Cure: Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliant

The worst thing that a person with dry and sensitive skin can do to her skin is to use harsh exfoliants. Trust me on this. I used a exfoliant all throughout my body and it triggered three skin conditions successively about two years ago - my long time skin condition, psoriasis flared up so bad, I also developed pityriasis rosea and pityriasis alba over a span of only 6 months. Just the thought of undergoing those skin conditions again make me cringe.  It brought me to rock bottom. My self esteem plummeted deep down Mariana's trench that I can not even look at my body and skin without shedding a tear. From then on, I swore off using exfolianst and scrubs! I was extremely frightened that I will go through those stressful moments once again. Scrubs and exfoliants suddenly had that Poison or Danger signs blinking whenever I pass through them at supermarket or department stores. This year, Cure was introduced in the Philippines by none other than the beauty company that brought the best brands from Japan like K-Palette and Fairydrops.

I was honestly apprehensive in using this product

Cure Aqua Gel is a natural and gentle exfoliant. It is Japan's best selling exfoliant for years now and would you believe that a bottle is being sold for every 20 seconds? I got so curious in this product that I ended up trying it at my own risk.

After more than two months of usage, I am definitely giving this product a high five!! It did not trigger my psoriasis at all. It was very gentle on the skin but I truly felt it worked like magic on my skin. My skin is super duper sensitive but it removed all the dead skin gently. No negative reactions at all (on my second try because I was not keen on following the directions during the first try)! It is heaven sent. You can say that I am over exaggerating the wonders of Cure but from a person who has been a exfoliant-phobic, this product deserves all the praises in my honest and humble opinion. The great thing about Cure is that it is made out of 90% revitalized hydrogen water and plant extracts like rosemary, aloe vera and gingko biloba. It has no preservatives, alcohol or fragrance.

The Good:
  1. This product does not contain harmful ingredients.
  2. Now locally available in all Beauty Bra branches nationwide.
  3. Saves me from monthly facial. Have you read about Bun Bun's horrific post facial experience? Read it here.  Cure aqua gel may actually save you a few hundreds (if you do not have serious acne or skin problems that needs to be attended like me) because it gets the job done immediately. Using this once or twice a week will cause your skin to feel smoother and more supple.
  4. I noticed that I have less dry patches on my face especially on my nose area. 
  5. My makeup glides more smoothly on my face with continued use of this product. 
  6. You can also use this on you elbows, pits, knees and other parts of the body that needs exfoliation. 
  7. A little amount goes a long way. You only need a pea size amount for the entire face. If you apply two or three pea size amount, exfoliation will be difficult because you have to wait for the product to settle  on  your skin.
  8. It is very gentle on the face. I did not experience any negative reactions using this product. 
  9. It leaves my face brighter after every use. 
The Bad: 
  1. I find it a bit expensive for 1500 pesos per 250 ml bottle.
  2. It says that it is fragrance free but it has a faint alcohol scent to it. 
Cure has became a family favorite. My dad uses it too! I can still recall the first time he used it and he was so amazed how Cure made his skin brighter and smoother. It was as if I am watching a Cure advertorial video while seeing him used it and exclaimed thereafter his joy using this product. Haha 


How to use the product?
Wash you face with cleanser and dry well.
Gently massage Cure in a circular motion for 30 second to 1 minute. (emphasis on gently and the time that one must massage the product on the skin. On my first try I got over excited and exceeded a minute and applied it hard on my face. The results? stinging sensation. Please follow the directions at the back of the bottle to prevent this from happening)
Rinse well with water.

Not a flattering photo of me, the heck, I want you to see that this product gets its job done very well!!

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  1. I love CURE. I won't even think twice of repurchasing. It does wonders on my skin! :)

  2. i havent tried this one =) bilis nyang ma oos sa sample room =) and i read a lot of reviews about this product =)

  3. I have psoriasis too. I'd love to try this one!

  4. Japanese products are really great. They're like Korean products. :)


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