if she had it rebonded.. 
Here are the products I got. Look t their new Hair Heroes EXTREME and Suntervention Sunblock!
I really think that SNOE Beauty'c concept is very unique. From the names of the products down to the packaging, everything looks well thought of. I am thrilled that their packaging says "PROUDLY Phil. Made" wahh.. Remember my post about my new makeup purse where I have expressed that thought that it should include PROUDLY in made in the Philippines? Yay!! I am recommending everyone to visit the nearest Snoe Beauty Outlets, I am pretty sure you'll find tons to buy their. I would highly recommend the Here Comes the Sunblock and Hair Heroes EXTREME!!! Here are the store locations:

Robinsons Galleria
Robinsons Place Manila
Robinsons Dasmarinas
SM Las Pinas

SM Muntinlupa - 2/F Fashion Ave.
Festival Mall - G/F (behind Jollibee)
Glorietta 4 - Cinderella G/F  (near the cashier)
SM Valenzuela - G/F  (beside BDO)
Landmark Trinoma
Market Market - G/F (in front of Forme)

I am going crazy over this product! The smell is just so addicting. I find it a bit pricey for 499 pesos (250 ml)  but it is worth every penny!! I will definitely repurchase!! My hair feels so soft. Not kidding. :D

Thank you Snoe Beauty for this wonderful opportunity of knowing your products. I can't wait for your new products! I will do a separate review post on their products soon. What would you like me to review first? 

Also please do not forget to join my Beauty and Butter Spa Giveaway.. As of now, only two joined.. huhuhu Here is the link:

More giveaways coming soon. 

Godbless everyone!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finally!! Atty. Donnarence M. Masilungan

Finally!! I am officially - Attorney Donnarence M. Masilungan.
I want to share to my readers this milestone in my life.
I am soo happy but I would definitely be gazillion times happier if my grandfather was still  here with us. I could drop the Atty. and exchange for another year with my lolo. However, God has His own ways. Truly, I can never understand the reasons now but I am grateful to HIM. I am nothing without GOD. I knew that I pass the exams with sheer hard work and God's grace. I do not want to go back to review again. Waking up at 6am and ending my review at 10 or 11 pm with breakfast,lunch, meryenda and dinner (plus restrooms breaks) as my only breaks. YES. I worked hard. In the first two months of review, I could still blog. I was trying to get my own phase. At the back of my head I told myself, If I fail because of  blogging I will definitely destroy this blog. haha

Moving on, I signed the roll today. So it is official. I am a lawyer. :D I just want to share with these photos from my roll signing today at the SUpreme Court and my Oath Taking Dress. On my roll signing, I was rooting for my H&M Gold Brocade Dress with a Satin Blazer but I saw this Blazer at Landmark, the brand is named WORKS and when I tried it on. Yun na! I just had to get it. It looks so pretty and the fit was perfect. It cost me 1/3 of my salary! Gosh! I never knew blazers are so costly until now! I do not like to wear black and white in my roll signing because I have been wearing black and white throughout my lawschool life. YAY!! 
My Oath Taking Dress. I had it done and the design was not mine. I wanted a different design but  the dress I wanted looks so intricate.
At the Supreme Court.
I was with my family and BF. I really wish my lolo was here. :C
I look so happy in this photo! haha
Yes!! :D

Thank you blogging world for keeping me sane throughout my law school, review period and the interregnum in awaiting the results of the exams. 

Please do not forget to join my Spa Giveaway!! 

I would really appreciate it.. :D
Godbless everyone!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: In2It Fibre Free (Lash Define) Mascara

Aside from buying foundations, getting the right mascara for my lashes lands no. 2 on my hard to buy list.  A mascara is either a good buy or a waste of money for me.  Most mascaras have wet formulas and they just do not simply work with my lashes. Although, my lashes have grown since I started using Sophia Lash Serum, buying mascaras have been harder since my lashes now weigh a bit heavier than before. I need mascaras that can hold up the curl really well.. I bought this mascara due to Say, the famous youtube Filipina Guru. :D I was actually having a very long discussion with the sales lady at the In2it counter on whether this mascara is really good.   I wanted to get the mascara with fibre but  the saleslady insisted that this is way better. Of course, I was persuaded. She told me that this is one of their best sellers.. Hmmm.. I had this mascara for over a month. Am I impressed with it? Read my posts further to know the answer. 

The packaging says all the good things about this mascara. 

This is affordable too. :D Maybelline mascaras ranges from 300 up to 600 pesos (I think). 

The wand is really tiny enough for me to maneuver it. It can coat hard to reach lashes on the corner of the eyes and does a nice job in coating my lower lashes.

The mascara shade is very black. Indeed, the color is very pigmented. It is simple jet black on my lashes and opens up my eyes really well. The wand is really nice too. I can apply the product with such a breeze. It also does separate my lashes well but it does not add volume at all. I find it very clumpy too. There are moments where I can apply this mascara without my lashes getting too clumpy but that takes me a lot of time.  Then when it dries, my lashes feel so stiff. There are times that I feel that they can break easily when I recurl them. I have this bad habit of recurling my lashes with curl lash every now and then. And yes, my lashes at times are cut off. This mascara has a wet formula and it definitely does not dry fast. What I definitely love about this is that with just one coat my lower lashes look so  pretty. It also does a nice job of lengthening my lashes too. This is definitely waterproof and smudge proof once dried.  I do not agree that it is easy to remove. I lost a lost like 5 pcs. of lashes when I tried removing it with my Pure Beauty Clenasing Oil. I can only removed this guilt free and fear free with my all time favorite mascara remover -- Ponds Cold Cream. 
See how clumpy my lashes gets with this mascara.
Bravo to the lengthening properties. Look at my lower lashes. They became more prominent right? Just one coat will do the job. 
Just too clumpy for my taste!

Do I like it? NO. I love mascaras that make my lashes fuller and longer all at the same time. I do not want spider legs lashes at all. They look so unnatural. Yay!! However, this might work with other girls who have short lashes because it does create an illusion of longer lashes and with its super black pigmentation it can really open up your eyes.

Would you believe that my current
favorite mascara only costs 40 pesos? Yes!!!

It looks like this:

A reader of mine told me that this mascara sent to me is very pricey but the one she has only costs 50 pesos and it is sold in 168 malls! I was like Weh di nga!?? hahaha I love the Yanqina Mascara so much that I was in the constant search for its looks alike. I found one and it only costs me 40 pesos.. The brand name was heng fang and I researched about it and it was a china made cosmetics. They have a website too. The HengFang Mascara upon opening ahs a weird strong scent but it went away after several days of using it. It is my fave mascara as of the moment. Will I buy it again? Yes. And for those who would tell me that CHina Made Products are scary check you makeup, they are probably China Made too like most of my maybelline and Nyx products!! Anyways, I just want to be clear that I am not prodding anyone to but this cheap mascara. :D 
What mascara are your loving right now? 
Let me know. I am planning to get the fashion 21 red mascara because of  Andee of
Godbless everyone!

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Week 5 Neutrogena Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to Pam Pu Yee and Maggie!! :D Kindly contact me within 48 hours or else your prize will be forfeited.
Please email me so I can ship your prizes. The answer to Week 5 is -
YES, I am  wearing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream.

The last week of this Neutrogena Challenge will be up soon.

Please do not forget to join my spa date giveaway!! 

Godbless everyone!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Giveaway: Beauty & Butter Spa Date worth One Thousand Pesos with Me

I am super duper excited to post this giveaway!!! Why? Three readers of mine will be given a chance to have a pampering treat with me. I would love to meet you guys. I honestly owe to each and everyone of you everything that I am experiencing right now.  Moving on, this Spa Date will be so much fun filled with endless chikas about kikay stuff.  
Nice, right? 

Here are the rules:

1. You must comment on this post and tell me why would you like to join me for a Beauty & Butter Pamper session also please include your email add on your comment.

2. Like B&B's Twitter and Facebook
Beauty and Butter's Twitter:!/beautynbutter

4. Winners will be chosen on May 1,2012. 

5. Answer this simple question: Why should I choose you as my SPA Date? 

6. I will pick 3 winners who will contact me within 48 hours from announcement of winners otherwise your prize will be forfeited.

7. Promo is limited to metro manila residents only.

8. Winners, we will have 3 months to set our spa date. Please please cooperate or else.. LOL We have three months to arrange this and I am only available during weekends. 
(take note of this) 

9. Each winner can have a maximum of P1000 worth of services done.

Three winners will win 1000 pesos worth of services plus a chance to meet me otherwise B&B will issue P1000 GC for the winner so they may claim the service on their own.!!!! :D haha 

I am so excited to read your entries.

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It's Official: I Am A Butter Girl

It is official. I am a Butter Girl. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Beauty and Butter for  choosing me to be a part of this campaign. Anyways, last week I had the chance to get a pampering treat from Beauty and Butter in Megamall. I was so excited to go to this event because I needed mani and pedi for my oath taking and testimonial dinner which was held in UST. Upon entering the Beauty and Butter, my eyes searched for familiar faces. I gave out a silent yelp when I saw no one familiar. The bloggers invited were a mix of lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers. Then, I saw Tara but she was seated far from me. I met beautiful and gorgeous women. My seatmates were Jackie of gojackiego and Sarah of fashioneggplant. Both women are so gorgeous and I cannot even believe that they are moms already! waaah They are sexier than me.

Let me give you a tour of  Beauty and Butter  in Megamall
The exterior is so eye catching you will definitely not miss it!

Let me share with you a brief  excerpt of the press release from Beauty and Butter.
Step into any Beauty & Butter branch and you’re in for a different kind of spa session.  The burst of energy from the spa’s pop-art inspired interiors welcomes you to this happy place. Each aspect of this modern nail salon, from the foot sinks to the free i-pad usage, is designed to spoil the guests.
Once guest is comfortably seated, the hip nail techs a.k.a Buttercups begins their prettifying magic. These well loved BCs have a wide range of pamper treats up their sleeve. For them, their guests deserve nothing less than the ultimate in luxe pampering. One can’t help but have a favorite Buttercup after such a friendly service.
In Beauty and Butter when we say the ultimate we mean the best and the latest in the fashion and beauty industry.  B&B constantly introduces new services that are sure to provide instant satisfaction. From environmentally conscious organic spa treatments to the latest in gel nails technology, B&B has got it covered.
The same high standards not only apply to the services but to the products used as well. At B&B only the best products touches your skin, such as Depileve for waxing and paraffin and Cuccio Naturale for the Spa Paradiso. Tried and tested Beauty maintenance products such as Dermatopoeitin Nail Perfection Gel for improved nail health and the skin perfecting Priori mineral make-up are also available at the counter.
A visit to Beauty & Butter is truly the ultimate in fashionable nails and luxurious pampering.  Don’t miss out and experience the good life like the rest of Beauty & Butter’s loyal Butter Girls.  Call your soon to be fave Buttercup and book your pamper time now.
The walls have pop art inspired designs. Pretty cool huh? This is far cry from your usual girly pink nail salons. 

The huge chairs are pretty comfy too. 
 The services offered by Beauty and Butter:
They offer facials, massage, scrubs and of course manicure and pedicure.

Meet my Buttercup, Beth.
The person who will do your nails or services is called Buttercup. Ang kyuuut noh? My buttercup is really nice and she is very patient with me. Haha
There is no dull moment at Beauty and Butter because of the free use of Ipad. 
My fugly feet! It took me hours to pick the shade for my nails. I chose green. :D I was very happy that my buttercup, Beth was patient with me as I asked her to pick a couple of nail polish bottles for me to get a better view of the shades. I was not satisfied with the nail swatches given to me. hehe
I am a very impatient person and this is the reason I resorted to drying my polish through this machine dryer.  I kept on moving and standing up. hehe kitikiti mode ever.

These are the products used on me. I had an oarganic foot spa. 

This collection is so pretty right? I had my nails painted with the green shade a.k.a. Jealous Much from Orly.
I was very lucky that day because I won a mineral foundation from Priori and a kabuki brush which are quite costly. Beauty and Butter also sells a lot of products in their stores like the Priori Mineral Makeup Line. 
The food was also yummy. They are from Delifrance. I actually got more. :D hehe
With the beautiful bloggers:
Sarah, Pax, Cheysser, Jackie and with Beauty and Butter's Marketing Manager, Kwey.

I have already expressed that  I am mesmerized with Lissa Kahayon's beauty. I just had to take a shot of her. 
Cheysser is super pretty too. :D
The loot bag from Beauty and Butter!! Thank you so much.
SM Megamall: 5/F Bldg. B, 470-4239 * SM San Lazaro: 2/F, 353-7576 * SM Mall of Asia: 2/F South Wing * SM City Cebu: 2/F North Wing, 236-9113

A wonderful giveaway will be up in a few minutes after this post. :D
Godbless everyone!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

NYX Black Label Lipsticks

NYXs first class lip color collection, Black Label Lipstick, offers a super creamy formula that glides on with ease for velvety smooth finish.  Containing emollent properties to moisturize lips while providing a wide variety of beautiful on-trend shades to suit every beauty personality.

INGREDIENTS: Ceresin Wax, Microcrystalline wax, Isopropyl Mynstate, 12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Squalane, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Ethylhexyl palmitate, BHA, Propyl Paraben, Iron Oxide, Pigment.

Hi guys. As you all know, I already threw away my NYX Round lipsticks. I had them for quite some time now and I honestly used them just a couple of times except Fig because that was my favorite pink shade. I do not wear them often because they stain my teeth  big time. They are overtly creamy (as in exag!!!) and the lipsticks smear on my chin and cheeks. Crazy right? I wanted new lipsticks and of course I chose the NYX Brand because of the wide color selection that they have. I got these lipsticks online for roughly around 250 pesos. I already forgot the price. I read a lot of good reviews about the Black Label line being far different and better than the NYX round lipsticks. The hardest part was choosing the shades. 

The packaging is really chic and cute. 

Look at those brocade details. What I love about NYX is that they never tests on animals.
These lipsticks has a shelf life of 12 months from opening. 

I got Bling because of Jen of From Head to Toe.
She raved about this shade and she looks so virginal and innocent with this shade. Bling is a nude pink and delivers a slight peach  tone  Actually on my lips, this almost looks like DIVA but lighter. This is a nice everyday wear but definitely not my MLBB. One thing that I like about this is that it covered my dark lip line. See? I would usually use lip pencil with lighter shade of lipsticks but this one worked well on my lips alone.
Another shade that I was deceived into buying. I bought this because it looks coral-ish on one of  the blogs that featured this color. When I received it, it looks nothing coral at all. It is a  mauve shade with tons of purplish pink tones. Very much similar with NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia. I am trying to pull this color off. I am  used to bright colored lipsticks (Hot pink, orange... ) and this looks very posh. I can definitely wear this everyday or even on special occasions. 

Again, I was deceived into buying this. haha I know I am so gullible. Haha  Anyways, this color is medium blue toned pink.  I thought that this shade would come close to FIG but I was dead wrong. On its own, this shade is really really pretty. I thought that this shade would not work for me but it did. I want to warn my fellow Pinays, this shade might not work for most of you. Pink lipsticks with blue undertones look best on fair skin.

Overall, I kinda like this lipstick. These lippies have smooth and velvety texture. The shades are very pigmented too no need for lip liners. These lipsticks can be a bit drying. I used this on my oath taking and it lasted almost three-four hours on my lips without retouch. They give a beautiful satin finish. This is way better than the NYX Round Lipsticks. They also have that subtle and yummy fruity scent . Thumbs up for this one.  Just like their round lipsticks, this line have tons of shades. You'll probably go loco searching for swatches just like me. 
Do I recommend these lipsticks? Yes!! I like them a lot. I want to get more shades but I really have a hard time searching for swatches. These three shades have blog swatches and it looked really different in person and on the screen of my pc. Overall, I love them. The shades are all wearable. Bling and Diva got a high rating at makeupalley and could your believe that POEM got only 50%?? Waahh

What lipstick are your loving right now? 
Care to share?
Godbless everyone. 

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