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When the tragedy happened, I became more prudent in handling my income. (or so I thought I became one). Savings come first more than anything. As my boyfriend always says, "be prudent!" I swear his voice kept ringing on my ear whenever I am in the mall. His words kept me from buying makeup or clothes impulsively. I already have an emergency fund (losing an entire house triggered me to pursue this and this is my so called "untouchable" as in hindi ko pwedeng galawin!) now, I am saving for a business fund and for my enrollment for makeup school. Ok, I know these things are not connected with the haul but I am simply justifying the fact that I do not go cray cray over sales and new products. Well, you know, I have my own weakness. Thus, an impulsive tiny haul from Essence. I know you would not believe me when I say that I imagined that I was strolling in Megamall and saw the Essence counter in the department. This imagination became true and it felt like deja vu! Well, BF was not too happy when he heard me say "Ayyyy Essence!!" and I briskly walk through the other makeup counter and left him behind. He knew that buying a new makeup was not in my plan.

I simply could not resist because I kept seeing other bloggers with their Essence haul and I was too envious not to cave in. So I stood there swatching everything I could for around 15 minutes. I swear I could have bought a few blushes and other stuff but BF was furiously waiting for me. hahaha I bought the fix and matte translucent powder because of the enticing review of Jolly ( This only costs 259 pesos and BF was staring at this and said  "259 talaga ito?" Oh well, boys can never understand. 
I have been in search for a brow and this is such a steal for only 149 pesos. I have been using this since I got it and so far it tamed my brows very well.
I also bought the Essence Lip Liner in the shade "in the nude". This is very soft, creamy and pigmented. I was looking for a color same as the  Nichido's lipliner in Rosette but they have none.This only costs 79 pesos. I want to collect all shades before doing a review about it. But I would probably just get two more color because of its price.
I finally decided to go back to boxing. I bought this gloves today and the hand wrap for 2735 pesos. I also enrolled at the boxing gym and had my training a while. I thought of passing out after 2 rounds of sparring. ( yun nga ba tawag dun?) Ohh the two hours was worth it. I even did the bicycle  for 35 minutes and the machine said I burned 804 calories. That better be true because I was panting and catching my breath every now and then. Also, this is my second day of no rice diet. I also have a meal plan now. I am dead serious in losing all my flabs. DO not worry I took a picture of my bulging tummy in preparation for a future fitness post.

That's it.

What Essence product do you want me to review first?

Have a blessed day ahead. 
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  1. Ms. Donna, please make a review on the lash and brow gel mascara. Thank you! :)

  2. this looks like a great loot! would be great to read a review on them!

  3. Weeeeee you finally bought the Fix & Matte powder! Hope it works for you! Thanks for linking my blog, Atty. Donna. See you soon!

  4. Oh how I Miss Boxing!!! It's the best form of exercise in my opinion. It's just that I sweat twice more in boxing than spending a couple of hours on a treadmill.

    I'll wait for your lash & brow gel mascara review. I've been using elf one, but I'm on the look out for another clear brow gel. I only use the tinted ones on special days ^_^

  5. Fix and matte translucent loose powder please! :) I'm looking for a powder that has a very good oil control that lasts. :)

  6. hahaha oh yes. they can never understand that we, girls, can't resist buying makeups especially the ones that really caught our eye! :)

    wanna try that lash and brow gel mascara! especially that it is in clear formula! thumbs up! :)

  7. This is the first time I read/heard about this product. Thank you for this post :)

  8. Hi Atty. Donna, i am wondering what boxing gym do u go to? am looking for a good one who can really help me lose weight. thanks!

    1. Hi Pau I go to COntender boxing Gym along ortigas avenue extension before ever cainta


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