Avon True Color Lipstick (Complete Shades Review and Swatches)

 Just when I thought I have enough lipsticks to last me till next year, I was lucky enough to receive the complete line from the newest Avon Ultra Color Lipstick. I have heard a lot of raves from girltalk ages ago about this Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks. The popular ones are lava love and knock out pink. My initial reaction when I got the complete line was - OMG!! The color pay off is simply amazing! 

"Avon’s Ultra Color Lipstick has a new formula with True Color Technology and self-renewing pigments that deliver vibrant colors that stay true to their shade. The new formula also features lip-nourishing Shea Butter, Omega Oil, Arctic Berry, and Vitamin E and makes lips feel smooth and moisturized instantly. New packaging offers a clear view window so you can see your shade instantly. Designed to complement different skin tones. Available in 13 shades with soft matte, satin, and shimmer finishes."
SRP: PHP 379.00
Shades: Carnation, Country Rose, Hibiscus, Berry Bright, Lava Love, Berry Berry Nice, Red 2000, Hot Pink, Dream Fuchsia, Knockout Pink, Crush, Sangria, and Tangerine Tango

 The packaging reminded me of Revlon's lippies. The clear top cover makes it easier for the shade of the lipstick to be seen. The consistency of these lipsticks are indeed creamy. They glide easily on the lips. The colors are bold, pigmented and buildable. It can get super  intense and eye catching especially with three layers. I can use it alone even without lip liners because of its awesome color pay off. Despite this, I still prefer using a lip liner to seal the lipstick on my lips because some colors tend to bleed especially the berries and reds. These lippies give off a glossy effect or sheen once applied.  It is also a bit moisturizing. This can be attributed to the Vitamin E and Shea Butter properties. Compared to other lipsticks, this does not cause me any flaking or extreme dryness but it is not entirely moisturizing like a lip balm. This lipstick, despite its creamy consistency, lasts fairly long on my lips. It can last 3-4 hours on my lipstick of course sans eating and drinking. I was looking for more everyday neutrals  or peaches and corals in this line but sadly 13 shades are more of reds, berries and pinks. Some shades also look a bit similar with each other. Also, I do not find the scent appealing, though some say it has a subtle sweet scent. A plus factor of this lipstick is its SPF 15. 

I really hope Avon releases a matte version or shades with a more neutral tone.
Here are the complete swatches with brief shade description. 

  Here are the lip swatches:

(Take note: Color may vary with actual swatches. I just used natural lighting in these photos.. I tried my best to capture the true shades of the lipstick but the some pinks and reds almost look the same in some photos )
 Dream Fuchsia is a gorgeous purple shade with hints of iridescent sheen. It appears purplish pink on the lips which looks amazingly good on my yellow skin tone. Such a unique shade with a sheer finish.   
Dream Fuchsia is a gorgeous purple shade with hints of iridescent sheen. It appears purplish pink on the lips which looks amazingly good on my yellow skin tone. Such a unique shade with a sheer finish.
Sangria is one of the must have fall colors. It looks like a burgundy plum shade on the tube but turns to a deep berry shade on the lips. It looks darker on my lips compared to this photo.
 Berry Berry Nice is a bright cherry red lipstick.

 Red 2000 appears darker and bolder in real life. Among the red lipsticks in this line, this shade is the one with the deepest hue. It is a true red that would look great in all skin tones. 

 Lava Love is a reddish orange color that is perfect for those with warmer skin tone.

Country Rose is a casual red. Compared to other reds in this line, this has a frosted finish with minute silver shimmers. It gives off a natural wash of red for everyday wear. 
 Berry Bright is a bright reddish Barbie pink with satin finish. Think of strawberries and apples rolled into one. 

 Hot Pink is a vibrant bluish pink. On my lips, it looks like a warm head turning pink violet. It has that high end vibe to it. I was searching through the internet and found similar shades from Estee Lauder and Tom Ford. 

 Carnation has got to be my go to patweetums shade. Perfect for a date or work. This color is a milky muted pink with a tiny wash of peach. 

Crush is an ox blood shade that goes on like a very dark plummy/berry red on me. 

 Tangerine Tango is a fun hue that reminds me of summer and the beach. It a hint of hold shimmer but very unnoticeable. It is a vibrant warm orange like MAC Morange with fine shimmers.
Hibiscus is a wearable bubble gum pink that has a satin finish.
Knock out Pink isn't a hot pink like I imagined it to be. This color is very wearable especially with just one layer. It looks like a warm rosey berry shade on my lips. It does not look too loud but gives off that right amount of color on my lips. 

Now, my highly recommended shades:
Carnation - for your everyday wear or just simply pair this with smokey eyes, Red 2000 - a very sultry and dramatic red , Dream Fuchsia - a very unique shade that I am sure you'll be surprised with, Hot Pink - if you want a pop of pink to brighten your day, Berry Bright - is a fun girly color you never want to miss and lastly Tangerine Tango, a must have color when you hit the beach!

Overall, I am super pleased with my Avon True Color Lipsticks but I really wish they will have more neutral shades and matte finishes. The glossy sheen makes my lips look more prominent and pouty.

That's all!!


Have you tried Avon True Color Lipstick? What are your faves?

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  1. Hi,

    I have this lippies too! Dream Fuschia and Red 2000 are my faves!!! =)
    great pictures!!! ilove this blog of yours..
    followed your blog. will be very pleased if you follow back sis!



  2. Yes.

    Avon. Please. I need my matte lipstick.

  3. I have the Hibiscus Pink and I don't know if it's just me but I find that my uneven lip pigmentation shows through despite the heavy dose of color. However, I can't completely write it off as I love the creamy texture to death and beyond!

  4. wooow! I love all shades! It has some kind of ombre effect, no? I'm loving fuchsia and Red 2000,. These are good lipstick, very pigmented. I currently have the Hibiscus Pink and I must say, they're bright enough to make you look made up but can can still be for everyday use. I want to try them all! Bet ko lahat ng colors, puro bright!

  5. ehhhh.... sana swertehin din ako at may bumagsak na Avon Box sa may pintuan namin. haha.. wag pala bagsak. Dapat dahan dahan ipatong at baka masira mga cosmetics.. libre mangarap.. HAHAHA! :)

    seriously though! Those shades are amazing! Super pigmented noh.. like the sangria. and carnation i'm sure ang magiging bet ni bf for me. Gusto non ang mga patweetums shade.. :))

  6. Amazing colors! <3 Love Tangerine Tango the most though. Ang pretty ng lips mo, Atty. :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

  7. i love your lip shots! gumanda yung lipsticks because of your lips :) I think I like the Tangerine Tango but I also prefer matte ones :)

  8. Carnation is very pretty. I really love your lip swatches; they're among the best, although your photos in this post are a bit dark. Must be the gloomy weather? Did you swatch all of these in one day? Good thing your lips didn't dry out!

  9. Sangria is the one for me. I dont know whats in for this season but I am trying Plum lips nowadays. Since, nude lips are a bit overrated but still of course always a staple to match smokey eyes i find carnation can give nude lipstick a rest for a while.

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  11. Gorgeous shades! I want to have all of them XD
    ~Pauline @ NYX Philippines

  12. I love these shades xx


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