Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday Neutrals (Feat. My Fave Eyeshadow Palette)

Hi everyone! I was debating with myself if I should put up this EOTD since I was not very satisfied with my imperfectly done winged liner. Hehe I still feel like a makeup newbie every time I line my upper lid. I am trying my best to wear makeup to the office esp. eyeshadows. [Oohh if you'll see me at work, I look like shit. hehe Blame it to the sleepy lazy me. :p]

 Anyways, this is the look I wore last Sunday. Yes, I went to church with full makeup. :) I am going to see the King of Kings.. Why not look my best, right? :)) 
My eyeliner looks so pigmented noh? I used my K Palette Liquid Liner in Super Black (the limited edition) but my Maybelline Crayon Liner is very tricky to use. However, despite this,  I am loving its super rich pigmentation and creamy texture.Products used:
K Palette Lasting 2 way Eyebrow
K Palette 1 Day tattoo Liquid Liner in Super Black
Etude House Proof 10 E/s Primer
Wet N Wild Vanity Palette
Maybelliner Black Crayon Liner (the 149 pesos one.. This is darker compared to Nichido Mineral Liner in Onyx.. Do you want a review on this? Just drop a comment below if you want one! )
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
My favorite eyeshadow palette as of the moment is from Wet n Wild
The shade is Vanity Palette.
I will be making a full review with swatches on this palette next week.  

I love the combination of matte and shimmery eyeshadows. I am planning to get the 8 pan palettes in Petal Pusher and Comfort Zone. I just hate how expensive Wet n Wild costs here in the Philippines. I can't wait for my trip to the US and Canada (God willing I will go there next year.. Tipid tipid na talaga! haha) I will definitely hoard drugstore makeups like Wet n Wild and Milani.

What is your current  favorite eyeshadow palette?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I do not like eyeshadow palettes with gazillion of shades anymore. I remembered how crazy I was with 88 colors or the one with 180 shades. LOL Gone are the days when I thought I could wear neon green eyeshadows anywhere. Now, I want travel friendly palettes like this with wearable hues for everyday wear.

Godbless everyone


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Glaminar Makeup Artistry 1k GC Winners

Congratulations to Jameila Bito-on, Karen Lizette Escobar 
and Sam Lanuza!
You won one thousand pesos Gift certificate for the Glaminar workshop valid until Sept. 31, 2012. You can use it on a basic or advanced makeup workshop. Kindly email me for details. :) Godbless everyone!


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Virginia Olsen Minerals Website with 10% Discount

Hello everyone!!

Great news!! Virginia Olsen Minerals Website is already up and they are already accepting orders. Look at the name of this shade? hihi This is a beautiful shimmery coral. This can double as a blush too.

 Virgina Olsen Minerals will be available at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar on Aug. 17-19, 2012 and I will be joining them there. :) I hope to see you. No, I will not be doing make overs haha.. I will just be helping my sorority sister in their booth. In the mean time, online orders will get 10% off just input this code in the comment box upon check out.


Visit their website here:  http://www.virginiaolsen.com 
FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaOlsenMinerals 
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Virginia_Olsen 

Godbless everyone!!


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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oracare Loot Bag Winners

Hello everyone!! Oracare sent me additional loot bags to give away. 

So, instead of choosing one winner today, I chose three. Hopefully all of you will email me. I am really having a hard timecopy pasting all the 70+ names of all those who joined. I hate it when people just like a page because of a contest then unlike it afterwards.tsk tsk..

Anyways here are the lucky winners:
Congratulations to Xyell Setogawa
Congratulations to JM Ramos
Congratulations to Hazel Grace M. Bellen
(Wow Girl!! If I am not mistaken you already won on my previous giveaway!! :) Swerte!)

Congratulations!! Kindly email me your full name and address.


Quick Post: DIY Lipstick Palette

Hello again. Before heading out, I just want to share this DIY Lipstick Palette. Last month, I was on the verge of throwing out lipsticks because my stash is too cluttered. I rarely use these lipsticks. Then, I realized that I could still keep them by turning them into a palette. I bought this medicine/pill box from Beabi for only 40 pesos. Beabi is the best place to go if you are in the looking for  reasonably-priced and multi-functional travel and storage bags and containers.

Credit to gennrated.com 
Click here for detailed post:

How to do this DIY Lipstick Palette:

1. Scrape off your lipstick and place the lipstick on a spoon.
2. Place the spoon on top of direct heat. I used a candle for this. 

3. Then pour the melted lipstick on a container of your choice.

It was really quick and easy to do. However, be careful with the melted lipstick. My lipsticks were popping when they reached the boiling point!
So what are the lipsticks I  used in this palette?
Malamang yung pipitsugin lang! Imagine scraping off my Lime Crime lipsticks given to me by the Cay sisters    (https://www.facebook.com/makeupsuite and  https://www.facebook.com/starmaineshop), Hindi ko keri yun ahh.. haha

So what I meant about pipitsugin are the cheap lippies I have like Ever Bilena, ELF and Aido.
When I melted the lippies, their colors showed beautifully. 
The finished product! Bongga!

This is perfect for those who loves to travel and loves to bring tons of makeup like me. I need not worry bringing a lot of lipsticks when I can bring six colors in one container.

Godbless everyone!


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Show Off Your Feet with Titania

Good morning!!I woke up around 830 something and I finally had the time to read all about Kristen Stewart's infidelity! Was I shocked? No. I was not shock that she cheated on Robert but I was appalled to know that the man she had an affair with was MARRIED and HAS CHILDREN!!!Imbyernadette Sembrano to the nth level! I do not get the point of women hooking up with married guys with kids. They say that love knows no boundaries but I think it should never transcend the bounds of one's principles and God's commandments. Don't you think? Ugghh..
(Sorry sa segway .. hindi lang talaga  ako makaget over sa kalurkey issue na yan.. I have been plagued with stories of  failed marriages ever since I started my profession!)

Moving on , I was invited by Ms. Gwen last Tusday for an afternoon (I arrived late so dapit hapon na) of pampering at Freyja Nail Spa at Sekai Center, Ortigas Avenue for Bloggers Event courtesy of Titania. I was really shocked when I learned that Titania has been in the Philippines for almost ten years. Yes. Ten years.. I never knew that they even existed. Perhaps, you do not this brand too. I tried passing by Watsons and I saw their products! For years, I must have  passed by their products in the malls without knowing  that they exist. 
At the Freyja Nail Spa
Yum!!!  An appetizing picture of what they served during the pampering session.
And tada.. my ugly feet. hehe  
A glass of wine while having foot massage is the best.
Orly Nailpolish in Gumdrop and Chasmere Cardigan

I think I am beginning to love nail polishes! Yay
Here is the loot bag Titania gave us after the event. BF got this black bag.

Some of the products they gave us:

We used this during the event. This foot soak made my feet softer which helped removed my callouses easier.
I do not have pictures of the nail cutter and corn cutter because my mom used it immediately!haha

They also gave us this from BC Fragrance
BC Fragrance (The Fragrance Specialist)
They do custom blending, perfumes, linen spray etc.
Here is their website: www.bcfragrance.com
Look what gave me.. :)
 Here is the press release from Titania:

Give your feet the care they need with Titania
Your feet cover a lot of ground – literally.  And after a long, tiring day with the heat and sun exposure combined, you have definitely put a strain to your pretty feet.  This of course, is aside from the fact that they are among the hardest working, and visible parts of our bodies to begin with.

German brand TITANIA®, the leading European manufacturer of foot care articles, is sharing these do-it-yourself, helpful tips and techniques to give your feet the care they need.  This will help restore its moisture, texture and will keep them strong, healthy, and attractive.

Start a nice, basic "cure" for your feet with a soothing footbath using warm water with Titania’s vital footbath salts in a basin.  Made with stimulating Dead Sea salts, this will relax tired muscles and soften the skin, making it easier to scrub off the dead skin later. Regular use can also prevent foot odor and athlete’s foot.

Afterwards, use a foot rasp for taking off the hard skin of your feet. Titania’s foot rasp is made of stainless steel.  It is easy to be cleaned under warm running water and guarantees a hygienic use the next time you need it.

Get rid of callous and soften your skin with Titania’s range of double-sided foot file. Choose from the various emery or pumice foot files available. The file has a soft and a rough emery side or a soft pumice and rough emery side so you can decide for yourself if your skin still needs more softening. Finally, soothe and nourish with Titania’s foot mask, which contains grape seed, almond oil and calming lavender. To further soften and calm your feet, you may use Titania’s foot balm and other softening foot lotions, giving the “final touch” to your freshly groomed feet!

For more information about Titania’s Soft Touch line for women, please “like” Titania PH on Facebook (www.facebook.com/TitaniaPH) or follow @Titania_PH on Twitter.  Titania’s Soft Touch line is available in all leading department stores nationwide and its products include the nail cutter, cuticle nipper, corn cutter, cuticle cutter and pusher, and three different kinds of foot files to suit your needs.

Have a blessed weekend!!

I will now be preparing for my check up. Just a random fact, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary by my OB Gyne. I had my Thyroid tests done last Thursday. I hope everything will be ok today.

Godbless everyone!


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glaminar Makeup Artistry Winner

Who is the lucky lady who will be attending this Sunday's (July 29, 2012) Glaminar Makeup Artistry Basic Workshop?
Congratulations to 
Christine Segador-Dacanay

Kindly email me with your Contact number :)

Other winners will be announced on on the 29th of July.
I apologize that I have not yet picked a new winner for the Oracare. I will try doing it tonight.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

K-Palette Blogger's Event with Ms. Noriko Imura

Hello everyone!! :) Last super rainy Saturday, I attended the K-Palett event with Japanese makeup artist, Noriko Imura, as guest. I heard a lot of raves from local bloggers about their 1day tattoo liners. Thus, I was very happy when I got an invite from Ms. Cheryl. I got even more excited when I learned that it will be a blogger workshop with Ms. Noriko Imura. I am always fascinated with Japanese makeup and Korean makeup especially how they line their eyes perfectly. I have been into makeup for years and applying liner on top of the lid is really tricky. Let us admit that not everyone can carry the cat's eye winged eyeliner. For a natural look, I always skip the flick. Ms. Noriko Imura has been in the beauty industry for twenty years and her expertise is making the eyes appear bigger and making beautiful brows through skeletal analysis. 

The  K-Palette goodies :))
Ms. Noriko started by prepping the face of Aimee. She used the Zero Kuma Concealer on her and I was amazed with its coverage and how flawless it looked on her lovely skin. 
The guy in this picture is Aisaku who was the interpreter of Ms. Noriko and the host for that day.
Ms. Noriko taught to us how to use the K-Palette lasting two way eyebrow. This is the eyebrow pen with powder and liquid liner for the brows. She also showed us how to do a daytime look using a liquid eyeliner.

Can you see that the there is a slight gap between the liner and the lashline towards the outer end of the eye? I have been trying this look since Sunday. Haha I can't seem to do it like Ms. Noriko did. I think I need more practice. :)
This is how Ms. Noriko does the winged eyeliner. Muy perfecto! 

I am really amazed on how Ms. Noriko lined Aimee's eyes. I wonder if I can go to court sporting this look. (hmm... )
The only blogger I took a picture of that day!
I love everything about Shen!
Head to foot! A real head turner! :)
Hindi ko kinaya ang mga slits sa tag ulan. hehe bongga
Ms. Cheryl
We should be thankful for her because she brought this wonderful brand here in the Philippines! She is super nice and model-ish. Her brows are super nice. She used K-palette of course. :)
A picture with Ms. Noriko
She looks so cute!I, on the other hand, looked messed up. haha 
I have been using the goodies K-Palette gave us. I will write a full review on them soon.
This is a limited edition liner. So Kawaii!!
This deep brown eyeliner just became a daily staple. 
Out of all the products that were given to us, the Zero Kuma concealer is the one I am really crazy about. I have been using this since I got it and I love it. I thought my L.A. Girl Concealer was great. When I tried this, I forgot all about my LA Girl HD Pro Concealer and my Skinfood Dark Salmon Concealer. Initial thoughts- great coverage, moisturizing, and it does not cake. I may sound too biased now but this is the truth. I will road test it for a few more days before a full review I make a full review.

Thank K-Palette for this wonderful event.

K-Palette is available in all Beauty Bar Branches.
Like them on Facebook:


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