What's New? K-Palette Eye Pencil, Liquid Liner and Mascara

If there is a brand that I will name Brand of the Year last 2012, it will definitely be K-Palette. It can not be gainsaid that all the products I have tried from K-Palette have become my favorites. I recently receive these goodies from K-Palette. Let me give you a quick preview of the newest products from K-Palette.

The first one is the K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara in Black. This costs 895 pesos. I am so excited to try this because the mascara I failed to try the mascara given to me last year due because of the tragedy. I will be using up my Maybelline Rocket Mascara before opening this one.

K-Palette 24Hr Real Lasting Pencil

This is definitely something that I would  see myself  falling in love with. This liner is both smudge proof and waterproof. Sounds like "the perfect liner" is finally here. Don't you think?
This costs 795 pesos.
They also have the new formulation of the improved formulation of the 24Hr Real Lasting Eyeliner. This liner still retails for 795 pesos.

I am so excited to try these products. I really hope K-Palette will release 1day Lipstick Tattoo!!!

That's it! Which of the products would you love me to review first?

Godbless everyone!!

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  1. i'd like to see how long the 1 day tattoo really lasts! a tattoo lipstick is a great idea :)

  2. I can't imagine this getting any better! LOL their original formula is superior!

  3. K-Palette is great!! Thank you for this! :D


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