Review: ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV White

ZA's Instagram Promo featuring a 50% off on their Total Hydration BB Cream UV White  when swapped with an old/used BB Cream was something I really looked forward to last weekend. Haha I sound pathetic noh? Honestly, I was really thrilled with this promo because I really love affordable finds. So, yun benta siya akin so I did not hesitate to slip one of my used BB Cream in my makeup kit upon seeing their IG Post. I actually do not know where ZA is available so I told myself that I should just carry the BB Cream around in case I see a ZA counter so I can immediately swap it. North EDSA was of no help. As mentioned in my previous post, James Cooper was not available in any of the malls in that area neither is ZA. Tsk.. Come Saturday, I was lucky enough to see ZA in Megamall department store!!The weird thing is I do not know if the SA really knew of the Swap Promo because he looked bewildered when I handed him my old BB Cream for swapping. (At mega titig siya sa brand na bingay ko!haha) Anyways, I paid 212 pesos for this BB Cream.
 The size is a bit small. It only weighs 20 grams or .7 oz. I also feel that it has less product inside. I have been using the BB Cream for 5 days now and I must that I think I have already finished almost half of the product or 1/4 (or am I just using too much product ?) 
 This BB Cream has only one shade and it is way too light for my medium yellow skintone. The texture is light and very blendable. Once applied, I instantly felt that it adheres relatively fast on my skin so I need to blend quickly than usual. The warmth of my fingers makes the product melt and easier to apply. After a minute or two, the BB Cream dries into an almost matte finish (not powdery finish but soft natural finish). This does not feel greasy or sticky at all. Not streaky or patchy on my dry skin. Also, it did not break me out.  The SA reminded me to use just a pea size amount for my whole face because it is way lighter than my skin tone. I love the scent of this BB Cream. It reminded me of my very first BB Cream from The Face Shop (Clean). 
 What it looks like on my skin. I know I used too much product in this photo but I noticed that after a few minutes it turns a half to a step darker than its usual color (but still lighter on my NC35 skintone). I hope you get what I mean. 

This evens out my skintone very nicely but it does not cancel out the redness on my skin nor helped in covering my imperfections like eyebags. As you can see below, I used two layers on my skin but it did not cover my dark bags. It did minimized the appearance of my pores. The coverage of this BB Cream is light to mid medium which is perfect for everyday wear. This explains the need to wear concealer on problem areas. The BB Cream is very buildable just make sure you just apply upto two layers or else you'll end up looking like an espasol (especially if you have medium skin tone like me)! Oil control power is very good if you stay in air conditioned areas. It stays put for 4-5 hours but wears out easily whenever I commute or I am inside a room with a normal temperature.. By mid day, I need to retouch my tzone and even my cheeks because my skin is starting to peek through the BB Cream and powder. 
 This is my half face test!! I applied two layers, hence, the ghostly effect. haha
The lightness of the color can be remedied with a darker powder.
Here is my after shot after sealing the BB Cream with ZA Perfect Fit 2 Way Foundation in OC3. Not as ghostly as before but it still looked lighter than my neck. My remedy? I apply powder foundation under my chin and loosed powder on the rest of my neck and chest area. Voila!!! Pantay na!! haha

I like this BB Cream because of the scent and how it instantly gives me that whitening boost. It brightens up my skin tone primarily because of its light beige color. What to love about this BB Cream? it has SPF 50 + PA +++ (That's a lot of plus plus plus) :)
Due to its high SPF, I can skip applying sunblock. I really hope it comes in a darker shade. That would have made me love this BB Cream. I want to try the other variant of ZA BB Cream which is the The Total Hydration One with SPF 43 + which is a tone darker than this BB Cream .

Have you made the switch?
I did and I am really happy with it. :))


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  1. I love it!!! thinking of swapping mine this weekend! :)) I love my za powder foundation so much and I think i'd love this bb cream too!

    thanks for the awesome review :)

  2. Oooh! I'm excited to try the swap. By the way, how did you convince the SA about the swap promo?

  3. Kinda expensive because it's a bit small :p

  4. Whoa that's a little too light! Sometimes pa naman I forget to set my bb cream, hahaha!

  5. i also learned about this on projectvanity's blog and based on your swatches im interested on how the matte finish will work on me. And since its discounted Im giving this a try before they ran out of bb creams.

  6. love the new layout! so pink!!!
    I'm excited to try this coz I read somewhere na it can erase pores, I wanna see if it's true or not. hehe

  7. Sana malamig na lang dito sa Pinas para hindi madaling mahulas ang foundations lalo na ang BB Creams no? :)


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