From Dark to Light: Changing Your Brow Color with Affordable Products

After getting my hair dyed golden brown, I knew I needed new brow products to match my new do. Having matching hair and brows is a must, a necessity (at least for me). The day after I had my hair color, I immediately went to the mall in search for good brow products to match my new do. I was meaning to try the Majolica Majorca Brow Color but I went to the mall too early that testers were not yet ready (excited much?!), then I searched for James Cooper because I tried their brow mascara before which worked so well! After, realizing however that James Cooper is not available in North Edsa both in SM and Trinoma, I decided to try a new product instead.
These two products are definitely a good combo that will not break the bank! These two products only cost me 495 pesos only! Talk about bargain hunting in the local department store and after an hour of pondering, these are definitely a great buy.
The Face Shop Lovely Me Ex Color My Eyebrow
Price:395 pesos
Shade: 02 (Light Brown)
This reminded me of the brow mascara from Etude House. Their packaging almost look the same. I swatched this at the back of my hand and got out of the store because I really wanted the James Cooper. After a futile search of James Cooper, I finally decided to buy this. The swatch at the back of my hand did not budge after an hour. I even tried smudging it but it adhered perfectly after application. This brow mascara is actually good. It gives a nice hint of brown tint on my black brows. The pigmentaion is just enough but I need to apply two to three layers to get the pigmentation that I want. Compared to the James Cooper Brow mascara which only need a tiny amount of the product, this one failed in comparison to the former. I also felt that the brush applicator is not that good as well. It looks like a baby bottle cleaner and it does not help much in distributing the product on my brows evenly. I love the fact that it matches my hair color really well and it looks very natural. This lasts for 4-5 hours on my brows and most of the time I rarely do retouching.
It dries and settles fairly well once applied. Here is a swatch of No. 2
I highly suggest getting a separate spoolie to apply this brow mascara for even distribution and application.
Ever Bilena Advance Brow Pencil in Brown
Pinay Youtube Gurus like Noe of Color is my weapon and Ana Victorino has feature this in their channel. I have tried it before but I honestly did not like it. It looked a bit red on me. To my surprise, while prancing around the mall, I tested it once again and realized that it matches my golden brown lock so well. This pencil so well. The pencil has a waxy texture that makes the product adhere better on the brows. This pencils is very pigmented and a bit stiff/hard that makes brow shaping easier. Start with small strokes at first to outline the brows.
Swatch of the EB Advance Eyeliner Pencil in Brown

If you are in search for a good brow products for your hair, there are a lot of good products inthe drugstore/department store that are definitely worth a try. The EB Mascara is really good and for 100 pesos, why not give it a try! The Face Shop Lovely Me ex COlor My Brows is also good for its price at 395 but James Cooper's is the best in the market. I failed to review it last year, the time when I discovered it due to the tragedy. Here are a few photos from my cam taken last year:
 Definitely one of the best if not the best among local products I have tried! Very affordable too. If I am not mistaken it costs 350-400 pesos. Correct me if I am wrong. Look at the back of my hand, did a smudge/water test and it did not budge at all!!! I will definitely get my hand on this brow mascara once I finished the one from Face Shop.
What is the brow mascara that you swear by?
Share it on the comment box! I would love to hear it!

P.S. I miss my old house... lighting there was way better.. Now, taking good pictures for me is really hard especially I have a day job.Le sigh...  :( 


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  1. great review sis! virtual hugs for you,,, :)

  2. mine would be the one from Majolica Majorca, maliit lang yung brush nya and medyo cone-shaped so madaling gamitin sa kilay. I tried the brow mascara from Etude House, okay din naman pero malaki yung brush, na parang pang-lashes so nahirapan ako gamitin.. But the one from MM is good, maganda rin yung staying power nya, mga 8 hrs din if combined with brow pencil. :D

  3. You're lucky your brows are light enough for this to work. Mine are dark so they don't change color even with the products you use which I've tried. Haha.

  4. I have never tried brow mascaras. I'm looking for affordable ones kasi. I'll try to swatch this next time.tnx

  5. for people who love to color their hair, brow mascaras are heaven sent! i remember when i was blonde, i couldnt leave the house without dolly wink!

  6. Oh wow, the James Cooper sounds amazing. I swear I've seen James Cooper sa sm north, hmm maybe I'm imagining stuff haha.
    The one I swear by is by MAC, I don't use it as much anymore because I've dyed my brows to match my hair but I find that it's a better buy than MajoMajo's or Etude's because it lasts longer.

  7. Nice review! I love Ever Bilena Advance Brow Pencil in Brown for my really dark brows. I get compliments when wearing it. I never tried any brow mascara and has no plans in purchasing one soon. I think it won't work for me.
    My brows are thick but it is well groomed (thanks to browhaus!) So sometimes, I just wear it alone (without any pencil).

  8. Ever Bilena's eyebrow pencils work so well for the price. I don't use colored brow mascaras, just plain clear mascara to keep my eyebrow hairs in place. But I agree with Kumi; if you have colored hair, you definitely need a colored eyebrow gel!

  9. I havent try any tinted brow mascara.. im also using EB eyebrow specifically their cleopatra line.. like it very much :)

  10. Hi there! I bought my James Cooper at the SM Dept Store in Makati. Had the same dilemma - it's hard to find! Or out of stock

  11. James Cooper Eyebrow Gel is really the best! pag meron sa SM Centerpoint kailangan i hoard kaagad kc madaling maubos...

  12. I have full brows but it's really black and i want to match it with the color of my hair (dyed it brown red). Please help me find a good but affordable eyebrow makeup. Thanks!


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