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Ever since I experience a freak skin breakout a year ago, I veered away from being adventurous in using skin care products. A few months ago, I received these goodies from Fairness and Flawless. Here are the capsule reviews of the items I got:
I was supposed to use this soap but gave it to my boyfriend instead. He has prominent whiteheads and blackheads around his face and I was actually hoping this would work on him. This soap dried out some of his pimples but at the same caused break out as well. I think it did not suit BF's skin which is prone to acne and is very sensitive at the same time. I tried to convince him that it might be the purging stage but he did not heed my advice. Oh well.
If I will buy one of their soaps again, this one is on top of my list. This soap smells like strawberry milkshake.
This gives my skin a clean feel without leaving it tight and dry.  I cannot attest to its whitening features because I only finished one bar. 
The tea tree oil reminds me of an oatmeal soap. The scent is reminiscent of goat's milk/oatmeal soap. It contains organic beads that helps in exfoliating dead skin. What I do not like about it is that it dried out my skin.
Coconut was 2nd on my list. Just like Raspberry this soap did not dry out my skin. This worked well on my problem areas like my elbows which would always peel due to dryness.

Fairness Flawless University Belt offers beauty products for ladies who wants to achieve clearer, fairer and healthier skin. 
Fairness and Flawless have lots of beauty items to choose from for different skin conditions. We have soaps and sets for whitening, moisturizing, anti-acne/bacne, eczema, scars, blemishes and other skin conditions that needs improvement and treatment. 

Our items are BFAD and FDA approved and are 100% dermatologist tested. 

For more information visit:

Instagram: fairnessflawless_ubelt

Contact number: 09154219088

I wanted to try out their seaweed slimming gel that is being raved online. 

Have a blessed weekend to all.

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  1. where to get one? is it only available in instagram? I like to try the raspberry one :)

  2. Products with natural ingredients are my favorite. I've tried papaya because it's the usual in the market. I want to try the coconut. How much is it Miss Donnarence? :)

  3. the raspberry one is so cute! :) if I used those, i hope ants won't come to my bed. haha kidding. but I wanna try this. :) sounds interesting. i can even eat it ;)


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