Shred Those Pounds The Natural Way

I never thought that there will come a time that I will be blogging about fitness and I, as the living testimony of it. My  journey to a fit body is not exactly something that can wow others because there is no significant weight loss so to speak. From 120lbs, I am now down to 112lbs-113lbs. Losing that 8 pounds was a huge deal for me and it is not as easy as I thought it would be. I grew up to have that thin body but with a conspicuously bulging tummy. Back then, I can eat whatever I want, I would finish 2-3 cups of rice in one seating and would have desserts overload without thinking much on gaining a pound. I would brag about how fast my metabolism was. I have that I-may-not-be-sexy-but-hey-I-am-not-fat thinking mantra running around my head for years.  It was during those months in preparation for the bar exams when I gained an incredible amount of weight. I drank milk tea everyday, I can't study if I don't eat a full meal,I ate 5x times a day during the review, and I literally sat the whole day studying. My once fast metabolism nose-dived like crazy. I did not mind gaining weight as I told myself "I have all the time to lose those pounds after being a lawyer but I do not have all the time in the world to study everything now". I thought it was easy like before. I thought after 6 would still work for me like when I was in college. When I attended a blogger event months ago, a blogger told me (insensitively) "Wag ka nang kumain kasi ang taba mo na!"  She told me to stop eating because I look FAT.  I really really wanted to tell her to start eating because she looks like SHIT! (pardon my french.. ) I kept mum instead but I got depressed with her comment. It hurts because I knew it was the truth and I am not doing anything about it. I knew that I gained a lot of weight when I fit my mom's clothes without even trying, and when Free sized clothes do not fit me anymore (I would usually go for small or medium but I was asking for Large!Seriously?). I was whining about my weight to my BF every now and then. I hate seeing myself in the mirror and I would pass off gatherings because I did not want to hear insensitive comments about my weight gain. I had the short term drive to do insanity exercise at home but it only lasted for 2 weeks because I incurred a new injury due to it. Then, I had the chance to have a heart to heart talk with my Tita. We talked through Skype and she saw that looked heavy and plump. She told me that BF and I will have a lifetime partnership. We should work as partners in keeping our relationship and we might as look good for each other. This conversation struck me.

 The next day I enrolled myself at a boxing gym again, bought a new pair of gloves and went training thereafter. I also tried to  have a no rice diet for two weeks but I eventually settled for small portion meals because I need that much needed energy for work and exercise. I do not go the boxing gym often because of my schedule. Thus, I decided to do at home exercises whenever I can but not insanity anymore. I downloaded the Nike Training App on my phone. This is the best exercise app ever.

Would you believe that I sweat more following these exercises on Nike App than the intense exercises of Insanity? I believe that doing each exercise properly (even slowly) have better results than performing rigorous workouts repeatedly. 

The ever grogeous Michelle Phan have a video on how to reduce bloating and she shared great tips! 

So here are my not so ingenious tips to lose those extra pounds:
  1. Be determined. Losing weight is not a one night wonder. It will take months for you to see the difference, so drop that donut and fries right now because the best is yet to come.  You may think that nothing is happening to your weight despite lessening your carb intake and daily jogging, do not lose hope. Persistence is the key. Believe that someday you'll be able to strut in that LBD confidently.
  2.  Do not ever indulge in crash diet or ever think of taking slimming pills or teas. Take things slowly.  It took me months to control my diet. I love rice and sweets. Trying to get them out of my system was the hardest. 
  3. Stay away from soda and powdered drinks. I am still trying to control my coffee addiction but I know I will somehow learn to replace it with teas.
  4. Move, move move!!!!Walk more. Take the stairs than riding an elevator or escalator if you can.
  5. Lastly, don't be hard on yourself. You can eat a chocolate or bite into the goodness of a red velvet cupcake occasionally. Like my tita told me, Chocolates are good. They are a treat but they aren't a meal. :)
Here are my before and after shots after two months:
The first photo I was bending over (please do not mind the exaggerated pose) but evidently I have a bulging tummy. 
My love handles were trimmed noticeably!! I can't believe it too. The after photos were just taken a while before I went to the cinema to watch Man of Steel. I was surprised because there was an apparent change. 
Here is my no filter before and after shot.

I am not in anyway a fitness guru. Thanks to Jes Roque of and Phoebe of  for enlightening me on how to lose weight the natural way. I am still trying to lose 12 more pounds. My dream weight is 100-105 lbs. I do not merely want to lose weight but I want a firmer body,toned muscles and a healthy life. At the end of the day, I realized that I am not doing this to make me feel good about myself or for my BF or for anyone but I am doing this for God's glory. My body is a temple of God and I have the responsibility to take care of it. Living a healthy life is a choice I took.

"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies." 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Goofing around with BF! I can fit in my younger sister's high school uniform without struggling!! yehess!!

 I am truly happy for myself because I never thought that I can have discipline in my diet. I am speaking from the perspective of a person who loves food (a lot). I still have lots of things to do with regard my lifestyle and lots of habits that I need to drop. Please share with me your fitness tips!!!! please!!
Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. Yey! I am so proud of you! :) You are sexy in whatever weight or look you have!

    1. Thanks Friend for the undying support!! haha ;)) Super ikaw ang ultimate fitspiration ko!!

  2. Great post! When I started my strict diet, my main goal was to lose weight, but eventually, I found myself automatically saying no to "dirty" food. It's not a habit or whatever diet. It's a lifestyle change. Today, my goal is not to lose weight but to be fit and healthy. I can say that I am much wiser now and that I have completely changed. Interestingly, I have just discovered the same app and will be using it a few days from now as I need to buy some weights for added weight. Following fitblrs, using fitocracy (app), working out (running/stretching/toning) harder on weekends, and showing my body some love by eating clean food ONLY made me lose 21 lbs in almost 2 months (from 167 to 146 lbs). My goal for this month is to be 140 lbs by June 19, 2013. Looking at your pictures, some people may wonder why you look as if you lost more than 10 lbs. I think it's because you developed some muscles in your body. Great job, Donna! I'm a supporter! Let's keep living a healthy and wholesome life.

    1. Hi Dane!! you are inspiring!!! Thank you so much for the tips.. I downloaded the fitocracy na!!! Godbless

  3. It's all about hard work, sometimes comments from other people strive us to do better, not worst. Biut most important of all listening to yourself, what's best for you. We need to listen to that inner voice. No one can do it for you except you yourself. Having someone special in your life who will be there to support you no matter what is the icing on the cake:). Teamwork, giiving, nurturing, compassion, kindness, and Love are the things a relationship works. And looking good for each other ofcourse. Keep it up Donna and Big G, the best things are yet to come.

    1. Thank you so much Tita!!!! JOd is very keen on his diet as well. :))

  4. is your sister studying at st. john's academy? i'm from there too! i want to shed weight also!

    1. I am an alumna of SJA. :)) Yes she is a HS Student there.. :))

  5. Wooww! Congrats for the success of losing weight. I do workouts too and never tried slimming pills or drinks. Thanks for sharing the app. I'm downloading it now ^_^

    Genzel Kisses

  6. I also downloaded the app but haven't started to browse. Thanks for the post. :)

  7. great post po! thank you for sharing the app! :)) and also congratulations sa weightloss! :)

  8. Congrats! I want to lose weight din, super hirap talaga =(
    im currently 120 lbs din. I already downloaded the Nike App.
    Thanks for this post Donna.

  9. Wow. Great work right there. I will definitely download the app too. Thanks for this post.

  10. Love it! ♥ nothing is impossible when you have determination. I should show this post to my younger sister. Haha for motivation. =)

  11. So proud of you! With determination, you can achieve anything! Thank you being an inspiration to us! :)


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