Beauty Hour: MLI Readers Ask

A lot has been happening with my life lately. Talk about wedding plans (I am not yet engaged but hey we need to plan this big day as early as now.. excited lang ako haha), career, moving to a new house, investments and business ventures.. You name it. I have been getting a lot of questions on my blog and I have neglected answering them due to my tight schedule. So, here are some of the questions I received from my readers:

Q: Which do you prefer? revlon colorstay, photoready or the whipped foundation? 
A: I prefer the Revlon Colorstay. Why? Out of all the three variants Revlon Foundation, I have found my best color match in Colorstay Golden Beige. The coverage of the foundation is great. It can cover marks, redness and my dark circles even with just one layer. The best part is that it can withstand the humid weather in Manila.

Q: Hi Atty. What is the best moisturizer you have tried? I also have dry/sensitive skin like yours kasi. Thanks.
A: The best moisturizers I have tried are Neutrogena Hydro Boost and Physiogel Intensive Cream. Both works very well with my dry and sensitive skin. The latter is perfect for the cold and rainy weather because of its rich texture while the Neutrogen Hydroboost is perfect for the summer because it is very lightweight.

Q: Which is better the ELF Mineral Infused primer or the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer? 
A: These two are the most affordable face primers in the local market. If you are looking for a primer to lengthen the staying power of your makeup, go for the ELF. The Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, on the other hand, smoothens out my skin very well by creating that flawless canvass.

Q: What do you use to treat your psoriasis?
A:  I use polytar soap all over my body and also on my scalp. As much as possible, I do not use my steroidal cream. 

Q: As a lawyer with regular long days, how do you find time to take care of yourself?
A: I am no stranger to late nights, whether I came from work or a night out with my close friends. I admit that these nights can be really tiring and can take a toll on my body and skin especially. This is why, no matter how late it is or tired I am, I always reserve time for my nightly beauty regimen. This is my Beauty Hour. I never forget to take off my makeup with Pond's Cold Cream. Then, I further cleanse my face with Eskinol Astringent. Afterwards, I wash my face with Celeteque Brightening Cleanser. Then, I apply my Hayan Vitamin Creme and Ziaja Undereye Cream. Sometimes, I use my Reviva Labs Collagen Serum instead of the Hayan Vitamin Creme. 

As part of my nightly routine, I also take antioxidants that will rejuvenate my skin. A milk that is known for rejuventation is Athena. Itis the only milk with Beautrition, Antioxidants, and Vitamins A, E, and Zinc that gives women a healthy glow from inside and out.

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  1. I love the Revlon Colorstay too! And more power to you. You're an attorney who finds time to make very informative posts! God bless! :)


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