Say Bye Bye to Dark Under Eyes: My Dark Circles Concealing Technique

Younger, I thought having dark circles look queer and cute at the same time. However, growing up with naturally dark under eyes, makes me look stressed out most of the time. While lip liner is my lip's best friend, concealer has always my unsung hero. I only use concealer under my eyes. Ten hours of sleep daily can never alleviate my dark circles. Dark circles run in our genes. My mom and younger sister have it. Thus, I started resorting to concealer in college. My first concealer stick was from Palladio (I think I am beige or medium). From then on, I have been in a constant search for the best under eye concealer that does not break the bank. Most concealers I have tried does not last the whole and day and often, I notice that using concealer can look unnatural at times. Recently, I have discovered a new way of concealing my dark circles through Jessica Harlow in Youtube. She used an orange Lime Crime Lipstick as a base to counteract the dark pigments on her under eyes. I was a bit skeptical in this technique but I tried it. Using a dollface concealer palette given to me by Chrystal of, the effect was ammazzing!!! My face instantly brightened and my under eye color blended perfectly with the rest of my face. Then, I remebered the days when Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and Skinfood's Salmon Concealer were very popular. 
Orange, peach, apricot or salmon color work wonders in counteracting the cool tones on our skin. The orange  shade is the best color correcting shade that balances out the deep bluish hues under our eyes. I was contemplating on buying a Ben Nye Concealer Wheel because it contains 5 or 4 concealers and a salmon shade was definitely included. However, I wanted an orange concealer more than a salmon one. I figure that going for the stronger color is the best option. Then, I remembered that NYX has this new Concealer in Jar that offers full coverage. I did not hesitate on buying one since multiply is offering 20 % off on every purchase. I bought this concealer at Digital Traincase for only 289 pesos with shipping. 


I top the orange concealer with this creamy concealer from Artdeco. Believe it or not, this tiny baby offers a medium to almost full coverage. I discovered this concealer through Liz of Project Vanity. This is truly a gem that's worth the rave from other bloggers. For only 450 pesos, this concealer does a great job on completely covering my dark circles. I got the shade in No. 8. Full review of this product soon. (Gaahh!!I have so many pending product review!! )

So here is my simple step by step tutorial on how I conceal my dark circles:
In concealing my dark circles, I prefer using my ring finger. The warmth of my finger melts the product and makes it very easy to blend.

 I make sure that I pat the orange concealer  on the dark areas only and  preventing it from spreading on my cheeks and temples.

Then, I apply the Artdeco Concealer evenly all over my under eye. Make sure you blend properly and no hint of orange concealer is left uncovered.

Lastly, I top it off with my Fanny Serrano Two way Foundation in Chino. Can you see how it covered my under eyes very well? Also, it is very evident that my under eyes look even with the rest of my face color. 

Here is a comparative shot of my under eyes.

Here is a full picture of me using this technique. I am sorry for the cropped photo. :)
This photo was taken yesterday at my sorority's 30th anniversary party.
Here is a good example of the wonders of concealing dark circles.
Can you see the huge difference when I covered my under eye?
In this photo, I just use James cooper cream foundation plus fanny serrano two way cake.

For a more lasting effect, make sure to prime your face. 

Godbless everyone! 
Til my next post!!

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  1. i also haven't tried the orange concealer trick.. i have one here i guess. will try this too.. thanks for the tip..

  2. The difference is really visible. I am not a fan of concealers but I might consider them now after reading this post. It really does a great job. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Awesome concealing technique! It works really well on you. :) Gotta try that Artdeco concealer, it looks very promising ah.

  4. Yes, concealing makes a huge difference pero I have to say, even without concealer, you look gorgeous :D

  5. Nice! Seems to do the trick. What a difference! Kaso diba depende daw on your tone whether what you use is orange, yellow, or olive? Why'd you use orange (btw, I'm no makeup expert) -- just been using regular colored concealer nearest my skin shade because I couldn't tell what my undertone was :)

    1. waahh yes.. from what i know orange is best for olive and yellow skin tone.. I have yellow skin tone.. :)) thanks for this

  6. Thanks for the mention, Donna! Inggit ako, gagamitin ko na ulit yung palette ko :) Hope you can do a look with the Tokidoki palette one of these days

  7. one of the best techniques i found out :) syempre, i will try it. hahaha you know, no one wants to look like a panda. hahaha :)

  8. Thank you for this product and technique. I have this dark shadows under my eyes that I want to get rid of when I'm going out :)

  9. What would you recommend for a paler skin, I am very white with rosy pink undertones. Salmon?


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