K-Palette D. Eye. Y. Event

 Last Saturday, I went to K-Palette's D. Eye. Y. Event. K-Palette has got to be be one of my favorite brands to date. The event took place at Geisha Restaurant in Bonifacio High Street. I was an hour late for the event because I suddenly had migraine and felt nauseous. I had to take some time off before proceeding to the event. huhu... BF and I suspected that it was the fried pork that caused me such pains. Signs of aging na ito! :( 
 At the event, we were taught how to do this Furushiki wrapping technique. We wrapped our own press kits. Aren't they cute?  
The event started with thoughtful remarks from Cheryl and Mr. Kinoshita (yes.. the founder of K-Palette is a male). I wanted to talk to him and begged him to create real tattoo lasting lipstick and blushes but I still felt sick at the event. The event showcased their newest product-  Real Lasting Mega Cute Double eyelid glue. This is perfect for women and even men with monolids. THis new product retails for only 695 pesos and can be bought at Beauty Bar branches.
 With my seatmate, the eyebrow queen, Jes Roque. hehe

 Ms. Rina Ogata, a Japanese makeup artist taught us how to use the Mega Cute Double Lid Glue.
 Here is Jes trying out the Sample.

Pardon my poor lighting. The Mega Cute Double Lid Glue looks very natural on the model especially when her eyes are open. I will do a review soon. Tried it just now and my eyes look way bigger than usual!! SO Kawaii!!! NO need to buy circle lens (that may even damage your eyes) to have bigger kawaii eyes.
 With Jes and Char
 Char, Nikki and Angela
 With Ms. Rina Ogata and Mizuho Hakoyama
Her eyes is the one on the packaging of Mega Cute!! Oh,, do not worry she did not commit a makeup blunder by placing her blush on her temples almost near her eyes. That is the new makeup trend in Japan, she even have an arrow drawing at the side of her lids!! 
 With Cheryl and Shen

Thank you Cheryl for the fun event!! Till the next one!! So glad you brought K-Palette here in the Philippines!


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  1. Oh em! My chipped nail polish and my fingers full of allergies made a debut on your blog! Hahaha! :) Kaders!

  2. Ang pretty ng hairstyle, lakas maka-bagets!
    Mizuho Hakoyama is so cute!! I tried applying my blush near my temples at work, hindi ko ma-carry! I think you need to be mestisa or Japanese (?) to make it work..

  3. I've seen that blush-above-the-cheekbones technique in a magazine a few years ago. I think it was for Shu Uemura. I read that it's supposed to make your cheekbones look higher or something like that...but yeah, it won't work for everyone. Haha! I still prefer blush on the apples of my cheeks for a natural look.

  4. Agree ako kay anne! Ang bagets mo tinggan jan Ms. D! Parang 17 or 18 lang :D Glowing pa ang face, ang ganda ng makeup. Beautiful! I have semi-hooded lids and I really need this in life! huhuh di kase kaya ng elmers eh XD di ko pa naman afford to. haha anyways thanks for sharing Ms. D! ♥

  5. oh! nameet nyo din si ms jes =) i really adore her kilays!!! i cant wait for your review for this product parang i saw this from a singaporean blog (onsugar)


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