Makeup School Musings Part 1

If you are my friend on Facebook or a follower of my Instagram account, you would know that I get so giddy and excited posting my makeup class photos. Honestly, the airhead in me thought that I knew a lot about makeup and the right of applying it but heck!! Not at all!! What I learned about makeuup application through watching youtube videos, attending mini workshops and reading books/magazines are merely half or worst,  even a fourth of what I am learning now in makeup school. The right techniques are truly the key to beautiful makeup. One may have all the high end brands in her makeup kit but if she does not know how to make it work, well err.. they're useless. Oh and practicing every now and then does make a big difference.

I am enrolled at Maquillage Professionnel.Module 1 Pro. The school is located in Burgos Circle, The Fort. The regular fee was 30000 for 50 hrs session but I got mine at discounted rate because of a promo for only 18000. Brushes and makeup are already provided by the school. We use Makeup Factory and Beyu products. (I, on the other hand, use some of my makeup.. :P) 

First day: Base makeup application and wet method of Contouring
We were also thought how to do the brows like a pro. haha Look at my model. She really have sparse browse and I had to draw her brows literally. Thanks to KPalette Brow Liner, lining the brows became easier.

Second Day: Base Makeup Application and Dry Method of Contouring
I got too excited, I did a full makeup on Monica. hehe OF course with my teacher's permission. 

Third Day: Different eye shapes and two kinds of eye makeup
I will be doing a separate blog posts on certain topics that I know will be helpful to all of you like base application, eye makeup application and etc.

Fourth Day was all about Day Makeup
Seriously, I really had a hard time doing this. I have been very vocal on my pigmentation intensity issues of eyeshadow application. Thanks youtube! I first learned how to do smokey eyes before day makeup, hence my problem. I know my makeup was a bit harsh for everyday. Sigh! I need to practice doing day makeup more.

Day 5 was one of my favorites!Evening Makeup it is!I love how we can pack a lot of colors on the model. haha

What do you think?
I already have my first prenup booking this December.
Hopefully, more to come. I truly enjoy making people more beautiful.
After Module 1, I plan on taking short course on hairstyling and airbrush.

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  1. I love all their kilays!! Now i wanna enroll in a makeup school too! What's your schedule, donna? Is it a weekly or daily session? I work graveyard so i'm planning to attend saturday classes lang.

  2. How many students are there in a class?

  3. I've been a silent reader for many months, but I just have to tell you this now: ANG GALIIIIING! :)
    I especially love their kilay!

  4. Looks great!!! I'm in love with the blush colour on the last model :)

  5. You surely did great on your models! <3


  6. I love how you do eyemakeup :) I like that they're all not extended and they all still look like themselves, only glammed up.

  7. How did you get the discount I've been dying to enroll to makeup course but no money to spend for 30k. Hope you can give me idea thanks

  8. Hi maam! May I ask how you git the discount for module 1? I really want to enroll i this school.. =)

  9. Hi maam! May I ask how you git the discount for module 1? I really want to enroll i this school.. =)


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