A Rainy Evening with Dulcinea

BF and I went home early last Sunday night due to the heavy rain. 
Thank heavens for online delivery services. 
The newest one is www.foodie.ph. Foodie.ph has a minimum order of 300 pesos 
and it all0ws customers 
to write about their experience from the restaurant they ordered from. 
Dulcinea was one of the places BF and I got a chance to visit a few years back. 
I have always wanted to try out their Churros and cream puff.  
That night, I did not let another opportunity pass without ordering their 
Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate and Cream 
Puff and Eclair. These two desserts were perfect for that rainy night. 
The Churros wasperfectly fried golden loops that my mouth
 instantly watered the moment
 I opened the Dulcinea delivery bag. I was planning to reheat the Churros
and the chocolate dip but my little sister, BF and aunt immediately
 grabbed a piece of the Churros!!! haha 
Talk about being hungry..

The Churros strips are deep fried to perfection. Despite the fact that we have eaten it cold, 
it has maintained its level of crunchiness and I was anticipating that 
it would be too oily (since Churros are cooked by deep frying) but it was not. 
The inside of the churros was tender and the sweetness is just right. 
The chocolate is reminiscent of homemade chocolate 
drink my lola used to make. It has the right amount of bitter sweet goodness.
The Cream Puff and Eclair is definitely a house (our own home to be exact) favorite. 
The one with the Eclair was definitely the best! 
The puff had the right softness and the cream filling is not too sweet. 
We initially ordered Pasta Paella but sadly, it was no longer available at that time. 
We settled for Baked Macaroni and Puttanesca. The Baked Macaroni is smothered 
in a creamy bechamel sauce. I would have preferred a 
baked macaroni with a strong tomato sauce taste. 
It was not cheesy enough and the milk in 
the bechamel sauce was really overwhelming. 
Dulcinea's Puttanesca satisfied my pasta cravings that night. 
The tomato and olives matched perfectly together 
creating a dreamy Italian taste that delighted my taste buds very well. 
Chicken Galantina  of Dulcinea offers a fried sunny side up and fried rice to complete this 
impeccable meal. This would definitely pass off as a superb breakfast meal 
but I would not mind having it for lunch or dinner.  Overall, my Dulcinea dinner was a good one. 
I would definitely go back for more Churros Con Chocolate and Cream Puff and Eclair. 

Have you tried Dulcinea?
Share your favorites!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I've tried Dulcinea's churros before and yup, they're very yummy even when they're not hot anymore! Thank you so much for posting about foodie.ph. Now I don't have to be stuck with just McDo and Chowking anymore when I want to order food.

  2. Yummy! I loved their cream puffs! <3 One of my favorites -- this one and Auntie Anne's :)

  3. parang gusto kong i-try yung churros!

  4. Ahhh heaveeen! That Baked Macaroni and Puttanesca looks delishh! I always love creamy foods like that. May branch ba sila dito sa Cebu? Speaking of cream puffs, I always love the moshi manju during rainy days coz they bake it on site and fresh from the oven. Just be careful with the cream inside, coz its really hot it can burn your tongue. But its all worth it. Ang sarap naman kase haha Thanks for sharing Ms. D! ♥

  5. Yes!, Churros ang ultimate favorite ko sa dulcinea.. na try ko na din ung cream puff kaso ang liit, bitin..hehe

  6. Dulcinea's churros con chocolate are a childhood favorite of mine! Good choice. :)

  7. Never tried Dulcinea yet but reading this post makes me want to visit them asap. Sobrang nakakagutom po etong post niyo. hahaha I want to try the churros con chocolate. I would love to bring my boyfie there too! Foodtrip talaga ang best bonding namin together! :) Will wait for more of your nakakatakam na post!

  8. Our bunso always go out of her way when we're going out for lunch with my family. She will always request churros. She let me taste it but without the chocolate dip and i didnt like the taste. Now I must have a share of chocodip to appreciate the churros. Haha


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