Sampleroom Thanksgiving Party

Hello Monday!! I was invited at the Sampleroom Thanksgiving Party last last weekend. I am privileged to be part of Sampleroom's Blogger Circle. I was recently added to this circle and my thrill/excitement is utterly inexplicable. Sampleroom as you all know is a sampling site aimed in helping consumers to experience the product first. Sampleroom's website is truly an interactive one. Before being part of the blogger circle, I was an avid member!! The most memorable purchase is the Colour Collection BB Cream. OKay, moving on to the event. It was filled with games. The prices are simply awesome from Bobbi Brown kits to Mini Instax. This was also the first blogger event where a talk on women empowerment through the immeasurable grace of God was made. I felt so blessed after the talk of DJ Ingrid. It reminded me of the women in the Bible whom God used as an instrument in spreading His word, think about Esther, Ruth, etc. :)) 
Sophie Uy of Beautynomics, one of the founder of Sampleroom and the lady behind Charm Brushes! I love her makeup. Her eyebrows look prefect and her foundation flawless. I was ogling at her throughout the event. 
My super blogger friends. I love being with Gem Rare of Rarevanity and Jes Roque of Makeuplove. We had so much fun being seated together at the event. We miss you Char!! Char of Yellowyum was not able to attend. :( We got cray cray at winning Sampleroom Games.
I never knew I will find super friends in the blogging community. We were blabbing and talking too much at the event and thereafter. Hahaha Bawal kami pagsamahin talaga!! Nakakaloka!
Asisde from Blogger Partners and Blogger Circle, the VIP Members of Sampleroom were also there! The few I know are Gina and Yette.
Our table was indeed the luckiest! Look at the prizes we won! Ohh.. I can give up my Mini Instax with the Soffia Brushes, Jes got and the Bobbi Brown Loot bag Gem received! After the event, we received a huge Sampleroom eco bag! 
Isn't it lovely?
Here are some of the products we received:
Pinkbox goodies 
My lil sister immediately seized these! Such a ninja!
First time to try H20 skin care. The Cleansing Water is awesome!!!! I have never tried anything like it before. My makeup simply melted and was easily wiped out when I applied this with a cotton ball.
Mini Sample of Laneige Products
I have been meaning to try the Nivea Whitening Serum. The Beauty and Bright soap smells like grapes and it leaves my skin soft and silky. I use it as a body soap.
Two of my favorite products from the loot bag. The Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam is a house favorite. My brother and I loved it so much. It did not dry out my face. The droplets hand sanitizer smells like a baby powder. 

If you love eating and having problems with digestion, this Digestics helps improve your digestion. I have been using it since last week, it did not upset my stomach at all. 
Godiva goodies
I won this Mini Instax Camera!! 
This is the cherry on top, the icing of the cake and the best part of the loot that I got. The angled flat top brush from Soffia! Isn't it a beauty? It looks so sosyal and super soft too!!!!!

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Have a blessed Monday everyone!

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  1. Wow! Bongga ang Instax at Soffia brush! :)

  2. I feel SO SORRY I was not able to come :(( I'm a part of the blogger circle too, but what can I do I live in the province :( I really want to meet you pa naman, atty. and ask some advice on how you were able to manage blogging and law school, as I know you were already blogging way before you passed the Bar. I'm a third year law student by the way, and as much as I love blogging I just don't have the time :(


  3. wow! lucky table... :) loot bag contents are awesome!

  4. yay! congrats ms donna =) i really wanted to meet ms gem personally! i met jes and gina from a shiseido workshop and yette from a mini meet great via ms martha si ms sophie nameet ko din hihi.. sana mameet din kita ms donna =) more product reviews! hugs!

  5. wooow! the loot bags are bongga! ang cute ng venue.. hihi.. and of course, Jes' kilay are plakado again! :D

  6. Ang galing talaga ng Sample Room. So impressed with Sophie Uy :)

  7. "super blogger friends" - haha I like that! Ang saya talga ng araw na to! I'll grab some of your pics ah :)

  8. ohhh, I love Miss Sophie's makeup too! Flawless talaga! this looks like a super fun event! :)

  9. Sobrang bongga ng sample room event. Grabe nakaktuwa naman maguwi ng ganyang goodies


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