Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goody Girl Presents: Clara Magalona

Hi everyone. I have been staring at the monitor for an hour now. I do not know how to start writing this post. To those who knew me or are friends with me in Facebook you know the reason. I really do not know what to do. I planned to sleep all day but I can't. My eyes felt sore and my head aches. I really do not know if I will share my problem. I think a lot of women can relate to my story but I still have hope that we will be ok. It will take me a forgiving heart and tons or prayer to get through this. Anyways, I tried my new lens. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to use it. I use it a while to take product shots and WOW!! I am really liking the outcome. This is something that made excited. 
I was invited by Ms. Gwen to the Goody Girl event where they introduced their latest Goody Girl Endorser -Clara Magalona. 
Her hair looks awesome that day. I had to take a closer picture of it.
She looks so fresh and her personality is very bubbly.
The Goody Girl has a neat collection of youthful, fun and colorful accessories for young girls and women included.
Being 26 years old does not mean we cannot wear youthful accessories anymore, right?
Her family is very supportive. I forgot to take a picture of Sab who looks so pretty that day. Also, I heard Clara's voice when she rendered a short song for the guests. It was actually impromptu. She was great. Her voice sis really beautiful. I will not be surprised if she'll be a singer like her father someday. 
I am so glad I was with Say and Char that day.

Ok. Please do not mind the outfit. It was lunch time and I just ran to the event because it was so near my office.. hehe 

Ohh Did you notice my short hair? yay.. I somehow hate it. Now I want my long hair back again. HUhuhu What do you think of my new hair? I told my mom that if I do not wear makeup I feel like I am a tomboy. LOL No joke. 
Thanks Goody Girl and Ms. Gwen.

I gave these to my sister!! She loves it!
Am I the best ate?? haha 
Godbless everyone.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Found Love: Go Naturals Skin Purifying Facial Wash

Hi guys! Finally, a blog post after days of hard work. :)) I made a status update in FB asking my readers on what should I blog first and they chose my new HG facial wash. I experienced rashes breakouts recently. This took almost a month to subside and my face is now 90-95% cleared of bumps. This happened during the time I ran out of my moisturizer and a facial wash. It took me weeks to find the perfect one. I wanted something very gentle and moisturizing at the same time. I know a lot of your will recommend Cetaphil. I honestly do not like that facial wash. I do not know if it is just me but I do not think that it does a good job of cleansing my face. I went looking for my facial wash before, the Himalaya Neem Facial Wash and I can't find it in Watson's anymore. I know Pond's will not work so I crossed that on my check list. I tried using Olay Natural White and guess what it made my rashes worsen. Waahhh Then I found this, I was really drawn to the fact that it only costs 45 pesos! I told myself that if this does not work for me at least I did not spend a lot of bucks. I have been using this for weeks now and I can say that my skin cleared up.
I bought this because it is made of natural ingredients. Hence, I am sure that it will be gentle on my skin. The consistency is like cetaphil's but feels smoother when applied. I also like the fact that after washing my face my face feels squeaky clean. My face does not feel tight after washing and it is moisturizing. I have dry and super sensitive skin and this facial wash really suits my skin. Amazing! I know! The best thing about this facial wash is the sweet scent.Nothing like the usual facial wash out there. This is the first time that I ever use a facial wash like with a sweet scent and I find it very interesting. However, it only comes in one size which is 50ml. This can last for two weeks or so depending on the frequency of use and amount of usage. Also, I have only seen Go Naturals at Robinsons Mall. I hope they will be sold at Watsons too. 
This is what it looks like.
Make sure you shake the bottle before use so it would look like this. I recently bought my second bottle and I noticed that the pearly whitish portion builds up on top of the bottle and the rest looks clear.

Will I buy it again?
YES!! I got my second bottle already. Why am I buying one bottle at time? I have this weird notion that it might expire if I store it for months since it is made of organic ingredients. Just a random thought of mine. :D

I really recommend this for those with sensitive skin. I am not sure if this will work with oily skin. I would love to hear from those oily skinned gals if this will work on them.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

HBC Beauty Festival

HBC is having a beauty festival! 
They are featuring a lof of the discounted items and Beauty Bundles!There are also Week-ender activities (every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May) wherein customers can avail of FREE Facial service when they purchase Hortaleza, M.D. products.

              The Beauty Festival runs until May 31, 2012.

Godbless everyone!
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Fynale Lens Winner!

Congratulations Arra Jurado.
Kindly email me.

Sorry for the late announcement on the winner.

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Brow Savers: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow and Color My Brows

Hi everyone!!How was your week? I have been so giddy during the start of the week but was getting too cranky by thurs. Waahh My mood swings are so unpredictable. I am very excited to share with you my brow savers! I have been a fan of brow makeup. Perhaps, the primordial reason is my brows are not really a sight to look at. They are very sparse and I find them thin. I envy people with thick brows. Whenever someone will give compliments on how my brows look, my initial reaction is -- DRAWING LANG YAN.. haha I used to love using brow powder and palettes but I discovered using eyeliner pencil. I was madly in love with ELF brightening eye pencil in coffee months ago. I used it everyday and I think I finished three pencils. It perfectly matches my brow color. Then a lot of Pinay Makeup Gurus are raving about the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow. To myself, what's the difference? I am perfectly happy with ELF. Then I felt the urge to try this pencil when I learned that it was only 129 pesos or 125 pesos. I first bought No. 2 which is in grey brown because the other shades were out of stock. I am really happy with it. It matches my dark brows perfectly but sometimes I find it too dark so I wanted to buy the No. 2 in brown. A lot of people are using this shade so I need to have it as well. Inggitera mode! haha

Etude House Drawing Eye brow Pencil

The pencil is a retractable one and they sell refills. The pencil is slanted. It is very easy to use. Lining the frame of my brows has never been this easy.  I can create the illusion of perfect arch as long as my brows are tidy.. haha It gives that precise application way better than my ELF Pencil. You also save time because no need to sharpen this one. I have been using this for a month and there is a little product left like half an inch . A lot of reviews noted that it only has a few product in it. I did not actually check the length of the pencil when I bought it. I was too afraid that I might break it. The color is very pigmented. and it lasts all day on my brows. The pencil is not soft and not too hard. It glides smoothly on my brows. Do not twist too much, the pencil easily breaks. 

The best part about this eyebrow pencil is that it came with a spoolie! I am a big fan of spoolie that I bring my Marionnaud Spoolie brush everywhere. Now, I need not bring my spoolie brush with me anymore. It does a great job of spreading the product on my brows making it look more natural. 

What I love about this Brow Pencil:
Affordable.. Only 125 or 129 pesos at Etude House
It has refills.
The slanted tip which makes it easier to line your brows
The pigmentation is great (IMO) not too dark and not too light.
It glides smoothly. No tugging at all.
No need to sharpen.
It is very convenient to use because it came with a spoolie.

What I do not like about it:
The shade I want is always out of stock.
The pencil itself is very short. The packaging made it appear that there are more product inside. 

Etude House Color My Brows in #2 (Light Brown)
Have you ever experienced wanting a product so much ? This is one product that made me go to five different Etude House Branch just to have it. And those five Etude House Branches does not even have a stock for this one! Awww! They always have the No.1 but not No.2. How frustrating, right? I end up buying on ebay. This costs 270 pr 280 pesos exclusive of shipping. I wanted this so bad because I have never used a brow gel before. Everyone was saying that it is a dupe for MAC girl boy. I cannot compare this to MAC's since I have not used the latter.

This is a tinted brow gel and I love how  it makes my eyebrows look more natural and fuller. I do not use this alone. I have super dark black hair and I would end looking all weird with blond brows! I used it on top of my Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil. I do not recommend using this alone especially if you have thin brows. The shade is too light but No.1 looks really pigmented and darker. I think No.1 is better used alone. When I am looking for this, the saleslady advised me to get the No.1 instead because this is too light for me. Thank Heavens I did not heed her advise. I wanted a brow gel that would tame the my brows and at the same would make it look light and fuller. This one is a must try. The downside? It contains less product than what I expected. I had this for a month now and it looks almost dried. I am not even using it everyday. For the price, I think I will just save a few more hundreds and I can buy MAC Girl Boy which has more product in it. 

The wand is very is to use. As you can see, the brush applicator has a slimmer end. This makes application more precise and easier as well.

What I love about it:
It makes my brows look fuller and more natural.
It sets my brows really well.
A great dupe for MAC Girl Boy  ( everyone is saying this)
The wand is really helpful.
No funky smell. I had a friend who uses MAC Girl Boy and I did not like the scent when I tested it.
The shade is really light and I love it!

What I hate about It:
It is always out of stock.
It contains less amount of product. It dries too quickly after 5x of usage. 
It does not last whole day one my brows.
ETUDE HOUSE Pencil in No. 3, 2 and ETUDE HOUSE Color My brows in #2 (Light Brown)

A quick look on how easy I line my brows with the Drawing Eye Brow Pencil. I just use the spoolie that comes with and brush it over my brows.

This is what my brows looks like after brushing it with the spoolie.

Do you like a post on how I do my brows now? Very easy as 1-2-3. Just comment down below. :D

Godbless everyone!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Elite Minerals Mineral Concealer in Honey Beige

Hello everyone! Just an update on what happened to my very first cross examination before finally reviewing this product. It was hilarious. I was really lost in front of the Judge. Thankfully, everyone was really nice to me that day even the Judge. :D Haha This post  was actually set to be posted last Monday but I was too lazy finishing the review. I was also getting tired of my white background. It looks so plain right? Then I lost all my pictures!Yay! Anyways, I am looking forward to better pictures once BF finally buys the lens.

Anyways, i have been sent by Elite Minerals with their products for review. The last mimeral makeup I tried was Ellana and the one from Maybelline.. I think that's the only Mineral Makeup I really am familiar with from their blushes to their  concealers. I thought that this was a foundation. To my recollection. they said that it was a foundation. However, after trying it on for a few day as a foundation, I recently noticed that the label says concealer. Haha 

I really thought that the shade Honey Beige would look so dark on me. I was wrong. When worn as a foundation, it looks a bit lighter on me. Compared to my Ellana foundation and Maybelline foundation (both minerals), I find this very hard to blend. It actually has tiny shimmer. I only noticed it when I took a photo of myself and my face has tiny sparkles and my face looks so glowing. I failed to save a  copy of that picture. When used as concealer, the shade looks so light under my eye. It actually highlights my dark bags than conceal it. I find the texture okay but I find it very hard to blend. The coverage as a concealer is also light. It looks  perfect for under eye highlighter. Also, if you love dewy effect, buffing this all over your face will create that illusion. It does not look fake at all since it is very light.

Look at how light it is. However, when blended it looks slightly lighter than my skintone not way over board light. Also, you might think that the coverage is awesome because of the swatch. The swatch is too concentrated on this picture. Over all, I think that if I was given a shade that would suit my skin better, my reviews might be different. I love using this as a highlighter instead of a concealer.

Check out Elite Minerals here:

Price of this concealer:

Godbless everyone.


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New Winner on the Makeup Suite Giveaway

Congratulations to Karen Claire Grafia!!!
You won 1k worth of Gc from the Makeup Suite..

I am very sorry for the sudden change of winner especially to the 2nd chosen winner. I was advised by the admin of The Makeup Suite that this winner has previous issues with her and Starmaine Cay. In deference to Anna for hosting this giveaway, I chose another winner. I think this is fair enough because I am not the one who will be giving the prizes but the Makeup Suite. For more information visit: 

Godbless everyone.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Makeup Suite Fab Opening Giveaway Winners!!!

Congratulations to Menchie Cua Santos for winning the first prize (2000 pesos worth of GC)


Tine Raine Riveta for the winning the second prize (1000 pesos worth of GC)

Again, congratulations to both of you! I would love to know your picks.. I will try blogging tonight.. hehe Winners of the Fynale Lens will be chosen later of anytime soon. Sorry for the late announcement for this one. 

Godbless everyone!


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Peace Offering and Rebuilding My Blog

Photo not mine.
Credits to the Owner.

Hello everyone. Thank you for all the support and encouraging words. I apologize for the negativity. I have to admit this. Honestly, I am a worrier and I am very negative but I am trying to change this mentality. Through God's grace and new found strength in HIM, I am trying to take life and its problems in a positive light. Who would not be devastated when everything you've worked for is gone in an instant. Yesterday, I was in a shocked mode throughout the whole day. I was not in my usual self. I was thinking that I would bid goodbye to my readers. However, I love what I am doing. As in. Moving on, I am also apologize to all my sponsors. I can only reupload the latest pictures and some old pictures that are still in my old computer. For now, I will blog about my latest beauty finds. Rest assured that I will try to reupload old swatches and FOTD's. I find it weird that my motto way back in High School is highly applicable to what is happened to my blog.

From the ashes of my monumental failure, I will build the empire of my success.

(Ang deep!! haha Yup,, yan ang motto ko nung HS. LOL)

Anyways, BF promised me a peace offering. Since he was too guilty for what he did. He will buy me a new camera lens. LOL I have already chosen the brand. I am so excited. I am really into macro photography and with my new lens expect better clarity of pictures. 

My blog will not be confined to makeup and beauty anymore. I will now be sharing new things with you. I am continuing this because of my readers and my passion towards beauty. Like taxes, my readers is the lifeblood of my blog. 

I will leave you with a beautiful prayer

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity 

to accept the things I cannot change; 

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time; 

Enjoying one moment at a time; 

Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; 

Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it; 
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life 
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr


Please do not mind the blank pictures anymore haha.. I will fix everything after tomorrow. Wish me luck on my very first direct examination in court. I am excited to utter, "MAdame witness.." haha 

Godbless everyone!!


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Monday, May 14, 2012

All Pictures Gone: Should I Bid Blogging Goodbye?

Hi everyone. No, there is nothing wrong with your computer or your internet browser. I do not know how to start this post or even end it. I am right now really sad. No. The right term is devastated. I had been blogging for years. I take pride on how I take pictures. Why? Because I take time to shoot the products and swatches and my fotd's. I never settled for okay. I wanted to upload the best pictures. I could take pictures as many 100 per post and I would choose the best among the bunch. I did not know that everything will all be gone just like that. My BF accidentally deleted all my pictures. My pictures in picasa web was synced to his Samsung Galaxy S2. Thinking all of the pictures were downloaded to his phone. He deleted them not knowing he deleted what is in my blog as well. I just learned it this morning. He does not have any idea too. 

It seems as if my blog finally reached its natural death. I never thought that it will be too soon. I was actually planning on blogging about my future wedding preparations in the coming years or my upgrade on cosmetics escapade as I am now earning my own money. 

Honestly, I do not know if I will still continue blogging. I lost hope. I lost the urge. 400 plus posts and 2000 + photos over the years, my blog now looks an empty space. I do not know how to rebuild it again. I could only upload pictures that my old computer still have. I cannot fill up all the void. It will take time for me to reupload everything. I am really sad. I do not know what to do right now. I was thinking of all the time my eyes would twitch when I take photos with flash or my arms would get tired in taking the proper pictures. No amount of money can pay all the hours I have spent on this blog. The passion I poured on everything I do. I was crying a while ago and still right now. 

We have tried retrieving everything but we cannot.

I do not know what to do. Should I still continue or bid goodbye to you? 

Godbless everyone. 


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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Models Own Hyperbrite Lipsticks

Hi everyone! My hearing was cancelled so I had the chance to squeeze in this review..I actually took this photos the week before  they were sent to me. I am always forgetting to write my review on Elite Minerals too. Yay. Anyways, have you ever wondered how did UK cosmetics is becoming a huge hit online lately? Before, it was all about NYX! Now.. My gulay! Sleek, Beauty UK, Gosh and other US Brands like Milani! I envy beauty junkees who are starting now because they have so many options online!! I mean when I was in college there were only a few brands I knew of. And I have to save a lot to have my trip to Beauty Bar!! Now, there are a lot of affordable foreign cosmetics sold by online shop.s Ohh just make sure they are not fly by night shops.. ok?
These babies cost 400 pesos each.
When I got these lipsticks, I am actually afraid that the clear plastic packaging would look really tacky and I also have that weird feeling that the packaging is also flimsy! Guess what? I was so wrong. I think the packaging of this lipstick is one of the sturdiest I have ever seen. It feels quite heavy too. These lipsticks were sent to me by The Makeup Suite for reviews.
At first look, I was drawn to Annalise's Pink!! It looks so bright compared to the other two shades.
As the name says - HYPERBRITE! It really looks bright on the lips. When I tried wearing Annalise's Pink to  work, I had to have that second look in the mirror and blot the lipstick to lessen the brightness. The shade is very pigmented. I beg to disagree with reviews that this is matte. Hell no! Not at all. Matte lipsticks for me look like the Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks or Barry M lipstick in Shocking pink. It should be devoid of any sheen or glossy effect on it. These lipsticks have a bit of sheen! It glides smoothly too. I do not know why they are saying that these are matte because the packaging label says so? hehe

The pigmentation of these lipsticks are really good. I just need one swipe and it can give a beautiful stain/tint on my lips. However, the color pay off shows better with 2-3 swipes. The color is ultra bright but very wearable.

The scent is something I am not really sure of. A lot of bloggers say that it smells sweet. I do not feel that way though. For me it does have that lipstick scent but not that disturbing funky scent. I really cannot explain. Ohh now, I know why a lot of bloggers say that it has that Vanilla Bean scent. This was the scent described by Models Own to their lipsticks.

You might need to moisturize your lips well and apply loads of lip balm because these lipsticks can be a bit drying. Well , almost all lipsticks that I have tried are drying on my lips!
I tried so hard to capture the correct shades for you. These are the correct shades. I even compared this picture with the swatch on my hand. haha
Annalise's Pink
This is a very bright medium pink with loads of blue undertones. It is actually neon pink! Lighter than my Barry M shocking Pink. For medium skin tones like me, I think this shade is a bit hard to pull off. However, I apply darker shade of lip liner or gloss to warm the color a bit. I cannot resist wearing it because the shade is really unique. This shade would look best on fair skin. 
Pink Hawaiian

I have doubts on this shade when I first swatched it. However, this one appears to compliment my yellow undertones more than the Annalise's Pink. This is a rich and bright HOT PINK! You can wear this during day time and night time as well. Amp it up by applying 2-3 swipes. Tone it down by patting the lipstick on your lips.

Do you know the singer Vitamin C? haha Raise your hands if you remember her! Well.. this shade reminds me of her. This is purely an orange lipstick. No red or coral undertones to this lipstick compared to Barry M Sunset. 

That's it. What shade appeals to you most?

I am still trying to work out Orangeade. The shade looks so new to me. :D 

Models Own Lipsticks are available at the Makeup Suite for only 400 pesos!

Click here to visit Anna's shop:
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Godbless everyone!


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Do not forget to join our giveaway here:

Godbless everyone!


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