Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guess Who's Back? Midnight Blues EOTD and FOTD

Guess who's back? Haha

It is official!  I am back doing makeup posts again.  How I miss doing makeup looks especially the wild and crazy colors that are not even wearable for everyday wear. haha  I wanted to make a fall makeup look but ended up picking bright colors. I used my Wet n Wild Palette in Lust and Pride to create this look.  Honestly, I had a hard time picking the shades  for this look. It has been a long time since I played with makeup and I truly felt like a newbie once again. I was used to making neutral eye makeup and mixing colors now seemed really hard. 
I never knew that my brows were crooked until I uploaded the photos. Waahh!
Products Used for the Eyes:
Wet n Wild Palette in Lust
Wet n Wild Palette in Pride
KKcenter shimmery Palette
Nichido Mineral Kohl Liner in Onyx
L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black 
Saizen Falsies
ELF Stick Primer and Liner Sealer
ELF Eyeliner in Coffee
K-Palette Black Liquid Liner

For the Face and Lips, I used:
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Foundation in Warm Golden 
Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Goddess
MAC Blush in Gingerly
Wet n Wild Lipstick in Pinkerbell
EOS Lipbalm

Doing this post made me miss law school days so much. During those times, all I ever do was study like there's no tomorrow and think of blog post ideas. :) I would love to hear your suggestions on what makeup (FOTD and EOTD) look you would like to see on my future posts. I hope you miss my makeup posts because I surely did! 

Godbless everyone!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quick Post: San San False Eyelashes

I just want to thank HBC. They are very nice and sweet to send me these lashes and a card. I tried creating a look a while ago with these falsies. However, my eyes turned really watery (i have been suffering from watery eyes for weeks now). My eye makeup smudged  so bad, thus, I decided not to post pictures on this blog post. These lashes cost more than their regular lashes. Their regular lashes which costs only 20 pesos is my ultimate favorite! I think this falsies costs around 75 pesos. A pair comes with a lash adhesive.


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Birthday Wishlist 2012 (Turning 20 Something)

On November 13th, I will be turning 20 something. Okay.. I know you all want to know how old I am. I am turning 27 years old and I am not married!Gasps! Haha Anyways, BF gave me this early birthday gift. A book from Max Lucado which I badly need right now. Last year, he gave me a book from Joel Osteen. It was hard for me creating this birthday wishlist. I do not have anything particular in mind unlike before. I tried to drain my brain for things I want to receive on my special day. Here they are:
(picture from Nikkor USA)
Another Nikkor lens. :) I hope BF is reading this post. hehe
(picture from
A professional makeup course at any local makeup school. I really want to take a course as a professional makeup artist. I was about to enroll months ago but backed out the last minute.

(picture from maybelline website)
For beauty products, I can't think of any but I would like to own the complete set of Maybelline Color Tattoo.  Any high end or low end blush or lipstick will make me happy! A few of the high end makeup products that I want to try are OCC Lip Tars, Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay palettes and loads of MAC products! I want Sleek Pout Paints instead of OCC Lip Tars! 

(picture from BDJ Planner Facebook)
BDJ Live Planner 
I learned from Aya of Codenameaya that BDJ carries a planner with black leather covering. I badly need a planner to organize my schedules for the coming year. Election time will make me a very busy person. :) 
(picture from

White Blazer and Dresses and new office clothes
I want to amp up my closet with trendier office clothes! I might be treating myself to a shopping spree on my birthday. 

That's it!
 I promise to be back on track with beauty blogging. :)

Godbless everyone!


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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Smooth and Hairless Legs with Schick Hydro Silk

Schick Hydro Silk hydrates skin like no other razor can. This uniquely designed razor goes beyond an incredibly close shave to actually care for your skin. With Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum & 5 Curve-Sensing blades with skin guards to help protect skin from irritation, the Hydro Silk razor leaves skin feeling silky smooth! And it’s preferred over the leading 5 blade razor.

Unlike most women, I pride myself in having almost unnoticeable hair on my legs and arms. I can wear dresses and shorts without putting much effort in shaving my legs every other week. I only shave my legs when there is a special occasion I have to attend  to where there is a need to flaunt my legs. Take note, the only part that I need to shave is the front part of my legs. I do not shave my thighs and arms. This is my first time to use a 5 blade razor. 
Schick Hydro Silk is a "traditional" razor. However, the 5 blade technology and water activated moisturizing serum is a great innovation.

What I Love About This Product:
  • The handle is very sturdy.
  • The blades glides easily and smoothly on the skin. 
  • It removes all my hair in one stroke.
  • I think this razor is perfectly made for women because it is very easy to use. I can maneuver the razor easily on my legs.
What I Dislike About This Product:
  • I can't find it locally. I tried looking for refills but my search yielded negative results. This product is available online at House of Flair.
I love this product but the first time I used it, I pressed the razor too hard on my skin and it wounded me. I did not even notice that I got wounded until I saw the cut bled. The blades are really sharp, thus, using a light hand will really help prevent unnecessary cuts. Also, make sure you moisturize your legs before shaving. Moisten skin with water for about three minutes then apply your shaving gel. I only use an ordinary lotion whenever I shave. Make sure that you glide the razor in a long and even strokes. Also always remember that you should shave in the direction of  your hair growth. Never forget to moisturize you skin afterwards with body oil or lotion.

I will rate this product 4 out of 5 stars. I really hope Watsons or Mercury will carry the Hyrdo Silk and its Refills.
Lesson learned: Do not apply unnecessary pressure on the razor to avoid cuts.

This product was sent to by House of Flair for review purposes. House of Flair is an online shop where you can pre order pretty much anything from the US (except for food and electronics). Previous customers of House of Flair have ordered, aside from cosmetics, books, magazines, collector's or limited edition items (i.e. Hello Kitty products), shoes, bags, clothes, home items (such as kitchen utensils & candles) children's toys etc. House of Flair also ships all orders nationwide at no minimum order amount for free. 
Visit House of Flair here:

For the pre-order introduction, visit this page: 

Godbless everyone!


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Skin Care Tips for the Winter

With bitter winds and a lack of sun to give our skin a healthy glow, the winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. With the central heating turned up high, our skin can take a bit of a nose dive during the cold weather, with uncomfortable and unsightly dryness a common feature of wind-battered faces, hands and feet.
If you feel your skin is already beginning to feel the bite of the colder weather then you may find the following skincare tips useful.

Moisturise more

While your normal moisturiser works absolutely fine in the summer and spring, you may find that your skin requires some additional moisture in the latter half of the year.
If your skin is particularly prone to becoming dry in the winter then you may want to use a more oil-based moisturiser, as opposed to those which are water-based. Oil-based moisturisers create a protective layer on the skin and help retain more moisture than conventional creams and lotions.
When moisturising your skin, it is essential that you use a moisturiser that is designed for your specific skin type. Johnson’s Beauty has a wide range of body care products for the face, body, feet and hands all of which are specially formulated to complement and enhance specific skin tones and complexions. 

Put on sunscreen
Contrary to the widespread habit of only putting on sunscreen in the summer, the UV rays in the winter can still damage your skin. Apply a high factor sunscreen of SPF15 or more to your face and hands before you go outside to ensure your skin is protected from the sun all year round. 

Use a humidifier
As central heating and electric heaters blast hot dry air around the home, it can play havoc on your skin. Placing a humidifier in the house or office will ensure there are greater levels of moisture in the air and can help stop your skin from drying out.

Hydrate your skin
Drinking eight glasses of water a day should not be confined to the summer either. Keep your skin well-hydrated in the winter by drinking plenty of water, flushing toxins out of your system in the process.

Use face masks
As your skin may be drier in the winter, use a deeply hydrating face mask to give your skin some of that much needed moisture.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Finally! My Saladbox is Here! September + October Goodies in One Box!

Way back in September, the Salad Box team emailed me about the very first launch of beauty subscription box in the Philippines. I was so happy when I learned this because beauty subscription boxes are a big hit in the US especially with vloggers. The Saladbox team promised me a press sample for the month of September 2012. I tweeted them last Tuesdsay or Monday that I have not receive my Saladbox. It was only yesterday that I got mine and guess what? They placed a bit of September and October Saladbox goodies in my box!   Amazing, right? All in all I got 9 items in this cute, sturdy mint box! Thank you so much Saladbox. I did not know that it will be that fast!

SaladBox Philippines is the first beauty and lifestyle box subscription service.
For just PhP500.00 per month, a subscriber will receive a box filled with four or more beauty and lifestyle product samples. The SaladBox team greatly values the money their subscribers spend so these products will have a value of more than PhP700.00. SaladBox is currently in partnership with a lot of beauty and lifestyle brands, both local and international, up-and-coming and timeless classics.

So, what is inside the box?
Black Beauty Gold Shampoo Samples - 2 pcs.
Hotshop Pour Femme - Happy Full Size -400 pesos. This is available at the Saladbox Shop
Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Lip and Cheek Stick - Full Size 150 pesos
Sakura Hand Foam Sanitizer - Full Size 90 pesos
Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap - 150 pesos
BC Fragrance Pillow Mist in Relaxing Mint - Travel Size 150 pesos
Virginia Olsen Minerals Sample Eyeshadows in Lodo and Solar Flare - 150 pesos (travel size)

I was super thrilled when I opened my box filled with these beauty goodies. Who would not be? The first two products that caught my eyes were the Virginia Olsen Minerals Eyeshadow Pigments and the Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Lip amd Cheek Stick.  Here are the swatches:
Lodo and Solar Flare

The weird thing is the shade written on the lid of Solar Flare says Baby Roses. I do not see any baby roses in this shade, do you? You can check the second photo for reference. I just assumed that this shade was Solar Flare because this was the color some bloggers got. 
Lodo - Shimmery gray with loads of silver iridiscence
Solar Flare - Matte Medium Orange
 Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Lip amd Cheek Stick - I do not know if this one has a shade or no. because I did not see any reference on the packaging. I saw some bloggers featured this and theirs was reddish or orange in tone. The one that I got was a rich rosey berry shade. It reminds me a lot of my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Raspberry. 
With Flash
The pictures say it all. :)
 Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Lip amd Cheek Stick on my lips.
I immediately placed it my bag. This is very pigmented. I need not put any lip liner to cover my dark lip lines.
However when I tried applying it on my cheeks, this product was very hard to blend. :(
If you love surprises and beauty products, Saladbox is definitely worth a try. I hope they will continue placing makeup products in every box. I am quite hesitant in trying skin care products like the soap because my skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily.  

For more information, Visit:

Godbless everyone!


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everyday Makeup Look: The Lazy Edition

I am still alive. :) Hello MLI readers! I know I have not been blogging lately primarily because of my career/profession. A lot of wonderful opportunities have been presented to me and I am just overwhelmed with these blessings. All my praises and thanks to the Almighty. As you all know, blogging is not my bread and butter (I wish it was!). Thus, my career comes first before blogging. I want to thank my readers who still frequent my blog despite my intermittent posts. I know most of you love my blog because of the makeup looks I did before. I am trying my best to bring them back, just trying to get settled with my career. I do not want my blog to be all beauty reviews and swatches! waahh. This is what the makeup that I will wear everyday in the office or when I go out with boyfriend. Well, I was never fond of wearing eyeshadow when going out. This is nothing special but I want to share this post to all of you. 
I never go out of the house without moisturizer. I am loving my physiogel cream. :) My rashes are now gone. Also, I am now back with Belo Face Sunblock SPF45 because I ran out of my Neutrogena Hydroboost which I really love. 
After applying moisturizer and sunblock (I do not apply toner), I applied my HG liquid foundation- MAC Studiofix in NC35. I do not normally wear this everyday. For everyday use, I tend to reach for my BB Creams more often. Then I applied concealer under my under eyes. I use my favorite K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer. I am addicted to using cosmetic wedges (sponge) lately. I got a great deal on this one. I bought a 32 pc. pack in Landmark for 119.75 pesos only. The brand is Cala Studio. 

For the eyes, these are the products I have been using everyday. Just the essential, L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black, Nichido Mineral Kohl Liner in Onyx, K-Palette 2 Way Lasting Brow Liner, K-Palette Liquid Liner, and my Nichido Mineral Concealer.  I use my Nichido Mineral Concealer to line my waterline. I took note of one anonymous comment on my blog telling me that my eyes looked smaller with black liner on my waterline. Thanks for this comment whoever you are! :) I am loving the effect of the Nichido Concealer in the shade Natural on my waterline. It gives my eyes a brightening effect without looking too unnatural.I find using white eyeliner on my waterline may look a bit too harsh for everyday wear.  :( . I can not find a beige eyeliner here in the Philippines but this concealer pencil works perfectly fine. It did not cause any irritation to my eyes.Also,  I have been obsessed with piling up loads of mascara on my  lower lashes. This technique made my eyes look bigger. 

On my lips: EOS lipbalm, Nichido lip liner in Rosette and NYX soft matte lipcream. I have to admit, I am addicted to the NYX Soft Matte lip creams. I did not like them initially but after months of usage, I am in love with it. Perfect for everyday wear especially the shades Stockholm and Antwerp. I badly need back ups for these shades. 

Loving the combination of Wet n Wild Goddess Bronzer as contour powder and NYX in Pinched which is a great knock off for Nars blush in Orgasm. I am currently sick right now and I am taking this opportune time to update this blog.

Godbless everyone!


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Monday, October 22, 2012

Beauty Shines with Big Benefits in New HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard

Pinoy personal care retailer HBC, Inc. is giving its customers more reasons to shop with its new HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard credit card.

The HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard raises the stakes when it comes to cardholder benefits. It promises to deliver a whopping 10% cash rebate for purchases at HBC and HBC ShopMore upon a corresponding outstore spend of P10,000 and up. The feature is touted as the biggest rebate in the industry. Cash rebates of 0.25% are also available for retail transactions outside HBC.

Cardholders who use the credit card at HBC’s exclusive merchant partners such as Automatic Center, BLIMS Furniture, Manels, Silverworks, SOGO Home and Office Center, and Treetop Adventure in Subic will also get valuable discounts of as much as 10%. Moreover, they are entitled to pay for their HBC transactions in instalments of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months at 0% interest.

Quarterly members-only sale, free facial on their birthdays, special buys and discounts on new products, and access to special events like hairstyling and makeup seminars are also among the exclusive benefits to be enjoyed with the new HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard credit card.

Like the rest of RCBC Bankard credit cards, the HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard also gives cardholders value added service features like the SMS-based Spend Monitor, Spend Analyzer, RCBC Bankard Rewards, Dining-On-Demand, and so much more.

For more details about the new HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard, go to any HBC or HBC ShopMore store or visit the link



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Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strips

Back when I was just 5 or 6 years old, I would ask my mom and dad to buy me adhesive bandages or plastic strips especially the checkered ones. I would often use these strips even though I do not have any wound. Weird me! Mediplast walked me through memory  lane when I received this box of cartoon plastic strips. These are better than the checkered ones we have back then. There are three designs to choose from angels, bears and stars. 

 The product has acrinol (antiseptic), perforated, strong adhesive, with-soft absorbent layer, and is latex free. It is available for 100, 50, and 10 pieces. This is available on all Mercury Drug Outlets and some leading supermarkets. Prices starts at P15.50 for 10s, P60.00 for 50s, and P104.50 for 100s.
Aren't they cute? I like this angel design the most. :)

Godbless everyone


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Yabu Giveway Winner

Congratulations to Steve del Castillo!
Kindly email me at for directions how to claim your Yabu GC!

New giveaway will be posted this week. :)

Godbless everyone!


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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cafe 1771: A Stylish and Cozy Cafe at the Heart of Ortigas

At the heart of the busy streets of Ortigas lies a place where great food and cozy ambiance meets in a very fancy way. I have walked pass Cafe 1771 a lot of times and I would try to peek through their windows wondering what does this stylishly decorated cafe offers. I had eaten here once at an event but I was not able to savor the food served during the event because I was in a hurry to go back to the office. It was only last week when I had the chance to wander through the cafe in amazement at the daintiest and stylish detail of the place. The Cafe has two parts: The Lounge and The Whimsy.
The Lounge looks like a mini library which made my heart popped in an instant. My favorite place in school when I was younger was the library. I love the smell of old books as I lift through their pages. Cafe 1771 lounge is country style library with a touch of modernity. A perfect place for business meetings and events. The place looks so cozy and it looks perfect for a  tête-à-tête. Boys, you could never go wrong if you'll bring your special someone here especially if you are at the getting to know each other stage. hehe If you have enough money to burn, you can forget the usual coffee place jam packed with reviewers and people, bring your date here for a nice chit chat or a more personal and intimate conversation. If you are not a fan of late night drinking sessions in a bar with your barkada like I do, bringing your friends here at the lounge for a bit of reminiscing and catching up is a nice idea as well. 
The well lighted interiors and fun details of The Whimsy ( the second part of the Cafe) is very inviting. It reminds me of cafes seen in international films.
The clean and elegant interiors are contrasted with the striking hues of blue and fuchsia chairs. The place is not intimidating rather it looks very inviting.  For a girly girl like me, I love the splash of colors in this place. 
Enough of the babble about the interiors, let us go to the most important part. ZE FOOD!
It took me a lot of time choosing the drink I should get. I was debating with myself if coffee would be fine for dinner. I just can't resist ice cream with coffee. Good thing, I trusted my instinct and this tastes so good. If you a re a coffee lover, you will love the taste of rich coffee with a twist of sweetness because of the ice cream. I forgot to take note of the name of this drink and the price. I know, my bad. I think this is the Chateau Iced Cream Coffee. Blame it to my laziness, I really thought I could find their complete menu on the internet. 
Fried Squash Flower (P285)
Stuffed with anchovy and kesong puti and deep-fried

The fried squash flower was stuffed with anchovies and kesong puti. I am not impressed that much on this selection. Perhaps, this is due to my strong taste buds. It was crunchy enough but I did not tasted much of the kesong puti or even the anchovies. I even thought that the kesong puti was tofu.
Salbacho Pizza (Php 380)
Napolitaine Sauce, Salami, Bacon, and Chorizo, Mozarella, Basil

The best I have ever tasted on the dinner table that night. Yes, call me biased but I am in love with pizza. When I saw this being served by the waiter, I can't stop but stare at the mouthwatering toppings. I would usually drown my pizza and burger with tomato ketchup but I refused to do such habit that night. I tried to savor every bite. I love the thin crust which is slightly crunchy. The blend of the topping tastes so good, I can finish half of this pizza, I swear.  
Winebar Burger (Php 410)
I am not a fan of burger but this one is an exception. The patty was made with thick angus beef grounded and fried into perfection. There a hint of organic fusion in every bite. I also love the fries. It was not too oily and it tastes like a top notch home made juicy fries sans the weird taste of fastfood fries.  
Organic Chicken (Php 580)

The goodness of succulent fresh chicken served in a plate. However, the burger tastes more organic than this one. 
Orange Pork Spareribs (Php 450)
Stewed in a long-simmered sauce made of soy sauce, orange juice, garlic and ginger

I never expected this to be a part of the Cafe's menu. This was a very tasty meal that calls for a serving of rice! The taste was very Asian - sweetness and saltiness intertwined. The pork was very tender and the sauce was indeed with a hint of orange. 

The best part was the desserts. It was literally like opening a box of  the finest gourmet chocolates. 
Amandelle (Php 300)Milk chocolate mousse in between layers of orange creme brulee and caramelized apricot and almond dacquoise.
Bite into this sinful chocolate mousse cake with a surprise of tangy orange at the core. If you do not like cakes that are too chocolatey, this one will definitely tickle your taste buds. 
Coffee Pie (Php 220)
Made of coffee filling on chocolate cashew crust with cream topping and toffee sauce.
Whenever I go to a restaurant, the first thing I would ask the waiter is "what is your best seller?" As for this pie right here, it is indeed their best seller and their signature dessert. The pie melts in your mouth in utter goodness of coffee and caramel. This is a must ordered dessert if you will have the chance to dine at Cafe 1771. 
Gianduja Truffle Mousse Cake (Php 250)Made of layers of gianduja truffle mousse using a white and dark Valrhona chocolate with homemade marshmallow and brownie fudge.
If you are a fan of hazelnut chocolate, you would definitely love this cake! If I could put into words the taste, it will definitely be a  high end nutella-ish chocolate mousse with smores. :) Not too sweet but definitely satisfying.  
Chocolate Excess (Php 270)
A memorable chocolate cake a hint of orange marmalade, Valrhona Chocolate ganache and chocolate glaze.
A very photogenic slice of cake amongst the desserts that night. This chocolate cakes was indeed memorable. It tasted like layers of different chocolatey goodness of varying degree of sweetness. Next to coffee pie, this cake is really worth a try.  

Over all, my dining experience was awesome and the desserts are simply unforgettable. The price of the food ranges from 250-950 pesos. Forget the malls around the area in Ortigas, you will definitely find satisfaction in this cozy place and the food selection is indeed irresistible.

Thanks to Open Rice Ph for Eats a Date. Go to their website to learn more: 
http://ph.openrice.coIt was nice meeting people with such great fondness for food. :)
Cafe 1771

El Pueblo Real de Manila, Dona Julia Vargas AveUgong, Pasig(02) 631-7340

Godbless everyone!


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