Glory of New York Lipstick (Review + Swatches)

 For the record, I have 41 lipstick in my makeup stash. Far more than the quantity that I have lost during the tragedy. Such amount can be a bit overwhelming because I do not wear too much color for office wear. Okay. I have come to the conclusion that I am officially on a lipstick ban until all my lippies expire. haha Oh Yes!!! I hope I can keep up with this promise to myself because I would rather save a few hundreds for my wedding instead. 

P.S. You would be reading a lot of my wedding woes and plans from this day onwards. Please bear with me. I did not know that getting married can cost you a leg and an arm!!!!!!  Anyways, I have been seeing a lot of Pinay Youtube Gurus feature this brand. I first saw it from Bing and I was green with envy when I saw that she owns all shades! 

Glory of New York, is an established cosmeceuticals and cosmetics brand, manufactured by leading USA based pharmaceutical company ACI Pharm Inc. Products are manufactured by natural and organic sources. Proven results of Glory of New York are based on ADME and drug delivery technology of pharmaceutical science. Each product gives therapeutic result that is curative and everlasting to your beauty. Glory of New York Lipsticks are made of organic ingredients, Almond Oil Extract Cinnamon, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado, Gold Powder from Honey Bee and Vitamin-E. 

It is only now (while typing away this blog post) that I have learned that GNY lipstick is  made up of all natural ingredients. Great news to all beauty enthusiasts out there, GNY lipstick costs 290 pesos only each  because it is on sale!!! Original price is 954 pesos.  . Quite a steal for a product made of organic ingredients. 
495, 62, 670 and 26
I got 4 shades from Sis Misty! Thank you so much Sis!!!

The lipstick is housed in a matte black packaging like that of Barry M's lippies. These lipsticks have a surprisingly rich color pay off . It has a very solid , pure and opaque color. The texture is very creamy and it glides easily on my lips. I use one to two layers (at most) without any lip liner to cover my dark lip lines.  This lipstick has a creamy finish giving off a soft sheen to the lips. Thus, it gives off that moisturized lips effect when used. Here are the lip swatches with corresponding shade description: 
Shade #62 reminds me a lot of Lime Crime Centrifuchsia but on a bolder note. 62 is a rich fuchsia color that has a mixtue of blue/purple undertones.  
On the tube, 495 looks like a peachy coral lipstick but when swatched it is actually a pinky coral shade. 
670 is definitely my lips but better shade. This looks very natural on my lips and my mom loved the color because it looks so natural when worn. It is a  brownish pink mauve that is perfect for that no makeup makeup look.  
26 is a classic red shade with subtle shine. It is a neutral color but with hints of orange tones to it. 
What I Love about this product:
  1. The colors of all the lippies I got were definitely outstanding.
  2. The consistency is very creamy.
  3. Made of Organic ingredients.
  4. Very affordable for only 290 pesos because it is on sale!!! Original priceis 954 pesos.  
  5. Gives my lips that subtle sheen for a moisturized lips effect. 
  6. Leaves off a stain on my lips even after eating or drinking esp 62 and 26.
  7. This has a wide variety of shades.
  8. No funky scent. 
What I dislike about this product:
  1. It is only available online. Speaking of online, it has been a long time since I did some online shopping. I am quite curious with new online shopping websites that have been very popular lately. I tried browisng zalora (  for makeup finds but I ended up ogling at their sale items. A good markdown price for upto 80% off. Ohh my!!! If ever this will be my first time ordering from them and I heard good reviews from this site. They have return policy and free shipping too. Have you tried buying from this site? Please share with me your experience because I would be buying some of their sale items. 
  2. Due to its rich color and consistency, the lipstick has a tendency to bleed. Thus, a lip liner is a must.
  3. I find the formula a bit drying on my lips.
  4. I am not a fan of the shade number. 

More swatches

Overall, I am happy with GNY lippies and I highly recommend this to all my readers especially shade no.670 :))

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Have a blessed  day to all!

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  1. Wow, they look so pigmented! I'm really loving the shade 670, I'm very much into nudes and natural-looking pinks and mauves. I hope they'd have names for their shades though! :)

  2. They look so nice on your lips! The fuschia one seems the best.

  3. I am so in love with your all of your swatches all the time. They're real-er than real!

    I'd love to try them all except 495. The red, fuchsia and mauve look goooorgeous :)

  4. Love his post! ♥

    I'm a fan of lipsticks too. It's my must-have. Even though i dont wear makeup that much, as long as i have lipstick, it's okay :) and 41 lipsticks? Not bad!

    I love the shade number 495 :) I'm a very very very huge fan of coral shade lipsticks. :)

  5. I love the red lippie. I'm an avid fan of shiny lipsticks. But too bad I can only order online. I think shade 670 is really great too. But I'm a red lipstick kind of gal, though I'm trying different shades now. Thanks for this post! I have new choices now :)


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