Celeteque Brightening Multi-Benefit BB Cream Review

Years ago, I have to admit that I got so addicted with liquid foundation that I never went out of the house without wearing layers by layers of foundation. My friend who is also a makeup enthusiast kid me that it is as if I was drinking liquid foundation because I finish them easily. I also get comments that I do not even need foundation because my face does not need any concealing at all. Thanks mom for the pimple free genes I inherited from you. Unlike before, I now let my skin breathe. I do not load up on liquid foundations anymore because for everyday use, there's the bb cream to save my day. I am quite ecstatic with Filipino brands coming up BB creams. I wanted to try more Korean BB Creams and even US ones but I decided to purchase a proudly Filipino made product. I was contemplating whether I should get the Ponds BB Cream or this one. I settled for Celeteque because it has SPF 15 and I have been loving the Celeteque Brightening Facial Wash which I have included in my May Favorites. I bought this for a little less than 300 pesos because of a 10% discount. 
I immediately noticed that the tube was very slim. I also think that it is perfect for travel. 
It has a shelf life of two years. 
This BB Cream only has one shade that appears to be a light beige on my medium skin tone. 
Once applied, there is a noticeable white cast.

The verdict:
I am absolutely in love with this BB Cream. I do not expected to like it because I just wanted to try it out of curiosity and for blogging purposes as well. The consistency is thicker compared to the San San BB Cream. I really thought that blending will be a tedious task but it melts perfectly through the warmth of my fingers. I prefer using my clean fingers in applying this product. The coverage is not medium per se but it light to mid medium in my opinion. It does not cover my dark circles nor my blemishes. It evens out my skin tone and blends very well with my medium yellow skintone. It also gives my face an instant glow. The brightening effect made my skin look fresh and not ghostly white. Trust me in person it looks more natural. Staying power is good! It does not make my face look like a greaseball by mid day rather it gives it that dewy finish. (Please take note that I have dry skin). It does not emphasize my dry patches but I can somehow tell that its moisturizing properties makes my skin supple and hydrated throughout the day.

What I like about this BB Cream:
  1. Locally available
  2. Proudly Filipino made product.
  3. It has SPF15.
  4. It does not feel heavy on the skin, thus, it is perfect for everyday wear.
  5. It brightens up my  face in an instant.
  6. Coverage is light to mid medium but buildable.
  7. It did not break me out.
  8. It has moisturizing properties that helps in hydrating my face throughout the day. I noticed that everytime I use this BB Cream my face does not feel tight or dry. 
  9. It gives my face a dewy glow by mid day.
  10. It has nice subtle scent.
  11. It is not greasy or grainy.
  12. Very blendable. Just make sure you use your fingers to melt the product for easy application. 
  13. Very affordable
What I do not like about this BB Cream:
  1. It only comes in one shade which may appear too light to most Filipinas especially those with medium to morena skin tone.
  2. I need to set it with a darker shade of powder so it will blend well with my skin tone.
  3. Gives off a noticeable white cast on photos taken with flash.  

Now, let us take a look on how this BB Cream looks on me, shall we?
You could notice that I have pimple marks on my chin. I always get zits on my chin, should I blame my toothpaste? I also have white discoloration on my forehead because of steroidal creams (betnovate).
I use more than a pea size amount for my entire face.
It is very evident that it can not cover my blemishes and dark circles. 
I top it off with Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder. When set with a darker shade of powder, it looks natural on my skin. Promise.  Photo is taken with flash.

Without flash.
Here is a proof that it looks lighter than my skin tone but nothing like ghostly white in finish.

I highly recommend this BB Cream to my readers that have normal to dry skin type because of its moisturizing properties.
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  1. Hope they release a shade with a yellow undertone. - jasmine

  2. it's too white

    1. ;( yes.. but with a darker shade of powder, it somehow blends with my skintone really well..

  3. so nice! esp. when you topped it off with ben nye's banana powder :)


  4. I really can't like bb creams. I have a few bb cream samples though and I won't throw them away. Thank goodness for ben nye.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. I love Celeteque so when I got excited to know they're offering a BB Cream, however, I got disappointed after reading your review. Again, thank you!

    Rosels' Mom Diary

  6. lumelevel up na ang ponds hihi =)

  7. I am glad you liked this BB Cream Atty :-*

  8. I think this will not suit my skin tone. :) i want to buy this pa naman :) thanks for this review!

  9. I love BB creams! They have great coverage that's perfect for everyday use and it contains SPF which makes it more ideal to use everyday :D


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