DIY Project: Recreating Your Lipstick/Lipbalm

Hello MLI Readers! How was your Sunday? I hope you had a great weekend. One trick to have a great day is - waking up with a heart filled with overflowing gratitude to Our Maker. 

Yesterday, I decided to do a DIY project. I saw a post from Monika of MomGoneVain about how she turned her Sleek Pout Paint into a lipstick/lipbalm. Here's her post:

I do not have an OCC liptar nor a Sleek Pout Paint but I definitely have a lot of lipstick. When buying lip products, I do tend to get dismayed because they do not turn out the way I thought they would be. At times, a product would look great when swatched at the back of my hand but looks utterly different on my lips. There are also lip products that has the best pigmentation but makes my lips dry like crazy. An example is the Maybelline Baby Lips. Ohh Boy, I wish they were a bit more pigmented like Revlon Lip Butters. With Monika's post, I immediately thought that I could recreate my lipstick/lipbalms to my desired color, texture and finish just by mixing them.  I decided to use my Maybelline Baby Lips as my base product for this project. 
First, I scrape off the product from the tube, then placed it on a a ladle. 
I decided to make 2 different kinds of DIY project. One is a glossy tinted balm and a moisturizing lipstick. By recreating your lipbalm/lipstick, you can actually control, moisture level, texture and finish depending on the amount of products you will use. 
Then, you heat the ladle under low heat. Make sure you stir to mix the colors together.
Then, I pour the liquefied lipstick/lipbalm in the tube.
 Thereafter, I place it in the freezer to harden the product.
This is how the product will look like after hardening. 
Left Swatch: Maybelline Neon Rose Baby Lips
Right Swatch: Maybelline Neon Rose Baby Lips + Glory of New York Lipstick in No. 62 + a tiny bit of Ever Bilena in Siennas
Here is what my recreated lipbalm looks like. Isn't it pigmented? In actual, it can pass off as a Revlon Lip Butter na! Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop is that you?? haha It looks so pigmented, glossy on my lips and glides on smoothly too. 
Next is I turned my Maybelline Tangerine Pop into a lipstick. 

Left Swatch: Maybelline Tangerine Pop
Right Swatch: My DIY Project

The formula? Half of Maybelline Tangerine Pop + Half of Ever Bilena Off Beat Pink 
+ 1/4 Ever Bilena Siennas = A semi matte finish lipstick. 
I decided to recreate Ever Bilena lipsticks because they have great pigmentation and color but they just way too drying for my lips. I am definitely happy with the color turn out of this project. The lipstick I created is a pretty everyday bubblegum pink with a tiny hint of coral. I swear it looks so good. I wore it a while and it brightened my look. I even saw a girl in the restroom ogling at me when I retouch my lipstick. haha 
Here is what it looks like on my lips. Think of a darker NYX Fig with a tiny hint of coral. I will definitely be wearing this color a lot. This also killed my lemming for new lip product I was planning to buy this weekend. BF loves the color too and he got bewildered when I told him I made it!. Effort daw ako masyado haha! 
That's my DIY Project! I am thinking of recreating more lipsticks as I have tons that I have not been using. Does any one know where I can buy a twist up tube to place my DIY lip products? 


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  1. This is an excellent idea! I want the ease of application that lip balms give (plus the glossy shine), but I want them to have a little more color. Aido sells lipsticks for P50 so I can definitely use those! Hihi

    1. Sounds great Aviva!! blog about it din!! Let me see ano kinalabasan.. :)

  2. A for Effort!! and this is something new, kasi usually pag DYI lipsticks sa mga pan/palette nilalagay, this one sa tube. I didn't know it's possible!

  3. Wow ang Galing :))) ang ganda ng kinalabasan, I'll definitely try this DIY project <3

  4. I really love that second color. I also wanted to try doing a diy lipstick pero I don't want to put it in a pot, that's why I didn't pushed through with the project. Hehehe. Do you think it will work if ibalik sa old lipstick tube?

    Anyway I like your new blog layout.

    1. mahirap sa old lipstick tube kasi walang kakapitan i mean hindi ko lang sure sis ahh..

  5. Looks so awesome! When I saw it on Mom Gone Vain I wanted to try it too. Your post convinces me how easy it really is, and just how much possibilities are there!

  6. good job! :) how do you put it back inside the tube? di ba matutunaw yung plastic tube sa heat?

    1. I just poured it.. :)) keribells naman you can control the liquefied lippie.. make sure you have let it cool a bit before transferring it.. mine was a bit hot but it did not melt the tube.. :)

  7. Love this! I might do the same using lipsticks/balms/tints that I don't like anymore :P

    1. Yay!! Pakita mo sa akin ang kinalabasan ah?? Godbless sis!

  8. wow!, i will definitely give this DIY a try ^__^

  9. Wow! Ngayon ko lang nabasa tong post mo. Thanks for the mention Donna! :) Ang ganda ng kinalabasan syo. Super nakakaadik kaya mag mix ng colors parang gusto ko na bumili ng empty lip balm tubes at magcustomize ng shades. :) I love your new layout BTW, super fresh! :)

  10. Hi Atty! I really find your posts innovative and informative all the time - and this one is no exception! am always on the lookout for great DIY projects - lalo na sa lipsticks which I really love din tlaga! great post, keep em coming!

    Mills :) (Millsie Scribbles)

  11. Grabe naman Ms.donnarence. Natataranta na ako samga post mo gusto ko na silang gawin lahat :( super thank you. Napakahelpful talaga heheheh

  12. Wow! this is genius sis! now I now what to do with my other lippies LOL
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  13. Wow! Love it! Now I know what to do sa mga hindi peg na lippies and balms :D Love the colors you came up with ^_^


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