Thursday, September 27, 2012

Youtube Love: My Current Favorite Guru

Hi guys!! Sorry for the lack of proper blog posts. I have recently told you that I will soon be updating my youtube channel. Thus, I have decided to sell my beloved Tamron 90mm lens because I have decided to replace it with a new Nikon lens (what particular Nikon lens? SECRET!haha)Any takers for my Tamron lens? Email me.. hehe Anways, I want to share with you my current fave makeup guru. I really do not know if you know her already. I simply love her!! She look super gorgeous. Emphasis on the word adjective super.. :) I also love how she applies eye makeup. I particularly love this look she made.Visit her channel and you will definitely enjoy her videos.

That's it.

Regular blogging will be resume tomorrow or Saturday. Godbless!!


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Instacontest from Beauty and Butter

Calling all nail art enthusiasts!
Beauty and Butter has a great treat for all of you. Join their contest on instagram and with a head to toe pampering!

Godbless everyone!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cleo Gourmet Herbal Shampoo

Cleo Gourmet Shampoo

Lately, I have this weird obsession with shampoo and hair conditioner.  I have finally realized that I have neglected my hair too much that it now became too unmanageable. I received this shampoo for review from Cleo. I was really excited to try this because apart from being obssessed with hair care products, I am also loving organic stuff. 
I have been using this for almost two weeks now and I really think this is a very promising shampoo. 
Having scalp psoriasis made it harder for me to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. There are brands that make my scalp more itchy, thus, I always opt to buy the anti dandruff variants. The scent of this shampoo is very peculiar. Initially, I hate the scent because it smelled like herbal drug/medicine which utterly turned me off. However, I realized that it has a peculiar strawberry scent with a mixture of wine or beer. This shampoo is very good in deep cleansing my hair. It does a good job of eliminating the product build up and oiliness. My hair and scalp feel so refreshed and super clean after every wash with the use of this product. Another good thing that I noticed is that it lessened my hair fall with just a week of use. (Please take note that this is my personal experience, results may vary with different persons.) As regards the fact that it can make thicken the hair and can make the growing process faster, I have yet to know that after finishing up this bottle. Do not expect this shampoo will make your hair softer. As written in the Directions of Use, one must use conditioner after using it. Lathering conditioner on the hair after using this shampoo is a must. Using it alone made my hair harder to brush.              Despite this fact, it did not strip my hair of the much needed moisture and it maintained my natural hair gloss. It also lessened the itchiness of my hair due to my scalp psoriasis. This is a plus point for me. I have no qualms in using this product everyday because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. It is made of herbal extracts and all natural ingredients. I will make another post on this one after I finished this bottle. 
A 200 ml bottle shampoo costs 575 pesos.They are currently having a promo for 550 pesos per bottle. I know the price is quite steep for a shampoo but so far I am loving the results. :) I will ask my grandmother to use this shampoo so that we will see if it can thicken the hair because she is now experiencing thinning hair. What do you think?

Godbless everyone

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally Found: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Foundation

Good day MLI Readers!!! For weeks (or months?), I have been lemming for the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. Guess what? I finally bought one for only 750 pesos with shipping on ebay.  weehh!!I was so lucky because the product was just uploaded. I did not think twice of buying it. I just can't contain my excitement so I am sharing it with all of you. hehe Honestly, I was planning to blog about a shampoo review and a recent event that I attended but my head is not working properly right now due to lack of sleep. I have been staring on the blogger dashboard for an hour and I just can't blog properly when I am tired. :(

Anyways, this is the review of Judy that made me want to get this foundation!! I really love her honest and in depth reviews. Btw, I will be updating my youtube channel soon. :) 

Godbless everyone!


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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick Review EOS Lipbalm: Hit or Miss?

I first saw this egg like balm from Michelle Phan's video. I am very curious with this balm because there was and there is still an ongoing phenomenal rave on this balm in the Youtube community. The sphere/ dome shape is very cute indeed but it is very bulky. Th e packaging is made of sturdy and durable plastic. I did countless of experiment with this balm.  I would usually apply it on my lips especially when there are a lot of people around and it never failed to catch women's attention. Haha Whenever I use this in the washroom, I would see girls looking at me. (agaw atensiyon) 

I got this balm from Digital Traincase and it was sold for only 250 pesos. I got it in Summerfruit and the shade is sweet but not too overpowering. 

I have been using this balm for over a month now. The shape of the balm itself makes it easier to apply the product on my lips. It goes on smooth when applied. It is not sticky nor too glossy at all which I love. I love the texture and consistency of this balm on my lips. It is as if I am not wearing anything. I hate lipbalms that feel so heavy and warm on the lips. It also has that hint of of sweetness. Due to this, I can't stop licking my lips and this bad habit would make my lips drier.  Is it moisturizing? Hmm... It is actually good. However, this is not highly moisturizing as I expected it to be. I can say that Maybelline Baby Lips and Ilog Maria Lip balm moisturize my lips slightly better compared to EOS. The best part is that this is made of natural and organic ingredients. 
No parabens or petrolatum at all. 

Will I buy again?
Yes. I would love to try a different flavor. :)
I do not recommend this to people with super dry lips. 
How it looks like on my lips.
It does not look glossy but it gives my lips a moisturized look.

EOS means Evolution of Smooth.

Godbless everyone!


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Friday, September 21, 2012

A Moisturizer/Sunblock Perfect for All Skin Types: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF 30
Neutrogena® Hydro Boost™ Essence has intensely moisturizing and deeply revitalizing properties that will keep your skin soft and supple all day long. Massage evenly on your face and neck after using the clear lotion, and before using the water gel. 

Hi everyone! How was your week?  Before falling in love with makeup,I was more of a skincare freak.The first beauty item that I ever purchased was a moisturizer. That was weeks before my high school graduation. I did my makeup during my high school graduation which I am very sure it does not look good at all. Haha Anyways, at such an early age I was aware that I have dry and sensitive skin. Having the right moisturizer  is a MUST for me eversince. I swear I can't put on my makeup without prepping my face with a moisturizer. I have always been very picky in moisturizers. I do not mind paying a lot provided it will not break out me out and it should provide my super dry skin, the much needed moisture. 

When Neutrogena released their Hydro Boost Gel last year, I was ecstatic! I loved that product a lot. I referred to it as "heaven in a jar." Just when I thought that that was the best moisturizer for me, Neutrogena released their Hydro Boost Gel with SPF 30 months ago. Guess what? I find this better than the Hydro Boost Gel. Guess love is sweeter the second time around, right, Neutrogena?Hehe

This moisturizer is THE MOISTURIZER for me.. hihi The consistency is thicker than the Hydro Boost Gel. Since this is a gel moisturizer, this does not feel sticky at all but after application my face feels wet. Compared to the Hydro Boost Gel in the jar, this does not dry that quickly which I really love. This product is intensely moisturizing. My face does not feel dry throughout the day even if I stay in an air conditioned room for almost eight hours (provided I do not touch up my powder every now and then.. hehe). The slim bottle with pump is very handy and posh. The pump is great for sanitary purposes. Also, I can highly control the amount of product I need. I usually need two pea size amount to cover my entire face. The best part is the SPF 30 included in this moisturizer. It does not give me that ugly white cast on photos like most moisturizer with SPF do. This is a great two in one product. Great news to those with Oily SKin, this moisturizer is versatile because it can suit normal, dry and oily skin. :) This feels gentle on the face too and did not break me out at all. The down side is it takes forever to dry (usually 5 to ten minutes, and also depending on the amount of product you apply).
The pump dispenser is very useful.
The scent is very clean and really refreshing.
This costs 800+ plus pesos per bottle. 

The moisturizer appears more opaque and is quite thicker in consistency compared to the Hydro Boos Water Gel housed in a jar. I am almost finished with the bottle I received from the Neutrogena launch. I need another asap!! This will surely be on my to buy list this month or wishlist on my birthday (Uhmm Neutrogena Phils.  I hope you are reading this.. kapal mode.. haha ).

I highly recommend this moisturizer to my readers.
What moisturizer are you loving right now?

Godbless everyone!


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

AcneCare Lactoferrin (Follow My Brother's Battle Against Acne)

When I reached puberty, I was anticipating to have pimples but I just got one or two zitsfor every two - three months. I always believed that I am very lucky to have a skin like my mom's. I was too damn afraid to inherit my dad's skin type which is oily and acne prone. When everyone was worrying about their pimples in high school, I was worrying about my sensitive skin because I am prone to rashes. I know a lot of my readers have oily skin and some may be having difficulty with acne. I may have a zit free skin most of the time but sadly, my brother was not that lucky. Growing up, he developed acne all over his face, chest and back. I was nonchalant about his plight thinking that it was just a mere phase of his growing up years. However, it has been almost three years and his acne worsened. He tried using Benzoyl Peroxide. I even prodded him to undergo treatment through a dermatologist but after his first treatment session, he simply refused to go back. He even used Perla because I advised him to try it which cause him allergies on his nose area.  To no avail, his skin was still bombarded with acne. A week ago, I received an email from Erick of  Acne Care. I was excited for this and for my brother as well. 
Could this be the answer to my brother's dilemma?

When I asked him if he could do this review for me, he was really hesitant. He told me "Pagpaparaktisan mo na naman ako!" haha.. I replied that he loved the NEutrogena Facial Wash that I recommended to him. He acceded albeit with great apprehension. I know he felt like a guinea pig. hehe It is his first week of drinking this medicine and I am patiently reminding him to take it.
No review for now. Erick told me that results will be seen after 2-4 weeks. This costs 885 pesos per bottle (30 capsules). Here is a press release sent to me to acquaint you what AcneCare is all about:

AcneCare: Clinically Proven 44% Less Acne in Two Weeks
Now Available in the Philippines!

Vida Nutriscience has launched a revolutionary new way to treat acne: AcneCare oral anti-acne supplement
Topical acne medication, or acne medicine in the form of gels, ointments, creams and lotions can be counter-productive, instead of helping cure or prevent acne, it may actually cause it. One of the causes of acne is clogged pores and topical acne medication can clog pores so no matter how effective their active ingredients are, sometimes they do more harm than good.
Aside from that, not all people have face acne, some may have clear skin on their faces but actually have acne on their backs, otherwise known as bacne, or acne on their butts and other hard to reach places. With topical acne medication, you would have a hard time trying to reach your back just to put in the cream or ointment. And then you have to wait for it to dry before you can put on your clothes. It's difficult, messy and time consuming.
With AcneCare oral anti-acne supplement, all you have to do is put the pill on your mouth and drink a glass of water or juice and you're sure that the active ingredients in AcneCare is being delivered to your skin with your own body's efficient delivery system: the blood stream. AcneCare gets to the the hard to reach places in your body like back, neck, butt, back of thighs and even inside your nose. If anyone of you has ever had a pimple inside their nose or their earlobes, then you know what we mean.
AcneCare is the first oral pill for acne in the Philippines. What makes it so revolutionary is not just because it is an oral medication but also because AcneCare combines three potent skin Actives to bring you: Acne3 Complex.
Acne3 Complex:
Lactoferrin is naturally produced by the body as part of its immune mechanism. The highest concentration can be found in mother’s first milk or colostrum. Lactoferrin has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergic and even anti-cancer properties. Increasing the amount of Lactoferrin in your diet targets the causes of acne from the inside: no bacteria, no virus, no allergies. You only get smooth, baby soft skin.
LinumLife is extracted from flax, a plant rich in lignans. When ingested, LinumLife is converted into our body’s own lignans which controls the level of the male hormone testosterone. Lower levels of testosterone mean less sebum or oil on the skin surface.
Zinc, when taken orally, increases the body’s production of collagen, boosts the immune system and controls the levels of male hormones. Zinc helps repair broken skin, controls premature aging, prevents breakouts and lessens oil-production.
Our active ingredients are clinically tested and proven to reduce blemishes, redness and oiliness. In as little as two weeks, you get 44% less blemishes, 71% less in 4 weeks and 95% less in 8 weeks. This means that with as little as two bottles of AcneCare, you are on your way to becoming acne-free! With continued use of AcneCare you get Visibly Clear, Touchably Smooth, AcneCare Skin!
AcneCare is available in all Mercury Drugstores nationwide. You may also like us on to know more about us and to get acne tips every day!

I will be blogging about my brother's progress. I am really hoping this will eliminate his acne. Here are some pictures of his face. He does not want to show his entire face for now. May hiya factor pa siya.. hehe

Next post will be after two weeks.

I hope AcneCare is the answer to his prayers.

Godbless everyone!


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BB Cream Crazy: Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream with Spf 30 PA++

Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream 30ML with Tea Tree Oil and Sebum Control Powder

Fresh Texture without oil Tea Tree Oil Extract helps to clean skin by alleviating skin troubles and red spots, make a refreshing baby face with Sebum Control Powder.

Terpine-4 of Tea Tree Oil alleviates inflammations that happen by bacteria and mold funguses.

Sebum control powder helps to maintain fresh and soft skin condition by reducing shine with excellent sebum capturing effect. 

Good day MLI Readers! A month ago my face broke out like crazy. My zits were everywhere. I have pimples on my chin and cheeks. I was very disturbed because I do not normally have pimples on my cheeks. This went on for weeks and I have decided to buy a BB Cream instead of using liquid foundation. I bought two BB creams from a multiply shop that sells Korean products. Further, a lot of Youtube gurus have been going crazy over American Brands of BB creams. However, most of them honestly admitted that American Cosmetic Brands are missing out the whole point of  BB Creams.  When it comes to BB Creams, I trust brands from Korea or Japan because they offer a lot of skin benefits. I immediately googled reviews for the products readily available at the multiply shop. Supposedly, I was gonna get the Essential Version of this BB cream but I ended up buying this one because the former was already sold out.

Holika Holika Petit BB Creams have five variants. Here are a few details I found from

Petit BB Cream is the perfect travel size cream for on the go treatment and coverage!

Available in five versions to cater to your skin's needs:

Clearing - SPF30 PA++ - Contains Tea Tree Oil for clear skin and oil control
Essential - SPF30 PA++ - Contains Collagen and Caviar to promote healthy, youthful skin
Moisture - SPF30 PA++ - Contains Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing and soothing
Shimmering - SPF45 PA+++ - Contains Pearl Powder extract to clear and brighten skin
Watery - SPF25 PA++ Contains Green Tea and Glacier Water for a natural and clear look

This is smaller than other BB Creams I have tried primarily because this is a travel size cream. This only costs less than 300 pesos. Quite a steal in my opinion. Most Korean  BB creams costs 400+ pesos on ebay. 
I find the opening of the tube quite big and I have a hard time controlling the amount of product. The product surprisingly squirts out of the tube whenever I squeeze the tube. 
The shade is not too light and does not have that grayish cast. However, it is still too light for my medium yellow skintone. It gives off that crazy white cast on photos but it can be remedied with a darker shade of  finishing powder. The consistency of this BB Cream is very creamy but it dries easily. I initially have a hard time blending it on my skin. A trick I have learned through a month's use of it ( perfect for those with dry skin) was to use a good moisturizer before using this product. This can make blending much easier. 
You just need a pea size amount for the whole face. Make sure to blend the product thoroughly and evenly on the face. The coverage is light to medium. It can cover my dark circles and red patches on my face. This has a nice clean scent but very subtle.
What to love about this BB Cream?
  • Affordable! It only costs less than 300 pesos.
  • It did not break me out. I do not actually know if it did cleared my face from pimples. 
  •  The scent is very clean and refreshing.
  • The shade does not appear grayish on me.
  • The coverage is amazing. It can cover the redness on my face.
  • I do have dry skin but due to the humid weather here in the Philippines, products tend to wear off easily. I noticed that this BB Cream can last almost the half a day on me. It kept my face fresh and my powder adhered perfectly well on my face when I use this as a base. At mid day, it gives my face a nice glow or dewy finish. (Of course, I need to retouch my Tzone which looks oily and not dewy by mid day. Please take note that I have dry skin. The effect will vary on different skin types.)
  • It has SPF 30. I get the right amount of sun protecting by using this.
  • It does not cake on me. 

What I do not like about this BB Cream:

  • Not locally available. You have to find a good and trustworthy seller in ebay or multiply if you want to get your hands on this baby.
  • I can not use this alone because it is too light on my skin. I only need to use a pea size amount and a half (hehe) or else I would like the sister of Edward Cullen. It is very light for my medium and I tried using a lot of product on my face for added coverage and it looked so unnaturally white on my skin.
  • I do not like the large hole on its tube. I can't control the amount of product. 
My bare face without any product. Hello dark circles!!!
Floating Face!! I told you the shade is lighter than my skin tone. 

All dolled up.

This is my usual everyday face routine. No eyeliner and no blush. The BB cream blended well on my face and it matched my neck after finishing it off with Maybelline Clear SMooth All in One Powder in Honey. (My third try on this Powder.. DO you want a review on this? )

Will I but this again?
No. I want to try other BB Creams. I think this is worth a try. :)

Products Used on my Face:
HUman Heart Nature Daily Moisturizer
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel SPF3o
Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB Cream
K-Palette Dual Brow Powder and Liquid Brow Liner
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Sugarplum Fairy

Godbless everyone!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Something Worth Your Time

Hello MLI Readers! This day has been really tiring for me. However, this will not stop me from sharing with you two video links that are worth watching. I have included both Filipino and English links for all my readers. I highly suggest watching the Tagalog version for my Filipino Readers. Remember that beauty is not skin deep, we need to feed our heart and soul with God's words. 
Like Kevin Aucoin said, no amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart. This maybe a non makeup related post. However, this is something that truly transcends physical beauty.

Godbless everyone!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

This or That: White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hairspray vs. Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray

White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hairspray vs. Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray

Good day MLI Readers!! Today , I will be doing a this or that post. I know you would have encountered products that are almost similar with the benefits they offer. What makes it harder is that their price are also of the same range. I have had a lot of experiences with this kind of dilemma. To buy this or that? It would usually take me an hour or two to decide
 which to buy. There are a lot of times that I  regret buying the product and thoughts of "I should have bought the other one..." bugs me persistently. I will now be adding this new portion on my blog. I have made this blog out of my penchant for makeup. However, as time went by, this blog has been my avenue in telling my readers how to be practical in buying makeup and other beauty products. Items that are not worth buying and stuff that are simply amazing.
White Rain Sensations Energizing Citrus Hairspray

I got this out of sheer desperation because I ran out of my Tony Moly Hairspray and it was OOS. I figured that it seemed almost the same with the Tony Moly -Citrus scent and Maximum Hold too. The best part was it costs 9 pesos less than the Tony Moly Hairspray. This only costs 169 pesos and this is very easy to find. Watsons carries this brand and I even saw SM supermarket selling this hairspray. And the pink bottle is something I could not resist (I absolutely love pink). I am using this for quite some time now (a month or two). I am not impressed with it. It does not tame my frizzies very well. It does not even last whole day on me. The citrus scent is ok. I will definitely not tell everyone that the scent is very nice or soo bango at all. The scent is plain ok. Noting extraordinary but it's scent is better than ordinary hairspray in the market. 
The sprayer nozzle does not work well. It does not really distribute the product on my hair. Thus, I have to spray a bit of product on my palm and manually spread it on the desired area. 
Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hair Spray

This huge bottle only costs 178 pesos.This is already my second can and with this you can readily tell that I am in love with this product. The scent is addicting. I have allergic rhinitis and I usually stray away from scented products because they trigger my allergy. The scent lasts fairly long on my hair which is a plus. This product has an above average control and hold level which lasts the whole day. The tresses are tamed when I use this (provided I do not comb/ brush my hair).  The packaging also looks so posh and sosyal compared to the tacky plastic bottle of the White Rain Hairspray. 
The nozzle distribute the product very nicely on my hair.

Product Details

 White Rain  Sensations

Tony Moly Silky
Glaze Fruit



The plastic bottle is actually cute because of its pink shade. However, the whole packaging itself is not sturdy. The nozzle/sprayer does not work well.

The hairspray is housed in a can which is very hairspray-ish. (haha) The packaging is very elegant. The sprayer distributes the product really well on my hair.

Hold Level

The bottle says maximum hold but on the contrary it only has a light-medium hold. It does not tame my frizzies really well.

The bottle claims that it has a maximum hold. Indeed, it does! Amazing hold and control.


The scent is ok. Nothing special. I will not exclaim in excitement with a line – “it smells so good” hmmm.. (haha)

The scent is addicting!!! It does not smell like an ordinary hairspray. It makes my hair smells so good throughout the day.


This definitely did not last whole day on me.

It can last whole day on me as long as I do not comb or brush my hair.

Who won the face off?
It is definitely the Tony Moly Hair Spray from the scent to the product quality.
Also, you 300 ml of product for only 178 pesos! Isn't that a steal?
Godbless everyone!


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