Italia Deluxe 24hrs Longwear Lipcolor (Review plus Swatches)

I have been seeing a lot of videos and reviews of Italia Deluxe products lately. Particularly, I am very curious with the longwear lipstick. For only 199 pesos a tube coupled with great color pay off, I was sold. I truly imagined that it will somehow achieve the phenomenal quality of Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge Lippies.  Sadly, it did not!! 

These lippies are available in leading SM DEaprtment Store and a few Watsons branches. Italia Deluxe is carried by LA Girl Cosmetics and is a fairly new brand that offers affordable products.  

Italia Deluxe 24hrs Longwear Lipcolor is a double ended lip product that contains a liquid lipstick and a gloss. This reminds me of my old favorite ELF lipstain and MUFE's Aqua Rouge lipstick. I have not yet tried the latter but seeing Judy of It's Judy time positive review on this product made me want to buy it so bad. Oh well, I ended up buying a product with the same concept and with high hopes that it will be as good as MUFE. The liquid lipstick applicator is a sponge tip wand while the gloss has a brush applicator. 
The texture of these lipsticks are akin to ELF lipstain but thicker. It blends well but not as creamy as NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. It does not dry easily and it will primarily depend on the number of coats applied. I do not like using the applicator because it tends to apply more product on the lips. I use my pinkie finger to spread the product thinly and evenly. Just a small dab and it can  easily cover my entire lips.  It feels lightweight but once dried, it can really highlight the lines and dryness of  my lips. I also felt tightness once the product settles.  I do not find the lipgloss useful in prolonging the staying power of the lipstick.  This kind of lipgloss is the one that I hate the most. it just sits on my lips making me like I devoured a lechon. This is not moisturizing at all. It felt light but smears quite easily and it even rubs off the color off my lips. You can refer to my 6th lip swatch below for proof. The quality of this product is not consistent. Fuchsia has the best texture, pigmentation and staying power. There is no cakiness even if you apply a gloss of lipbalm on top of it. Rose is really hard to apply. The color tends to bleed and application can get very messy. Peach is the most wearable color among the three but it definitely has the worst consistency and staying power. Compared to Fuchsia and Rose, Peach has tiny shimmers that appears unnoticeable when applied on the lips. Peach can get really tacky especially if a balm or gloss is applied before or after. Product build up and cakiness is inevitable after 1-2 hrs wear on all shades.
The Good:
  1. Pigmentation is great!!! The colors will wow immaediately. It can cover my dark lip liplines without the need of a lipliner.
  2. Affordable
  3. No signs of fading even after the 3rd hour but without eating or drinking.
  4. It feels lightweight.
  5. Glides smoothly on the lips.
  6. The lipstick when worn alone does not transfer.
The Bad:
  1. Not long lasting as it claimed to be. You need to wipe off the product before reapplying the color because it can easily cake or build up. 
  2. It dries out my lips badly. 
  3. The lipgloss does not moisturize or prolong the lip color at all.
  4. The quality of the product is not consistent and it highly depends on the color you will get. 
  5. The product tends to cake and build up.
Fuchsia is a beautiful barbie pink with blue undertones.This pink is a very flattering color which I think will suit different skin tones. 
With gloss

Peach is a warm everyday color. It is a blend of coral and rose with a slight brownish hue. This has shimmers on the tub but not noticeable when applied. The color is perfect for everyday wear. I thought that this will replace my NYX Stockhom but it did not perform very well.
With gloss.

Rose is a cherry red color with strong bluish pink base. This turned my teeth a bit yellow but instantly brightens up my face. 
with gloss
Once dried, the lip color does not smudge at all. This is also water resistant. You can refer to the photo below where I tried rubbing it on running water but it did not budge at all.
Tip: I highly suggest moisturizing the lips very well before using this product. Pat a thin amount of balm (do not overapply lipbalm to prevent caking) before applying the lip color. Use your pinky finger to spread the color thinly and evenly on the lips. Removing this lipstick does not require much effort as I imagined it would. Just dab a lipgloss or a lipbalm all over the lips, wait for a minute, then wipe it off with a wet or dry tissue. :)

I recommend the fuchsia color to my readers but beware of the cons I mentioned above. I will not repurchase these and I think they are somehow comparable to Excel Paris Matte Lip cream which are being sold for 50 pesos only. Overall, I am not impressed with this product.  I would rather purchase NYX Matte soft lip cream or the ELF Lipstain over this. 

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  1. Lovely swatches. :)

  2. very nice colors, but sadly this does't last I was planning to but one pa naman but when I read this hmmm... it save me... Thanks for the review I know Ms.Say also have a review about this and she also said that this doesn't last long. Well I probably buy another brand :) Thank you again for this review very nice photos.

  3. they look so pretty on the back of your wrist but they don't look very "even" on the lips :( this might be a challenge for me since my lips have awkward pigmentation, eep!

  4. Buti na lang hindi ko sya binili. I was supposed to buy this kaso nagdalawang isip ako kasi baka super drying and thick sya on the lips. Yun kasi usually ang problem sa mga ganyang klase ng lipstain/lipcreams. Ayoko pa naman ng ngccake yung lipstick. Great review! Thanks! :)

  5. Oh, another lip color and lip gloss into one container. :) But I changed my mind after reading your disclaimer paragraph. :) Oh yes nyx matte lip cream is an awesome lip cream! It stays on lips and I love their shades =)

  6. Thank you for the tip! Ayaw ko pa naman nung mga ganyang effect. I bought one of Excel and sobrang nagsisi ako :(


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