Etude House Sweet Recipe Spring 2013

A few weeks ago, I got an invite from Etude House Event for their Sweet Recipe line for Spring 2013.It was truly the cutest and the most mouth watering event I have been. Cupcakes, Breads, Macaroons, Candies greeted me! Ooohh I felt like I am in Candyland or where Willy Wonka resides. :)
Etude House was not joking us when they said that this is their Sweet Recipe Collection. I had a hard time deciphering the makeup products because they were strategically placed and they blended very well with the candies and sweets.

I just realized that these candy sticks were actually lippies after the represdentation.

Can you spot the makeup at first look?
Etude House Makeup Artist Miss Lim Haneul conducted a makeup demonstration using the new products from Etude House. 

The event took place at Tous Les Jours in Eastwood. Tous les Jours is the largest bakery in Korea. With over 1,600 stores in Korea, China, USA, and Vietnam. Philippines is the 5th country to enjoy the highest level of bakery. Through a master franchise agreement with CJ Group, last November 11, 2011, Tous les Jours Philippines opened its 1st store in the Philippines. Chef Peter made a cake demo on how to do their rose inspiration fresh cream cake! This cake is very sinful. 
Filled with hand-picked strawberries from Korea. Perfect balance of strawberries and fresh yogurt cream icing topped with natural strawberry powder. This yummy treat only costs 498 pesos. 

A sweet treat for 2013 graduates. I am planning on getting one for my little sister's graduation.
The goodies I took home with me. I was not really excited to try the Baby Choux Base because they were too light for my skin. Guess what? I am soo loving them even the green one!!!!

Watch this video to learn more about the ne Etude House Sweet Recipe Collection:

In this video, you will see how gorgeous Etude House Philippines President Miss Andrea Amado is. She is so nice. I was really hoping to have a picture taken with her but I got shy (again?!?) Btw, Thanks Miss Rhea for the invite!
Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base 
Available Shades:Berry (To create pale, translucent skin)Peach (Dull Skin)
Mint (Redness)
Etude House Chocolate Highlighter

I have been meaning to try this one but my face is going cray cray lately. Zits and rashes are everywhere!!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cup Cake All Over Color 

RD301 is so pretty and matches my skin very well I have to keep it in my purse for quick touch ups.  These also smell so good.

Ice Cream Nail Polish

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips
Transparent lip balm with a sweet jelly taste

There were two shades showed at the event. This jelly lips reminds me a lot of Revlon lip butters.
Candy Stick

This is more of a glossy tinted lip balm

I really hope this will be available in the Phils. This would be perfect for contour, eyeshadow and for eyebrows!!

Cupcake Eyes

More about Etude House's new products on my blog soon.

Godbless everyone!

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  1. Wow nakan! Nice loot ang cute ng packaging hope u can review them

  2. Whoaaa looks yummmm, etude house didnt make event like this in indonesia, i hope they make it in my country ^^

  3. OO nga, if I'm there I'm sure I'll grab and makeup and eat it! :P

  4. Etude House and TLJ -- my two favorites! Everything's so girly and cute! Thank you for sharing this with us :)


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