Charm Pretty in Pink 14 Pc. Vegan Brush Set

When I attended the Benetton event last month, Sophie of Beautynomics and the gorgeous lady behind Charm brushes handed to me a paper bag with Charm printed on it. I simply want to wreck the paper open to see what's inside. Upon entering our car, I opened  Sophie's gift to me and a cute box greeted me. Finally, my very first Charm brush set and it is in color pink!! It cannot be gainsaid that my favorite color is pink. I wanted to scream with joy. Honestly!!! Thank you Sophie for this. 

The pink faux leather roll up casing is very eye catching and sturdy. I love all the details in the box packaging. It is very well thought of and it tells you details on how to take care of your brushes. I know I have been very fond of buying local brush sets from other online stores because they are more affordable. They probably cost less than half of Charm brush sets. But truth be told, their quality is also different. 
I love this pocket attached to the brush case. 

The upper flap is a secret pocket.
It also has this strap so you can hung the brush set. 
The beautiful 14 pc. Charm Pretty in Pink Vegan  Brush Set 
Charm Essentials Vegan Makeup brush Set consists of 14 full-sized makeup brushes expertly crafted using a special, and superior grade of animal-friendly vegan hair. Each makeup brush has the proper density and firmness for efficient makeup application, and once you try these makeup brushes, we promise that you'll get hooked with its luxurious, silky feel on the skin!

This set includes:

* Powder Brush
* Blush / Cheek Contour Brush
* Foundation Brush
* Big Eyeshadow / Concealer Brush
* Small Eyeshadow / Precise Concealer Brush
* Crease Blending Brush
* Shading Brush
* Angled Eyeshadow Brush
* Pencil Point Brush
* Classic Blending Brush
* Angled Liner Brush
* Pointed Eyeliner Brush
* Brow Spoolie Brush
* Lip Liner Brush with Cover

Housed in a pretty, and portable pink roll-on pouch, full-sized makeup brushes are ready for your next makeup application experience - may it be in front of your vanity mirror, or wherever you go!

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptic with this brush because I had a bad experience with a local brush set last year they feel incredibly soft when touched but it felt differently when actually used on the face. Far from the local brush set I have tried, this one is far greater in terms of quality. It feels incredible silky and soft when used on the face. For the first time ever, I actually love everything in a brush set and everything is very useful. I also noticed that it did not shed nor bled when I washed it. Also, the softness and the shape stayed even after washing it. The brushes work well with cream, liquid and powder. The brushes pick up a good amount of product.  Even Cosmopolitan has named this set as the best makeup brushes in the Cosmo Beauty Awards of 2012. Way to go Charm Brushes!!!

Let's have a look at the brushes individually!
Blush / Cheek Contour Brush

The size is perfect for contouring the hallows of my cheeks and for blush application.

Foundation Brush

I do not usually like synthetic foundation brushes because all that I have tried pricked  my face when used with liquid or cream foundation. Not this one, this one applied the foundation smoothly on my face without that Ouch factor. 

Classic Blending Brush

 I find it very dense and thick, perfect for highlighting the brow bone and adding a wash of color on the lid. I sometimes use this to con tour the hallows of my cheeks with dark cream concealer. 

Crease Blending Brush

One of my favorite in the set. This blending brush has the perfect size and softness for blending the shadows on the crease area and lid. You can refer to my previous post for reference.  

Big Eyeshadow / Concealer Brush

I do not use this very often, as I prefer my ring finger in applying concealer under my eye. 
Shading Brush

The most interesting piece of the set and my most favorite. This is a unique angled flat top brush that is very tiny.  The size is perfect for dusting powder under my eye and cleaning my eye makeup with powder foundation. I really love this brush. 

The bristles look utterly soft even in pictures. 

Pencil Point Brush

Perfect for defining the crease and its precise product application makes eye makeup look seamless. 

Pointed Eyeliner Brush

Perfect for cream liner. This creates precise line on the lid. I used this to line my eyes on my previous post. 

Spoolie Brush

Removes powder and foundation on my brows. Works best in removing excess brow liner making my brow makeup look very natural. 

Powder Brush

This densely packed brush is perfect for finishing powders and even blushes. 
 Angled Eyeshadow Brush 

This brush is very versatile that I use it in contouring my nose, defining the crease area or even highlighting my brow bone. 

Angled Liner Brush

I have not yet use this particular brush for filling my brows or lining my eyes. 

The lip brush looks absolutely cute because of its size. It has a cover for hygienic purposes which makes it perfect for travel.

I forgot to post the picture of  the  small eyeshadow / precise concealer brush. I use this in applying color on my lid. 
Over all, I highly recommend this brush. Yes, some of you may say that it is a bit pricey for 2,500 pesos but trust me, this baby is worth it. From its packaging to the quality of the brushes, I can truly say that I am very much contented with this brush set. I do not see myself purchasing any brushes in the future except for a flat top brush which is not included in the set.

Visit for more info about their products.

Again, Thank you Sophie for this super nice gift.

Godbless everyone.

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  1. When you mentioned last night that you really liked the brush set, I was really in the midst of ordering, all I was looking for was a little 'push' w/ the help of other reviews that I've been reading (yours included).

    I bought the Sonia brush set last night. Thank God for the multiply discount :)

    1. wow!!! Sonia Brush set looks good!! Tell me if you like it ahh!!

  2. I love that brush set because it's low maintenance. :) AND of course, super super girly pink!

  3. Nice set. And i love the pink handles! Thanks for sharing.

    XX, I am Jenniya

    1. Thanks Jenniya for always having time to drop a msg on my blog!! Truly appreciate you being a reader!! Mwaahh

  4. Ms. Donnarence, I just want to ask what camera are you using to take photos? The quality is so nice!!

    1. I was supposed to asked that too, Clai. I think gamit parin nya ehh yung Nikon D5100 camera and Sony DSC H70. Please let us know Ms. Donnarence :)And also, do you have your own light box po ba?

    2. Hi CLai and Jan.. I will answer this in a separate post.. :))

  5. I want these brushes too since I'm a big fan of pink! :) I bought a brush set na kasi from ebay which is super same sa suesh brush set. :) Planning to buy this too! ^_^ Thanks for the review Ms.Donnarence. :)

  6. Love the brushes! I have the blending brush and shading brush and I love both! Out of topic, you just always take the best photos, Ms. Donnarence! :)

  7. I do love Charm Brushes but haven't given this particular brush set a try yet. xD

  8. I really want these vegan brushes after reading this.

  9. i always want to have a brush set like this. but i end up not having it because of the price. and im not that rich. hahaha. maybe i will save some money frst :))

  10. Thank you for this recommendation. I've always wanted to buy a complete set :)

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  12. Vegan makeup, or all planet-friendly makeup is the latest trend in the fashion world. If you are going to spend the extra green at the grocery store checkout line by purchasing healthier organic fruits and vegetables, why not also invest in your skin’s overall health by purchasing vegan products?
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  13. Hi Ms. Donnarence! Very nice review! I guess it's time for me to purchase one. :)


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