Maybelline Baby Lips Color (Review and Swatches)

I have been suffering from dry lips for weeks now. The problem is - I just can't go out without any hint of color on my dark lips. I have been using my Revlon Lip Balm Stain in Honey everyday for weeks now. The Lip Balm Stain, however, does not help much in eliminating the dryness of my lips. I have been seeing a lot of tinted Maybelline Baby Lips in the department store but this New Bright Collection caught my eye. The shades sounds intriguing. Tangerine Pop? Neon Rose? Who would not buy lipbalms with shade names like these? Haha Ok.. Ok.. I know I am such a sucker for vibrant lipstick shades that by mere mention of or description of them, I will buy one without hesitation. I bought these two shades. At the back of my mind, I was hoping it will somehow be as opaque as the Revlon Lip Butters. 

The lip balm did not appear as vibrant as I thought they would be nor were they any close to the pigmentation of Revlon Lip Butters. This balm glides on very smoothly on my lips and gives my lips that hint of color. On my lips, a lip liner is a must to make the color more noticeable. It also moisturizes my lips fairly well but not as good as my Carmex lip balm. I love the subtle scent of these balms. Maybelline Baby Lips Balm has one of the best smelling balms in the local market. 
Tangerine Pop
It is a pretty coral shades that goes well with my Nichido Lipliner in Rosette

Neon Rose
This is a very light fuschia pink shade on my lips. Works really well on top of a pinkish lip tint.

Overall, I think these balms will work well to those with light colored lips. The color is too sheer if you have dark lip lines like mine. For 89 pesos, I really think this is a nice product that you can throw in your purse when you're in need of a balm and something that can give your lips a hint of color. 

What lip balm are you using? Do you know of any moisturizing tinted balm in the local market? 


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  1. It's still a bit faint for me. I'm really curious if Lucas Papaw is as good as they say it is!

  2. I am using Blistex Lip Tone pero sheer din sya almost unnoticeable kapag dark ang lips. Masarap lng sya kasi parang may minty feel sa lips :)

  3. im using in2it lip treat strawberry 6 mos ko na gamit to, hindi na nagdry ang lips ko saka tinted and with spf 20..

  4. You are super correct that maybelline is still one of those best products when it comes to lip balms. Ive tried a couple of drugstore lipbalms and theyre super waxy unlike these. And one thing more, have you ever try using Lipice? They have this tinted lipbalms and Swear!! Theyre the best tinted lipbalms ever. I even hoard back ups when landmark recently put them on sale.


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