Back to Back Hits (June and July Favorites)

I honestly can't believe that we are now on the second half of 2013. Younger, I would always pray for a fast forward button to November and December because the former is my birthday month while the latte, well I love Christmas. Now, that I am in my late twenties, I want a pause, replay and stop button. Whew!! Readers who are of the same age bracket as I am would clearly understand what I am feeling. Anyways, I have been trying a lot of new stuff these past two months. These are the few that stood out the most. 
Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Whitening Deo
I got these from the SM Beauty Box. Click here to learn more about this newest subscription that is available at SM starting tomorrow, August 1,2013. Ever since I underwent rebonding last year, it became limp and I had a hard time finding the right shampoo for my oily. Most shampoos would make my hair oilier. I even resorted to  using men's shampoos because of this dilemma. I was really skeptical in trying out Dove's Intensive Repair Shampoo. We all know that Dove is known for incorporating moisturizing properties in their products. I am honestly surprised when this shampoo makes my hair soft and bouncy without losing my desired volume. It also smells super good but sadly the scent is not long lasting.

 The Dove Deo keeps me free from sweat the whole day. Perfect for my very active lifestyle. 
Nivea Baby Smooth Cream is one of  the most affordable moisturizer in the market. It has been raved by Julia of Bless My Bag time and again. I was in search for it and I could not find one in Watsons or elsewhere. I saw from Liz o ProjectVanity that it is always out of stock.  Luckily, I got mine in Landmark department store. It only costs 165 pesos. It has this subtle baby powdered scent. This moisturizer is one of the most affordable that I have ever tried. I use this on my face before applying makeup everyday. It feels light on the face and it is absorbed easily by my skin. One thing I noticed that it works well on me even though I am stricken with rashes. It also does a great job of smoothening the dry and rough areas of my face. I highly recommend this to all my readers even though with oily skin.

Ziaja Eye Cream
I bought this eye cream because of my good blogger friend's suggestion. Hi Jes!! This does not help in lightening my dark circles but it moisturizes my under eyes really well. It prevents my concealer from settling on the fine lines. The best part is, it only cost 150 pesos. This is available in Beauty Bar. 

Purederm Makeup Cleansing Tissues
I got this from SM Beauty Box. This cleansing wipes do not sting my eyes nor sting my rashes whenever I have one. Its subtle cucumber scent smells so refreshing and it does not dry out fast despite carelessly leaving the lid open.   
Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara:
I love how it open up my eyes by holding my curled lashes or hours. This is definitely the best local mascara I have ever tried. You can click here for my detailed review.

Glory of New York Mineral Blush in No. 10
This blush lasts for hours on me. The color is a warm brownish peach that suits my medium skin tone really well. I thought that such color will not show up on my cheeks but surprisingly it delivers a very natural flush when worn.

K-Palette Real Lasting Tattoo Eyeliner Pencil
K-Palette never fails to amaze me with their products. Their Eyeliner Pencils exceeded my expectation. They glide smoothly on my lid and waterline without tugging, the pigmentation is great (the brown shade is perfect for everyday look. THere are no red tones to it), it is smudge proof and long lasting. Unlike other retractable pencils I have tried, this one does not easily break. 
Swatches of the K-Palette Eyeliner Pencil after trying to smudge it!!
Truly budge proof!
Hayan  Aqua Mineral Facial Mist
I have been loving facial mists lately. This aqua mineral mist from Hayan has a fruity (apple) scent to it. I use this as finishing spray to set my makeup because I tend to over apply powder on my face.  I also use this to wet my angled brush whenever I apply brow powder.

How about you, what product/s are you loving this month?

Have a blessed day everyone!
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  1. Thanks for always coming up with these posts. I appreciate you sharing with us affordable products that do work. I'm trying the Nivea Moisturizer and the Hayan Mist. :)

  2. "available at SM starting tomorrow, August 1,2013" Hello. Camping time. Alis na ko ng bahay? hahaha!

  3. Hi, Donna babes! hahaha!

    Let's meet soon! :)

  4. I let pass buying Hayan's facial mist the last time I went to their stall. I'd been eyeing that though I bought their magic blusher. Seems like this post is convincing me to buy, hahaha!

  5. Where can I find the Hayan Facial Mist, and how much is it?

    I also have oily scalp and hair, and I have been using Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for it. Effective siya sis. Just don't use it everyday kasi it can be drying.

  6. I'm currently using those cleansing wipes! :D I have the same variant in cucumber, and I also have lavender. :)

  7. I love your favorites! That Nivea Moisturizer is also recommended by a friend of mine, Yette. I'll try it soon. I want to try that mist too, but I'm just curious if it makes the skin oily? I have combi to oily skin and I've tried ELF Setting Spray before but I think my makeup oxidized and I look darker every time I use it that's why I'm thinking twice to use a spray again on my face.

    1. Nice knowing that. I have the elf spray on my list, but now it's crossed out. lol. :D

  8. Hi! Thanks for sharing this post. I am interested in trying the Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream. I shall add that up to my list. :D

  9. This is cool :) I'm also using the Fashion 21 Double up Mascara, and it really is one of the best local mascara because it can hold curls up for a long time, I'm intrigued with the setting spray and Nivea moisturizer, i would love to try it :)

  10. Everyone's raving about the Fashion21 mascara I should buy and try it myself! I'm eyeing for the makeup cleansing tissues and I hope it's affordable like the wet wipes from Watsons so I can purchase one for me. Dove deos are the best! Been a user since forever! ;)

  11. Yeah! I know how you feel. Sharing your sentiments. :) if only there's a button we could click so time won't pass us so quickly noh?

    Ang SM beauty box ba sa Manila lng available? Sana dito rin in CDO. Would really subscribe to it.

    Additional on items on my list: Nivea baby smooth cream and ziaja eye cream. :)

  12. i've been wanting to try K-Palette products too... lahat nalang ng eyeliners nagsa-smudge saken because of my monolids... sadly di sya readly available dito...

  13. I love how you come up with affordable products for an active person. I love Dove products! It's something I can count on throughout the years <3 And I love the mascara. Fashion 21 is really a great brand and affordable too! I use their foundation and eyeliners :)

  14. i made a post on this in my blog. my answers are detailed there. umeffort talaga ako ha! hehe

    nice photos u have!

  15. Wait, what? Ziaja eye cream is only 150 pesos? :) Just in time because I've been searching for an affordable eye cream. Will buy this ASAP! :)) Love your selection of favorites! :)

  16. So far fave ko this month yung Hayan eye cream,hayan snail cream , dickinsons toner... gusto ko try ung fashion21 mascara dahil sa review mo napadaan tuloy ako sa Market2x, true maganda nga siya compare sa blue.

  17. i took advantage of the nivea sale today and bought 2 tubs of the baby smoothy cream... :) hope this would work well for me! :)


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