What's New: L’Oréal Paris FALL REPAIR 3X Range

Fragile hair? 
Occasional hair fall?
L’Oreal research has identified 3 major causes of hair fall:
HAIR MALNUTRITION –Hair growth is programmed and controlled at the hair roots. When 
the roots are malnourished, the hair grows without essential nutrients, becoming weak and 

ROOT FRAGILITY –Starting at the root, the diameter of the hair fiber is below average, which makes it more likely to break.

FIBER DAMAGE –Disruption of the hair’s cuticle, which acts as a shield for the hair, leads to hair being significantly more vulnerable to external aggressions

With intensive research on hair fall and much study on consumer’s hair fall
concerns, the L’Oréal Paris laboratories now bring you the latest hair care 
innovation from Paris.

 Fall Repair 3X conditioner instantly detangles hair. 
Hair is stronger and feels softer.
Price: Php 119
 Fall Repair 3X shampoo cleanses the hair & helps to make it more resistant from the roots. 
Price: Php 110
Fall Repair 3X Leave In Tonic is a unique water based treatment which helps nourish the hair root. Applied directly on the scalp, the tonic helps make hair stronger and resistant to external aggressions. 
Price: Php 259

(Press Release from L'oreal)

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  1. i'm trying this product now :) i hope it's as good as it seems!! thanks ms. donnarence

  2. I read a few reviews about this. I'm going to try this one soon because of my hair fall problems. Hoping that this will be the one. :)


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