Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Tragedy

Hi everyone. I am typing this blog post in an internet shop at a nearby mall. I will be gone for a while. I have nothing to post anyway. Our house was gutted by fire yesterday, Christmas day. I have only saved my camera. My parents saved a few things - 2 tv, our diplomas and pictures. That's about it. It is just so sad that this tragedy happened to us especially on Christmas day. I am lost and confused on what to do but I know God has a better plan for our lives. Last Christmas 2011, we spent our Christmas in the hospital because my lolo was in the ICU and 2 days after he died. Now, we spent our Christmas on the streets, helplessly trying to console ourselves on the things we lost.  I am still trying to pinch myself every now and then to see if this is all a bad dream. However, this is a sad truth our family must face. The sorrow I felt when I lost my grandfather last year is inexplicable compared to what happened to us now. The sadness that I am feeling now is only momentary.Despite this, I still feel blessed because we are all alive.  Praise God for another life. Praise God for people who are helping us start anew and for all the concerns. Also, I am writing this post to apologize to the companies who have sent me products for review. I am very sorry I cannot do reviews on the products you sent. I apologize that I can not email each one of you. 
I am looking forward to 2013. With God's grace, we will overcome this problem. My God is a faithful and living GOD. Thank you Lord for a new life.

Til my next post, and hopefully it will be a positive one.

 Rejoice always,  pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (New International Version)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I Got For Christmas 2012

My title post sounds so enticing, I know all of you are expecting that I will be bombarding you with tons of gifts that I received. Nah.. I just got a few things. :) BF gifted me with this boxing gloves that are colored pink!! (I exclaimed in the sports store when I saw this and he immediately paid for it. Thanks JOD!) I finally decided to lose my flabs and jogging does not work me because I am too lazy to wake up early in the morning. Ohh I don't only want to lose weight but I really want to achieve a bikini bod! Am I too old for that? haha Well I saw this deal on a group buying sight and decided to give boxing a try. I have two sessions already and damn it is addicting. I could get enough of the machismo feel at the elorde gym. Throwing punches felt liberating.  My body ached a lot after my first session.  

Do you think my trainer won't mind if I will match my pink gloves, hot pink shoes with a pink lipstick? :)
I will do a separate blog post about my boxing sessions after I see any progress.. :)
I also bought this hand wrap which cost me 550 pesos!!! With a few hundreds, I  could have bought two Revlon Kissable Lipbalm Stain! They are currently on sale and I have been eyeing them for months now.
 Another gift that I got was from my beloved Aunt from NYC! :) My first beauty book. I can't wait to read this over the Holidays while sipping hot chocolate or Nescafe Creamy White Latte (my addiction).
Guess what? My Aunt even have the book signed by Bobbi Brown herself. :) yay!!! Isn't she the coolest!! Thanks Tita Love you so much.

That's about it.. Btw, I also received a Latisse Lash Enhancer from an officemate during our Christmas Party. I used it tonight. I will post updates about this soon. That's about it.

I am soo excited for Christmas.. :)


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

**EDITED** Review: Etude House Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

Gentle yet highly effective, this double formulated lip & eye remover easily and instantly dissolves all traces of makeup for a soothing and moisturizing effect on the sensitive lip & eye area without any irritation.
100ml (3.38 fl.oz.)

I edited this review because it sounded so negative that it seems as if this product was bereft of any good point. Actually this is a very nice product. It is just that I expected that it can easily remove stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner. 

The last time I used a liquid makeup remover was years ago during college when I received a Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup Remover. I thought that this product will deliver perfectly like Lancome's.  The formulation is a blend of oil and water. So, you really have to shake the product well before using it. This only costs 198 pesos and is probably one of the cheapest makeup remover in the local market.The name of this product is quite weird - lip and eye remover. They better add "makeup" before the remover to prevent any confusion. hehe
 I love the fact that most Korean Products have an expiration date imprinted on their packaging. I have high expectations on this product because of the good reviews it has online. 

The formula of this makeup remover is perfect for those with dry skin. After using this, it makes my skin soft and silky.  This has a very gentle feel on the skin. It does not sting nor irritate my eyes. It does not have a weird scent and taste. It does a great job of removing eyeshadows, undereye concealer and lipstick. However, I have a hard time using it to remove my mascara and eyeliner. Both mascara and eyeliner I often use are not even water proof. I need to pour a lot of product on the cotton pad to remove my mascara and eyeliner. Moreover, I need to rub the cotton pad on my eyes to remove all the excess product. Here is my attempt on removing my eyeliner and mascara using this product.
 It is very obvious that it did not remove my eyeliner and mascara totally. This is what I dislike about this makeup remover. It does not remove all the eyeliner and mascara easily. Thus, I need to to exert extra effort. Also I just bought this product two weeks ago and my bottle is almost half empty because I have to pour loads of product on the cotton pad to make this effectively remove my non waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Contradistinguished to my all time favorite makeup remover (Ponds Cold Cream) that can last for months. 

Will I buy again? Never. YES. 
However I prefer using my Ponds Cold Cream in removing eye makeup. 

Btw, I want to share with you this funny conversation with BF. He commented the other day while he was reading my blog - "Talaga bang sinasabi mo pag ayaw mo ang product?" I answered -- "Naman! Kelangan ba magsinungaling ako?!?! haha

Godbless everyone!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Acne 101: Kicking the Habit

This post is my fourth installment for the "Truth Seeker Campaign" which intends to clarify common misconceptions about acne and skin care. 

Do you  tend to forget to remove your makeup before going to bed? Or it takes you months before changing your towel or bed linen? These are few of the habits that make look seemingly okay but it can terribly damage your skin or aggravate your acne. We have to admit. We are guilty of bad skin care habits. These bad skin care habits should be ditched to prevent any harm on our skin. Let me share with you my top three bad beauty habits that lead my skin to break out.

On top of my bad skin habit is touching my face. I would absentmindedly touch my face. The worst part is I would run my fingers on the areas where I have zits or rashes thus, causing my zits and rashes to multiply.  I noticed that every time I do this I developed pimples on that area. Touching your face is very unsanitary and causes the spread of bacteria. Just imagine the things you've touched and the dirt that have accumulated on your fingers and most especially on your nails. 

How to break the habit: Intentionally remind yourself not to touch your face. I do this very often and it helped  lessen this unnecessary habit. Also, it would  also help to bring an alcohol or hand sanitizer in your purse so you can cleanse your hands very now and ten. 

My next bad skin habit is not regularly washing my sponges and brushes. Before, I have all the time in the world to wash my brushes but now that I have work, I just feel so lazy washing them. Aside from getting  muddied colors stuck on your dirty brushes, they are also a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, I do not replace my foundation sponge even if it is muddy and dirty. I will just wash it together with my brushes but I know that is not enough.

 How to break the habit: Using a good antibacterial wash or soap will help remove all the grime and dirt on your brushes. There are also good brush cleaners that are now available in the market.

The last skin habit that I am guilty of is self diagnosing and medication. Whenever I see a weird spot on my face or a zit, I would never fail to buy a medicine to counteract my skin problem. I am my own dermatologist. My fanaticism on treating my self with medicine people recommend or those I have researched was when I discovered I have psoriasis. However, instead of clearing up my skin, my problem worsen. 

How to break the habit: I have finally come in contact with reality that I graduated with bachelor of laws and not medicine.. hihi Going to the dermatologist is the best option. 

Breaking these bad skin habits are mere precautions in order to achieve a healthier and flawless skin. There are other factors that affect our skin and in effect causes our skin to break out. 

Care to share your bad skin habits?
Btw, I love reading your comments and I will reply to them soon.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Perfect Bold Lipstick for the Holidays: Miners Matte Effect Lipstick in Vixen (Review, Swatches and Photos)

 Matte Effect in Vixen is a completely matte berry shade. Taking inspiration from Kelly Osbourne and Rhianna this deep berry lipstick is a great shade for uber confident black and white women alike - perfect for creating a super sexy and bold statement smile.
Size: 4g

Tis the season for luscious dark lips!! All throughout the year, I can wear hot pink or orange but I veer away from wearing dark colors. But since it is Christmas, I think I can get away wearing reds or vampy hues even during daytime. It is like stepping out of my comfort zone. I am not used to wearing dark colors and even reds. Firstly, I feel conscious wearing such bold colors and I always feel that these colors make my teeth look more yellow. I heard about this lipstick from Gem of Rarevanity. She was raving about it when Jes, Char and I had lunch together. I got very interested in trying it. The fact that it is matte made me want it even more.Ms. Dee of Skyeavenue told me that this is the bestseller from Miners Lipsticks. 

The packaging of the lipstick reminded me of Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick/NYX round lipstick. The plastic cap is not that sturdy and it does not close tightly. This retails for 300 pesos and I bought mine from SkyeAvenue.
Click this link to visit their awesome shop:

 Vixen is a very rich deep reddish cranberry shade
Have you heard Dulcecandy or EleventhGorgeous mentioned the shade OXBLOOD in their fall videos? Oxblood is the "it" color for fall 2012. The shade kinda reminds me of the Oxblood shades minus the strong brown and chocolate undertones (only a hint of brown, not too much). The shade is overtly vampy yet very sophisticated when worn. You have to brush your teeth really well when wearing this color because it can make your teeth appear a bit yellow. The lipstick also tends to bleed so make sure you line your lips before swiping this lippie. Although Miners say that this is a matte lipstick, it gives off that slight sheen for a moisturized effect. In terms of consistency, this is way better than my Wet N Wild Sugraplum Fairy. This is very creamy and just one wipe you get the awesome pigmentation (take note of the adjective -AWESOME!!). I assure if you will have the chance to try this on your lips, you'll fall in love with the texture. It is not heavy on the lips too. This can be a bit drying but not as drying as my Wet n Wild lipstick. It has no weird scent. Due to it's bold color, rest assured that after eating or drinking your lips will not look all washed out. The color can last for 6-8 hours  because it leaves a tint on your lips.
 Notice the sheen it gives? I prefer to blot the shine with tissue paper to create a matte effect. Also, I find it more wearable without the sheen.
I was actually worried when I got this lipstick because it looks almost identical with my Wet n Wild Sugraplum Fairy. If you look closely, they are not identical. The difference lies in their base color. The Miners Matte lipstick is a deep berry shade with a reddish hue while the Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy is a bold plum color with a pinkish hue or dark fuschia. So, Miners Vixen is reddish berry while the Wet n Wild SugarPlum Fairy is plum shade with pinkish hue. Unlike the Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy that has a buildable color. The intensity of this lipstick is not easy to control because of its strong pigmentation. I need  to pat the color on my lips with the use of my index finger if I only want a wash of color on my lips. 

What I love about this:
The pigmentation of this lipstick is very nice.
The texture is very creamy and glides easily on my lips.
The color is long lasting.
Not too drying compared to my Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy.
Affordable for only 300 pesos
No weird scent

What I do not like about this:
Available online. You need to pay shipping fee if you want this baby. 
The plastic cap is not that sturdy.

I plan to wear this lipstick on Christmas! How about you, what is your Holiday Lip Color?


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Introducing Snow Caps, Plus Acne Care Update and Giveaway

Having fair skin is highly attributable to genes. This is not true nowadays. Today, there are a lot of aesthetic procedures you can undergo to achieve beautiful and fair skin. On top of the list is taking in glutathione. Glutathione is widely known for skin whitening but it primarily aims 
 for a glowing skin. There are a lot of brands in the market right now and the most promising is from Snow Caps. It's price is Php1,475.00 per box ( 30 capsules). It's cheaper compared to other Glutathione based on content. Most brands have around 250mg or less of Glutathione.

Here is are a few notes from Snow Caps to know more about their product:

SnowCaps Reverses Signs of Aging
The curse of the free radicals

The good things in life are free. Well, as it turns out, even the bad things are free too. And the worst part, we get them even if we don't ask for them. One example are free radicals. Free radicals are like rebels. They are the drifters in our bodies and they create imbalance wherever they are.

Free radicals are formed inside the body naturally, it is a part of the aging process. However, our daily activities and habits can trigger massive production of free radicals. Smoking, being exposed to pollution, harmful rays of the sun, exercising... all of these and more can produce free radicals in our system.

Free radicals can damage an enzyme, a protein molecule or an entire cell. These free radicals are like rebels, they steal and grab other chemicals and combine with them. This is called oxidation. Like when you cut up a potato and then see dark spots on it after leaving it exposed for a while.

The gift of glutathione

The best thing about nature is that it usually gives a fair chance to everyone, if there are free radicals that promote oxidation and speed up aging, then there are also anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are like the body's defense against the rebellious free radicals. They hunt these free radicals and destroy them thereby stopping them from completing the oxidation process and wreaking havoc on your body.

Anti-oxidants are produced and are present in our bodies but if we want to combat more free radicals, we need to get it from other sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and the like.

Glutathione is one of the most important cellular anti-oxidant. It works directly in the cells! Our skin and everything else are made of cells. So as we increase the levels of glutathione in our diet, then we are taking care of our skin and our entire bodies from inside!

Younger with every pill!

There are a lot of glutathione pills in the market, but there are few brands that give you the right dosage in one convenient pill. SnowCaps has 500mg of premium glutathione. Check your brand, it may be more expensive but it possibly has a lower dosage, or worse a low-grade glutathione. This means you have to take more capsules in one day or that you just take one capsule and not get your money's worth. Low-dose, low-grade glutathione is like letting five weak soldiers handle an army of free radicals!

So get the right brand of glutathione. SnowCaps is your anti-aging bestfriend! You can find SnowCaps in your nearest Mercury Drugstore.

Click here to visit their Facebook Page:

Snowcaps is distributed by Vida NutriScience. This company also distribute Acne Care. Click here for information about Acne Care:

A lot of people have been sending me email for my brother's progress in his use of Acne Care. 
Sadly he stopped using after a month's use because he was too lazy to do this routine. 
In the first weeks, he experienced purging. His acne broke out even more and I was telling him that it was
part of the process. It was really discouraging but I know had he continued using Acne Care, he could see better results.

I know a lot of you want to try these products, so I am giving away one box of Snow Caps and one bottle of AcneCare to one lucky winner.
Wait for the rafflecopter to load in order to view the mechanics of this giveaway.
This giveaway will start today and will on the the 22nd of December. :))

You can share the link on Facebook and tweet this giveaway once a day until the 22nd to earn more points!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Godbless everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

November Haul, New Products Plus Shopping Tips

 November has got to be my favorite month of the year because it is my birthday month. In view of this, I went a bit crazy with hauls. Also, there are new products sent to me by companies for review. I am honestly overwhelmed with the products I am testing right now. I have tons of products lined up for review. I really need to start planning my blogging schedule from now on.
Let's get started with my recent acquisitions, shall we?

I bought the Miners lippies from SkyeAvenue in Multiply. Visit this link for their shop:
I want to thank Ms. Dee for the super fast transaction. She was very kind and thoughtful to throw in a freebie. She gave me NYX Lipliner in Pinky and discounts. My orders also came with lip swatches courtesy of a fellow blogger, Kim Mendoza of Kimpossiblygorgeous. I have been lemming to try the Miners Matte Effect in Vixen because of Gem of Rare Vanity. She has been raving about this lipstick when we had lunch. I also wanted to try if the Miners Lip Paints are as good as the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

 This is the new Cream de Cheek from Majolica Majorca. I bought this on a whim because of the blog posts I have recently read about this product. I was drawn to the shade Coral, however, when I swatched it the color turned medium rosy pink on my skin. I was expecting it to be a true coral color. Instead of getting Coral, I got the shade Custard Cream which is peach. This retails for 495 pesos. 
These are the two newest products from SanSan. I have been road testing these babies for weeks now.  I am loving the packaging of these new products especially the BB Cream. Also, the SanSan BB cream has a superb coverage. Thank you so much to my HBC family.(feeling artista lang haha)
 I was contemplating on buying the Urban Decay Naked Palette but ended up buying this Oh So Special Palette from Sleek. I bought this for only 650 pesos in Multiply. 
 I ran out of a makeup remover so I finally had the chance to try this Lip and Eye Remover from Etude House. This retails for 198 pesos. I am honestly disappointed with this product. I bought this because of the good reviews about it. Sadly, this is not comparable to my trusted Ponds Cold Cream.
 These are the items I got from the Neutrogena Online Store.These are the products I have been wanting to try from them. Thank you, Neutrogena for these goodies. Check out their Facebook Page: 
 The other week, I was raving about Sample Room Ph. I finally received my Benefit Porefessional Sample. 
For months, I have been debating with myself if I should get this NYX E/S Base in Skintone. The ELF Studioline Eye Primer and Liner Sealer was a huge fail for me. Though I have seeing a 
lot of local makeup gurus using it. Also, I find my Etude House Proof Ten Primer very hard to blend. It also creates weird white streaks on my lids. Etude House Proof 10 Primer has been raved by my many bloggers as an alternative to the infamous UDPP. I totally disagree!! Due to this, I was on the verge of buying the UDPP. Thankfully, I was saved my practical side and bought the NYX HD Base instead. Kuripot lang talaga ako.. hehe I bought this eyeshadow base and primer for only 278 pesos each at the Pinkshoppe in Multiply.

I want to share with you a few tips on buying makeup especially in stores and bazaars with a quick chika on the side. I was in Alabang Town Center with my friends. I recalled that there was a NYX Booth located at Pop Culture. So, my friends and I went there. Upon arriving at the NYX Stall. I wasted no time swatching products. I immediately tried the NYX HD Eyeshadow base and I was amazed with its creamy consistency.I looked for the seller but he/she was  nowhere in sight. The nearby stall sellers told me that he/she went to the restroom. I asked them if they know if the NYX Stall has stocks for the the eyeshadow base but the other stall sellers answered in unison that there was no new shipment. I shrugged off what they said since they are not the seller of the stall. 
We left the NYX Stall and went back again after a few minutes. The seller of the NYX Stall was already there. I asked him how much was the NYX HD Eyeshadow base, and he answered me "500 pesos". I was astonished with his answer. As in nagulantang aketch! Hello?!? I have seen a lot of sellers online and in bazaars selling this for 350 pesos or less. I asked him if he was sure with the price and he said yes. I told him that it was quite pricey compared to other sellers. Then I asked for a discount. He told me that he will text the owner. After a while, I checked back on him and he said that 450 pesos is the last price. I was about to get the product plus the NYX Eyeshadow Base in SKintone. The good thing was I asked for a stock. He handed me the NYX HD Base. I twisted the cap and saw that the outer rim of the lid messed up with the product as if it has been used. Then it occurred to me that he was selling the tester instead of a new stock. When I asked where was the Tester that was on the stand, he told me that their tester was already all dried up. How can the tester be all dried up when I just tested it a few minutes ago.  Anyways, I left the store mumbling to my friends that the seller was trying to fool me. Yay!! 

When shopping in bazaars or stores, make sure that you check the product that you are buying. Make sure that it is sealed, not expired and in good condition (I love the fact that Fanny Serrano Sales ladies would never fail to open the compact of their powder foundation to show me that the powder is intact and the mirror is not broken). Also, have an estimate of how much a product cost especially if you buy in bazaars, you will never know if you are saving or overspending if you don't have a price in mind. Lastly, never settle with what the seller claims his/her products are.

Godbless everyone!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Acne 101: Putting on a Face

This post is my fourth installment for the "Truth Seeker Campaign" which intends to clarify common misconceptions about acne and skin care. 

Overactive oil glands coupled with bacterial infection generally produces pimples. Frequent pimple breakouts is called acne. Acne usually develop on the face, neck, back and even at the chest area. Having acne is very troublesome, emotionally and also financially. Thus, some people even tend to resort to home made treatments to clear their skin. Have you ever tried doing your these home made beauty remedies? Aside from the fact that it is less expensive than beauty products sold in the market, home made beauty remedies are made of natural ingredients. These home made treatments can range from the most simple to the most bizarre.  Let's go through a run down of the most popular home made treatments for acne or spot treatment for pimples:

1. Toothpaste is not only used for burns but also for spot treatment. Make sure you use the white toothpaste than the one in gel form.

2. Rubbing garlic on affected areas several times a day has been known to heal acne quickly because of its anti bacterial properties. Do not let the fresh garlic stay for more than 5 minutes. Beyond five minutes, you will surely feel a burning sensation.

3. The pulp of ripe tomatoes can be made into a mask. Let it seat on your face for about and hour.

4. Oatmeal is not for breakfast only and for diet enthusiasts. This can also be used as a mask to help dry pimples.

I could go and on for these makeup remedies you can do at home. All you have to do is rummage your kitchen and you have an instant remedy for your pimples. The weirdest I have tried is not actually a natural product but a lot were telling me that lipstick can be used to spot treat your acne. I tried this and nothing happened to my pimples.Well,it did leave me stained pillows!! Arggh.. Aside from this, I have been very loyal to oatmeal mask during my high school years because Panoxyl (which is quite popular during those times) only left me with burned spots.I did not find this helpful either.  I have also tried mixing Dallacin C and Eskinol Toner to prevent acne which I find really useful. These home made beauty treatments are reliable because they are readily available at your home.Plus, the idea of creating your own mask and toner can sound really appealing and exciting for most people especially beauty enthusiasts. Using home made products is in line with concept of "going green" which is a trend in the beauty community lately. Making your own beauty products, does not only help the environment, but you also avoid the harsh chemicals that are often found in traditional beauty products.However, the process of mixing these products can be really tedious and time consuming. Having good personal skincare or hygiene is still the best in clearing one's skin. Removing the gunk and grime after a long day's work helps a lot in treating acne. Also, not all these weird remedies work. That’s why people should rely on clinically-proven treatments. There is nothing like using the product with the proper ingredients in treating acne.

What home made pimple treatment have your tried? Did it work?


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Perfect Holiday Gifts from Zen Zest

Last week, I was invited to the Zen Zest Diva Off in Greenbelt. The event was one of the best I have ever attended. All the bloggers had fun and it was  a revelation that most bloggers have great voices!! The main event of the evening was unveiling of the latest Holiday Collection of Zen Zest. 
 I finally met Ms. Zen Zest herself, Miss Michelle. 
 Melai of Style and Soul hosted the evening. I am very thankful to Liz of Project Vanity for inviting me. Thank you so much Liz!!

I also had the chance to meet the beautiful, Divine Lee! I was oggling at her throughout the event because she is super gorgeous. I wanted to post our picture pero kamusta naman nagmukha lang akong julalay niya!haha In view of my aesthetically challenged fez, I will never post that picture. haha

If you go to a Zen Zest stall/store, you will immediately feel the Christmas Spirit. The flash of colors of the packaging of Zen Zest's Holiday Collection will surely catch your attention. The selection of fragrance was carefully thought of  and you can surely find something surely worth a try! Christmas is that time of the year when we are faced with a tremendous task of picking gifts for our loved ones, friends and co-workers. Let us admit that most of the time, shopping gifts can be more stressful than thrilling. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and on top that list is budget. 

Thank Heavens for the Holiday Gift Collection of Zen Zest. Whether it be your boss or your gal pals, there is certainly something for everyone on your list. 
 The most difficult part for me is choosing gifts for men. You can never go wrong with fragrance especially if it comes in two. For your male co-workers or best male buddy,  the Body Spray set is your best bet. For only 99.00, you can choose any two 80-ml bottles from the four variants. The selection includes the citrus Sport, the intense Extreme, the refreshing Active, and the cool Rush. I personally love cool Rush and Extreme. :) My brother love Rush too. 
If you are undecided if they will wear such scent, a nice room fragrance is another option available. A bottle of Christmas Spirit fills the air with the yummy goodness of cinnamon and berries while Winter Wonderland is heartwarming and nostalgic with its rich, spicy cinnamon and clove combination. A 250-ml bottle is priced at P250.00. If you can’t decide which of the two scents they would prefer, why not give a bit of both? A pair of 80-ml bottles of both scents goes for P99.00.
 For your girlfriends in the office , the 80-ml duo of Body Spray for Women will be perfect. For only P99.00, you can choose any two scents from the four available options which include the floral Pink Peony, the oriental Pink Tulip, the dainty Baby Powder and fruity Day Dream. An alternative to this can be the 80-ml bottle of Body Wash with Sponge gift set which retails for an affordable P75.00. Scent choices are Pink Tulip and Day Dream. I am in love with the scent Pink Tulip and Day Dream.  A secretary in the office commented that my perfume smells so good. hihi Perfume talaga ahh.. :) I need to get a back up of these two scents. 

Your BFFs will be grateful for a box of Berry Blush and Pure Cotton Body Spray. The former’s rich scent is perfect for a boost of confidence while the latter’s gentle floral fragrance is ideal for slow, easy days. The 120-ml twosome for women is pocket-friendly at P120. Guess who love this selection? Surprisingly my mom took away this box immediately after smelling the scent. haha Is it possible that I am now exempted in giving her a Christmas gift because she got these? I don't think so.

 They also have these new set of room fragrance which costs 250 pesos each. The Kitchen fragrance smells like morning rush with a strong hint of coffee mixed with cappuccino and vanilla. The cabinet deodorizer is a saver for your clothes. I can attest that these scents last for hours!
My personal faves. I need to buy a back up of Pink Tulip and Day Dream soon. For someone with allergic rhinitis like me, I assure you these fragrances did not trigger my allergy.
Only 19 days left before Christmas, have you made your Christmas shopping already? I did! Make sure you drop by at any ZenZest outlet/branch near you. 

Godbless everyone!

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My Daily Bag Essentials (Not Another Makeup Post)

Whenever someone would peek inside my bag, they would immediately comment, "ano yan makeup bag?" Yes. I am guilty of bringing excessive makeup in my bag. There are times that I bring 3-4 lipsticks a day as if my job requires my lip color to change every after two hours. Despite this fact, I never forget my daily essentials in the office. I bring two bags to the office. One bag contains my notebooks, case files, and etc. while the other contains my makeup and other necessities. Here are the things that I bring with me everyday. Warning: No makeup in this post. :)
My Iphone. Are you loving my cute Aztec book cover and the pink studded bunny ear cap? I bought the casing and the ear cap at St. Francis Square. The case costs 230 pesos and the ear cap costs 100 pesos.
If there's one thing I am not good at, that will be time management. I tend to forget a lot of things especially my schedule. I never thought that  this profession would require me the mastery of handling my time. One woman lawyer told me at a hearing, "Panyera, you need a planner. Your life depends on it." At the back of my mind, I told myself "Using my Iphone is fine, no need for planners. That is for oldies." Then, after attending two hearings of forgetting the schedules for the next trial, I knew I have to get a planner asap. I searched far and wide for the best planner. I even spent an hour browsing every planner in the National Bookstore but came home empty handed (choosy lang!!). The new Starbucks Planner is the best I have seen. However, until now, I am still gathering my Starbucks stickers. Poorita lang talaga aketch! Thus, I bought a new planner already in case I will never complete the stickers. I bought the planner at SM Department Store for 299 pesos (I think) and it looks professional-ish for my taste and with a touch of pink. I also keep a separate notebook for my notes, list of expenses, and etc. 
 My wallet. Sana dumami na pera ko..Wishing this will be LV, Chanel or kung ano mang brand na pang donya haha (sarap lang mangarap divah?!)
I also bring with me my Rayban Shades everyday. 
I have my pang porma pen from Waterman, Paris. This is a gift from my Aunt after I took the bar. She hinted that I need this when I become a lawyer. She was right. I use this pen in only in court to look big time!hahha I love my Pilot and M&G pen more. :)

Also, I never leave the house without my umbrella and handkerchief.

How about you? What are your daily bag essentials?
Godbless everyone!

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