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 I got an email from Nate a week ago inviting me to the Shiseido Event. I squealed when I saw his email!! Ecstatic , elated, happy, blissful (insert all the positive feelings in the webster dictionary here). I took a welfare leave today just to attend this event!! Just this morning, Nate sent me a text message that I can bring 2 blogger friends with me. All I could think of was my best pal, a lawyer who blogs intermittently especially before bar exams, Chas of http://www.vain-and-pleasure.blogspot.com/. Arriving at BHS, we were a bewildered because there was not even a sight of an event happening. Turned out a limo was waiting for us to transport us to the real event location. I was like freaking out inside because it was my first time riding a limo. Never did it ever occur to me that I will be riding one!Not in this lifetime. 
 The black limo. I wanted to ask Chas to take a photo of me ala Jean Napoles inside a limo but I was too shy to pose for the camera. lols
 Oh hello there Panyera!!!
 Shiseido Ibuki is the newest skin care line of Shiseido. It brings us "ready-for-anything skin". Perfect for those who have fast paced schedule and demanding lifestyle. Women who are career oriented and for lack of better terms to describe it workaholic and those always on the go, experience recurring problems with their skin. These skin problems may either be caused by lack of sleep, hormone related breakouts, cold office environment, pollution, and etc. 
Now, it's time to focus on being your best self and without worrying about how to have your best skin.

Waahh!!! Hearing these from the Shiseido gave me a sigh of relief. I have a very demanding job right now. I would often seat in a meeting for the whole day and would even bring home assignments. I often experience rashes, psoriasis flare up and super dry skin due to my lifestyle. I can't hide my excitement as I get to try these newest products from Shiseido. The first time I heard about Shiseido Ibuki was from a Youtube sensation, Dulce Candy. She was raving about the Ibuki Cleanser in one of her videos.

At the event we experienced being made up by their makeup artists. 
 They are extremely talented and Shiseido makeup brought out the glow in everyone's faces!!

We also had our beauty pampering sessions.

They are launching their newest Oxygen Lounge at Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma and if I am not mistaken -MOA!! 

Check out their Shiseido Ibuki at your nearest Shiseido branches to experience a skin breakthrough. 
My Shiseido Ibuki regimen will start tomorrow. #excited

and upload your beauty bios to join men and women who are ready for anything.


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  1. I know it's done.. but I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! Hahaha! This sounds so fun! And I <3 Shiseido. I'm on day 8 of my Ibuki regimen and so far, the cleanser REALLY stands out!

  2. I saw this in Sample Room's IG post kanina. Ang bongga ng Black Limo!
    You're so lucky, you get to be pampered by the Shiseido Team! Well, not really lucky since I know you worked hard naman to get to that level.. Pero I'm inggit! Will definitely check out their Oxygen Lounge in Trinoma!

  3. Hi, is that your friend's correct link? Her blog is empty :(

    1. Hi Angel!! Oh no!!! I gave her GT nickname hahaha here is blog url: http://www.vain-and-pleasure.blogspot.com/

  4. I'll wait for your review! I read Liz Lanuzo's review on this and she says the Ibuki line did wonders for her skin :)

  5. Wow! Pampered by Shiseido team.....wow! Just wow!


  6. That black limo is so cool Ms. D! Plus so love love love the pampering they give to you girls out there! I believe you had a really good time sa event :) Thanks to sampleroom, I can try high-end products like this without spending a lot! ♥

  7. wow, exciting! I have a feeling this will do wonders on your skin.
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  8. i cant wait for your review =) one thing and important thing ive learned from their makeup workshop, if you have to attain a good skin, you have to invest for the skincare =)


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