How to Choose the Perfect Suit

How to choose the perfect suit
Picking the perfect suit is a skill that comes naturally to few men outside the British secret service. For those looking to unleash a bit of their inner James Bond, here are some suggestions to help you dress for work and avoid the minefield of lop-sided lapels and dangling cuffs. 

The Perfect Fit

No matter what the price tag, an ill-fitting suit can leave you looking less than dapper. So, it's worth remembering a few golden rules:
  • Shoulder pads look best if they follow the contours of your shoulders rather than protruding beyond your frame
  • Jacket sleeves aren't meant to extend beyond the wrists
  • A well-fitted collar will sit close to the neck without disturbing the shirt collar beneath
  • Jackets are more comfortable when they button easily, with the lapels sitting smoothly against the chest
  • The waistline of the trousers should fasten around your waist with a finger’s width of space between your body and the fabric

Picking the Right Fabric
The ideal fabric depends on the occasion and season. For formal events, like weddings or other black tie soirees, worsted wool is a popular fabric for a sharp, breathable suit that won’t end up wrinkling.
Whilst tropical wool and linen are sufficiently cool during long summer commutes, they are vulnerable to wrinkles and stains and best avoided when first impressions are key. Reserve linen for smart-casual or informal events, or any gathering of a more nautical nature! During the winter, the thick quality of tweed or flannel will make for a warm work suit.

Choosing the Right Cut
Suits come in a variety of cuts and styles, and keeping up with the trends can be the difference between a successful date and looking dated. Three-button and two-button suits are timeless, so there’s no need to worry about your button count – although single button shirts enter the bounds of high fashion and are often best avoided.
Double-breasted suits have a more formal cut suitable for weddings and other dressy events. Vents (splits at the back of the jacket) are similarly straightforward, with double and single vents working well, whatever the occasion. 
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