Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bamboo Handle Brushes from Virginia Olsen Minerals

Hello MLI readers! Good morning!! I would like to express my gratitude to those sweet comments some of you made on my previous post. I miss doing FOTD's a lot! Anyways, I was lucky enough to have these brushes from Virginia Olsen Minerals. I was really excited for the brushes especially the Blush/Contour Brush and the Blending Eye Brush. These two brushes are the ones I am really looking forward to have. 

Virginia Olsen Beauty Tools are made from premium-grade materials, which can be used with wet or dry products. These professional length beauty tools allow you to shade or blend mineral cosmetics with ease. The synthetic bristles are hypo-allergenic and safe for delicate complexions. The sleek ferrules are made from recycled aluminum. The natural bamboo handle has a low impact on the Earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.   Each brush has been designed with the right density to create flawless, natural finish in every makeup application.

These brushes will remind you a lot of the infamous Ecotools brushes because of the bamboo handles and the taklon bristles. Their 5 pc brush set was actually my very first brush set ever. When I saw the samples of Virginia Olsen Minerals Brushes, I honestly thought that there were nothing special about them especially when I heard that they looked like a close relative of the Ecotools brushes. However, when I saw the brushes with my own eyes, I was pretty amazed with the bristles. Also, I did not know that they will have longer handles. The two brushes that caught my eyes were the 
Blush/Contour Brush and the Blending Eye Brush. For the longest time, I was in search for a good angled brush and a blending brush that are locally available. 
The brushes are super soft. I find the bristles softer than those of Ecotools. 
Contour/Blush Brush
Price: 450 pesos

I was in love with my Marionnaud Angled Brush for the longest time. However, from the time I got hold of this brush, it instantly became my favorite. The Marionnaud Angled Brush was nothing compared to this baby!! The bristles are soft. This is perfect for those who have sensitive skin like me. NO pricking at all.  The brush is dense enough. 
The size is perfect for contouring. I use this for contouring and blush application. It can create soft airbrushed look on your cheeks. I haven't tried using this with cream blushes/bronzers though. This brush is perfect for light application. Due to its soft bristles, some may find this brush flimsy for their liking. The brush picks up a good amount of product. When washed this brush, it shed only one piece. There were no fall outs on succeeding cleaning. It is very easy to clean and it dried quickly compared to my other brushes. I used it to contour my face in previous post which is the 500 pesos Makeup Challenge. 
 The size is of this brush is perfect for contouring my cheeks. See photo for reference.. :)
Blending Eye Brush
Price: 350 pesos

For years, I have been an avid fan of the ELF Blending Brush. Currently, I am going crazy over this Blending Eye Brush from VO Minerals. I thought my ELF Blending Brush was irreplaceable. Now, when I compare ELF Blending Brush with VO Minerals Blending Brush, the latter is far more superior in quality than the former. It has soft, smooth and firm bristles. Ideal for blending the color on the lid especially the crease area. The size is perfect for eyeshadow application on the crease area. Small enough to add color on the outer V and for blending out the harsh lines. Compared to ELF, I experience no pricking when I use this. The bristles are so soft and dense. No shedding at all and no bleeding. This brush picks up a good amount of product. I tried using this dry and with wet application and it did a great job of blending the shadows. I also compared it with the blending brush I got the Ecotools 5 pc brush set. As evidence by the picture above, the VO Minerals Blending eye brush has a very nice shape to it as compare to the Ecotools one. 
The long handle makes the application easier. I would probably try using this to buff my concealer. :) I highly recommend these brushes to all of my readers. 

Have you tried Virginia Olsen Minerals?

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Products were sent for PR Purposes. All statements are based on my honest observation and opinion.

Godbless everyone!


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Monday, August 27, 2012

That Look: The 500 Pesos Makeup Challenge

Hello MLI readers!! I finally had the chance to do the 500 pesos makeup challenge. I was thinking of doing the 20$ makeup challenge but that would be too easy for me since I have loads of makeup that I could just readily use for the challenge. I really had a hard time finding the products to make this look. I was in search for weeks and was computing all the time while shopping for the products I have used. Haha 500 pesos was just to stiff for a complete makeup look. This makeup tag was started by Char of Yellowyum and Gem of Rarevanity. The challenge was to create a look using 500 pesos worth of makeup products. The good thing was the brushes are not included in the 500 pesos ceiling. 
Since I do not have a primer, I used the black eyeliner as my base. I applied the black eyeliner all over my lid upto the crease area. 
The eyeshadow palette I got was too powder so I just packed the shadow on my lid area extending above the crease. I wet the brush I used with a bit of water to make the application of the e/s easier. 
To intensify the look, I smudged the black liner on the outer V of my eye and blended the harsh edges with my Virginia Olsen Blending Brush. Then, I sweep some gold eyeshadow above the crease area. 
Make sure you highlight the inner corners of your eye, I use a lighter yellow  gold. Thereafter, I lined my lid with a black liquid liner.  No matter how dark my eyeshadows are, they tend to disappear especially when I open my eyes. You can refer to the photo of my whole look.  So, I skipped mascara and  bought falsies instead to make my eyes look more dramatic.
I had a hard time doing my brows because I only have a black eyeliner. I used the black eyeliner for tightlining and as an eyeshadow base as well. With a light hand and feathering strokes, I drew the outline of my brows and I applied some brown matte eyeshadow to blend the color. 
I tried using my liquid eyeliner to coat my lower lashes but it simply did not work. Also, I used my pressed powder to highlight my brow bone since the palette I bought only contain shimmery eyeshadows. Also, I prefer using matte eyeshadow on my brown bone because it creates a cleaner look and it emphasizes my brows better than shimmery shades.  

The products I used are:
For the face, I used Careline Pressed Powder in Natural. I find this powder really hard to blend on my dry skin. However, the shade is really wearable. I thought that it would look way too light on my skin but it blended well with my skin tone. The San San Liquid foundation only costs 100 pesos because I bought it on sale before. Hehe... 
For the lips, I used my favorite Careline Lipgloss in 101. This lipgloss is too opaque; I can skip the lip liner. 
I bought this eyeshadow palette for only 40 pesos. Yes. This was a palette you can see in the tiangge or 168. I preferred using this because 100 pesos palette from Nichido or Careline was just too pricey for this challenge.. haha 
Pinkie Swear Cosmetics is a sister company of James Cooper Cosmetics. I was in search for a good matte brown eyeshadow for contouring and for my brows. I was lucky enough to find this. I used this eyeshadow as a contouring powder and as abronzer blush. :)
My favorite was this black liquid liner which only costs 30 pesos. It is so pigmented and smudge proof. I swear I want to get more of this. 
The Nichido Eyeliner turned out to be okay. It was not too black like that of their Mineral Kohl Pencil but it did a fairly good job. I used this for tightlining too and it is a bit creamy. 
Time and again, you would hear me say that the best false lashes for me are from HBC. 20 pesos falsies is such a steal. 

I love the coverage of my San San Liquid Foundation paired with the Careline Pressed Powder . However, I had a hard time covering my dark circles. I really need a concealer to cover it. I tried doubling the layer of liquid foundation under my eye area but it turned out to be too cakey. The Deep Brown Eyeshadow from Pinkie Swear Cosmetics amazed me. I think in the picture and in real life, you could never tell that I was wearing an eyeshadow and not a true bronzer/contour powder. It has a very nice texture and I did not have a hard time blending the color. 

What do you think of my 500 pesos makeup challenge look?

I would love to see your look using 500 pesos worth of makeup products.

Godbless everyone!


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Sunday, August 26, 2012

SAN SAN Nail Polish in Sea Green and Perfectly Pink

A beautiful Sunday to everyone! I am getting fond of nail polishes lately. Thus, I am slowly learning how to put polish on my nails neatly just like a pro. LOL.. I do have a problem applying nail polish on my right hand nails.  My left hand is too shaky and unsteady.  I saw these two gorgeous shades at HBC last week. I was actually looking for a blue nail palish but ended up buying green and coral. I bought them for 37 pesos only. Here are the swatches: 
Sea Green is my current favorite. I love how the color turned out on my nails. I applied two thick layers and the color turned out very opaque and true to the shade in the bottle. It is a beautiful light shade of minty turquoise green.  
I observed that applying in with lightly made it appear streaky so I opted to apply two thick layers on my nails. 
Perfectly Pink is a misnomer for the shade. It does not appear pink to me at all. It is a sheer coral color with gold shimmers. This is very easy to apply compared to sea green. However, I applied three layer to get my desired pigmentation. 

I think that the color would been more beautiful sans the shimmer. The shade is very dainty and surely BF would approved of the color.. ;)

Godbless everyone!


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Friday, August 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Eccentric Gray and Red

Hi everyone! This will be just a quick blog post.  I just remembered that I still have old photos in my old computer. I realized that I could reupload the makeup looks that I did before through Flashback Fridays for my new readers to see my previous old creations. :) I chose this look first because I never thought that silver/gray shadows would look gorgeous when paired with a reddish shade. I could still remember that I made this look from a Tropez Palette. I challenged myself to make the colors work and I love the final look. 
I just love how I lined my eyes. If you would ask me to do that now, I will be surely struggling. hehe

Godbless everyone!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Virginia Olsen Minerals: Olive Branch Eyeshadow and Terra Cotta Blush

Virginia Olsen is 100% natural, paraben free, bismuth & talc free, and pure mineral make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type. Our formulations are calming to the skin, making them ideal for women prone to sensitivities; and being fragrance-free, they are particularly compatible with delicate skin, giving a sheer, natural, flawless coverage. Further, our makeup unlocks the therapeutic properties of zinc oxide and the natural sunscreen provided by titanium dioxide.
Purity also explains the ultra-smooth texture and versatility of Virginia Olsen. Even the sheerest of applications goes on smooth, creamy and consistent and will not clump or fade. Other mineral makeup is stretched with a variety of fillers, such as talc, to bulk-up the quantity of the product and the margin of profit. Not only do these products cause caking and creasing, but they can cause skin irritation, rashes and allergic reactions.
 Hi everyone! How was your day? Mine was really great. I got to visit my grandfather's grave in Antipolo after my hearing a while ago and I also heard last Sunday's church service which I failed to attend to because I went on a vacation. Anyways, it was as if it was only yesterday when my sorority sister told me that she will be bringing a mineral makeup line here in the Philippines. Now, Virginia Olsen Minerals has finally hit Philippine shores. I am not an avid fan of mineral makeup. I could still remember women in girltalk buying samples (1/8 tsp to 1/2tsp) online and these were placed in tiny zip lock plastic bags. I did not jump into the mineral makeup craze. I just had a few pots (the most was five) and that's it. I never thought of buying more. However, I was always fascinated on the benefits mineral makeup gives. The few I have tried never broke me out at all. When I heard that my sorority sister was bringing in Virginia Olsen here, I was prodding her to bring the Milani instead. Haha When I saw the initial  samples of V.O. Minerals, I went wild in her office. I had swatches on my arms, excitedly reading the labels and I just could not stop asking her questions. haha 
I love the natural lighting in Batangas. I took a lot of shots but these are a few that I really like. 

I think that the Virginia Olsen Minerals is one of the mineral makeup that has the best packaging. I also like the fact that what is written in their label is the true weight of the product and not the capacity of the container.  Also, they have a wide range of color selection especially for eyeshadows. I was contemplating on buying the mineral liners when I went to the Rockwell Urban Bazaar because they looked pretty and I have not yet tried using mineral powders as liners.

I know you all thought that I got the shade in Donnarence. Haha I did not. I picked a shade that is actually wearable for everyday in the office. (Here I  go again with neutrals and wearble hues.. haha) I chose Olive Branch. The shade is a dark olive green with golden shimmers. 
The color is very pigmented . With pigments, I prefer to use apply it wet rather than dry to prevent a lot of fall outs or through foiling method. This will make the shades appear more vibrant and the loose powder will readily adhere to your lid. I also suggest using a primer which is creamy to be used as a base. 

The golden shimmers are very prominent. 

In real life, the colors appeared dark green but when I took a photo, my eyeshadow turned gold with a hint of green. :) 
For blush, I got the shade in Terra Cotta. In the jar, it does not look like  TerraCotta shade at all. It looked more of a light peachy pink.

Does this look Terra Cotta ish to you? If no, then I am not color blind at all. hehe
When swatched, it turned into a nice peach color with tiny (as in almost unnoticeable)silver shimmers. It applies smoothly on my cheeks. A word of caution, be careful in applying this blush. Do not over apply and make sure the blush sets before applying another layer. I know this might look too pale in the container but it is actually quite pigmented but not overtly pigmented like my Sleek blush or Mac. I was in the cab when I tried it on my cheeks. I was not satisfied with one layer because it looked so light and I really could not see the color then I applied two more layers.. When I look at the mirror to have check on my makeup, Lo and behold, I looked like a clown. wahhh

 Make sure you apply a thin layer first and wait for the color to blend on your skin. This blush lasted fairly well on my dry skin like 3 hours or so.

I want to try more from Virginia Olsen. I have been using their blush for days now and I like it. No break outs too.  I was thinking of  trying out their Green Tea or Hide a Pore line. They also have a nice range of matte bronzers that do not have the reddish tints that look so unnatural.

Have you tried Virginia Olsen Minerals?

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Godbless everyone!


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer Review

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a blast. 

I have been in search for a good concealer for years. I have tried almost all types of concealer from liquid to cream ones. After a few months of use, I would jump to another brand. My undereyes are too dark and noticeable that foundation and powder can not cover it up. Whenever I go out without concealer, people would often comment that I look tired and stressed. Blame it to my genes. My mom and my little sister have conspicuous dark circles too. Last month, I received this concealer as part of the loot bag that K-Palette gave us. More than their infamous liners, I was really curious to try out their concealer.
I got the shade No.1 which is perfect for my dark circles.
At the event, I asked Ms. Cheryl about the shade range this concealer. Apparently, No. 1 is not the lightest neither No. 3 is. Do not confuse yourself with the numbering because each concealer has its own purpose which are:

Shade 01 Natural Beige  consists of special hydrating ingredients Super lower- molecular Hyaluronic Acid- A, Water-soluble Collagen and Rose Water to moisturise under eye areas.
Shade 02 Yellow Beige contains brightening ingredients Vitamin C Derivative, Chamomilla Recutita Extract and Prune Extract.
Shade 03 Orange Beige contains beauty ingredients Swertia Japonica Extract, Silver Birch Leaves Extract & Amino Acid (Glycine) to revive tired-looking eyes by improving blood circulation around eye areas.
(Credits to for the above mentioned shade benefits and purposes:
I asked Ms. Cheryl about this and she told me that most buyers still prefer getting their concealer that fit their shade. Luckily, the shade I got (No.1) suits my skin tone really well (unbelievable) and is perfect for my dark circles. Shade 01 or Natural Beige has moisturizing properties. I have been using this concealer for almost a month now and I am in love with it! I have two other concealers and I tossed them in my makeup drawer.  I prefer using this ever since I got it. I could actually see a huge difference when I use this concealer vis-a-vis my two other concealers. 
The carded packaging of this concealer is so cute. Very Kawaii indeed. Do you know that Kuma means Bear in Japanese?
I am not that crazy about the slanted tip tube but I think this type of packaging is very sanitary.

This product costs 895 pesos and it can be bought at Beauty Bar. I never thought that I would love a liquid concealer this much. I would prefer cream concealers over liquid ones because they are easier to blend and have better coverage. I was amazed with this concealer. It is heavy duty indeed. With just a tiny amount, it can immediately cover my dark undereyes really well. I can finally bid adieu to my life long dilemma of dark circles within seconds. This lasts pretty well on me even without primer underneath. I just make sure that I set it with powder that matches my skin tone and I am set. This does not settle on my fine lines too.  Also, it does not dry my undereyes like most concealers too. No dry patches even on the outer corner of my eyes. 
Shade No.1 perfectly matches my NC35 or medium yellow skintone. IThe texture is very creamy and blendable. It does not create those weird crazy streaks when applied. I apply this in a patting motion with my ring finger. The good thing is it does not dry too quickly but it delivers a matte finish on the skin.

So here is a proof to show you that it does a remarkable job in covering my dark circles:
Without Concealer

With K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer

I did not even use a setting powder or a moisturizer when I applied this concealer.  Shade No.1 blended on my skin so well that it looked like my second skin. It does not create that ugly white cast even on pictures when taken with flash.

Overall this concealer is L-O-V-E. I highly recommend this concealer to everyone. Some may find 895 pesos quite steep but I honestly think this concealer is worth every peso. :) This is by far best concealer that covered my dark under eyes which lasted on me for half a day to full day (full day at times.. because there are times that my skin just won't cooperate with me and my makeup just fades away literally!).

Disclaimer: This product is reviewed for PR purposes. This review is honestly my opinion and 100% based on my observation with continuous usage of this product. This worked so well on me you might say I am too biased. haha For reference. Check my sidebar for my skin tone and skin type. 

Godbless everyone!


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