Pink Parlour Deluxe Treatment Review Plus A Pampering Giveaway Treat

I have heard about Pink Parlour through a bus. Yes, a bus! haha A huge ad o Pink Parlour was plastered at the back of the bus. I had enough time to scrutinize the ad because of EDSA traffic. Luckily, I was contacted by Pink Parlour a few weeks ago to review their newest deluxe treatment! Gahh!! I really needed a relaxing treat for my tired feet. Traffic and long walks have been making me more weary after a day's work.

The Pink Parlour's interiors is literally a splash of pink. The cute and girly interiors can't be missed. They have branches in The Block, A Venue Event Mall in Makati and SM Center in Pasig. Super comfy seats greeted me. I was walking or half an hour around the mall so I immediately sat down! I also noticed that they provided two pillows and a blanket. The blanket added that touch of comfort and cozy feel. 
I want to take home the pink stuffed kitten. 
I was watching Dear John!!! :)) They have a wide variety of nail polishes from OPI to China Glaze and because of this had a hard time choosing the polish. hihi 
Energising Foot Revival Spa @ php 900 (includes hand and foot massage)
Treatment Time: 1hr 30mins
God sent for any tired feet! Simply sit back and relax, let our experts shape, buff, scrub and knead away your stress. A full nail grooming spa treatment that uses invigorating Australian tea tree scrub to melt away dead skin. A detoxifying tea tree masque wrapped to revive tired feet, coupled with a relaxing hand and foot massage ritual and finished with a touch of your favorite nail color for your toes from OPI or China Glaze.

I tried their Energizing Foot Revival Spa. The treatment started with warm water and softening treatment/wash. My legs were then scrub with an Australian Tea Tree Scrub. I was skeptical with the scrub portion because I had a bad experience with scrubs/exfoliants. I was really happy because my legs were gently scrub and I did not incur any blister or cut. 
Then, tea tree masque was applied. This mask smells so good and the minty feel made the treatment more  relaxing. 

After wrapping my feet and letting the masque stayed for a few minutes,  my hands and feet were massaged. That was the best and relaxing hand and foot massage!! As in!!! I was even closing my eyes because I feel so relaxed throughout the process.I hope they will offer massage services soon.
Then, my nails were groomed by nicely! No cuts and wounds during the entire process. My nails were gently cleaned and my dry skin were meticulously and carefully removed. 

I also noticed that they keep their equipment in this UV Lamp Cabinets.

Here is what Pink Parlour says about their Hygiene Standards:
Our Hygiene, Your Protection
At Pink Parlour, we set industry hygiene standards so that you can be assured of receiving the safest waxing treatment possible. Insist on Pink Parlour waxing salons for your peace of mind. 
Following each treatment, treatment beds are liberally misted with an FDA approved anti-bacterial solution that has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of germs and viruses. Our Pedicure stations are carefully washed, sprayed liberally with the same FDA approved anti-bacterial solution, and then steamed at over 100’C to further eliminate possible germs.
Monthly Anti-Bacterial Fogging
A first for beauty salons in Singapore, all Pink Parlour outlets are fogged and protected monthly by Anti-Bacterial solutions following hospital standards to ensure we are bacteria-free at every corner.
Personal Hygiene and Protection
Before ever touching you, our therapists thoroughly sterilize their hands using hospital grade sanitizers that kill 99.99% germs and viruses. Disposable face masks and gloves are also required at all times for all treatments ensuring you are only leaving with a smile and zero germs.
Fresh Laundry
You can always be assured that the towel you are using is fresh and clean. Our towels are sent to professional cleaners daily where they go through a rigorous hot water and chemical cleaning before reaching back to our stores.
Pink Parlour Waxing
Pink Parlour was the first in Singapore to introduce strict waxing guidelines including no “double-dipping” of spatulas since early 2006. This practice eliminates any contamination in the wax pots. Waxes are heated to maximum temperature at least once a day ensuring any residue bacteria are eliminated.
Sterilization of Equipment
Each set of scissors, tweezers, pushers and cutters are carefully cleaned and soaked in cleaning alcohol and hospital grade disinfectants for over 5 minutes to eliminate most germs and viruses. Tools are then carefully packed into individual sterilization pouches for safety, and then stored in our UV lamp cabinets to further disinfect. These are opened only in front of you.
I got this cute slippers too. Thank you so much Pink Pärlour!!

Visit their website to know more about their services:

Check out their Facebook page here:

Overall, I recommend this relaxing treatment to my readers. I am really hesitant in having my pedicure in salons/parlors because of sanitary reasons and often, I experience incurring wounds and cuts during the grooming process.  My spa experience with Pink Parlour was very pleasant and I can't to go back to try their waxing services!!

Now, let's proceed to your favorite part!! A giveaway!!

One lucky winner will win an OPI Mani and OPI Pedi from Pink Parlour. Wait for the rafflecopter to load to know the mechanics of this giveaway:

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