My Underarm Revlite EO-Q Switched Laser Treatment By AIP (Before and After Photos)

I got an invite from Jenna to try out Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines' (AIP) Revlite Treatment. I have always been fascinated with lasers and when Jenna told me that it is a premium laser ideal for treatment of skin pigmentation, wrinkles and tattoo removal. I started researching online and eventually underwent the treatment last last week. It was my first time to visit AIP which is just around the corner of Club Filipino in Greenhills. I was immediately assisted by their staff when I got there. I was asked to fill out a patient's record form and they briefed me about the treatment.

Here is more about AIP:
 AIP is a state-of-the-art aesthetic medical facility that offers advanced dermatology, aesthetic services and slimming services in the country today. Enjoy a soothing skin care experience in the 
comfort of our facility, watch your pounds melt away with our proven medical slimming methods, and discover a new beautiful you with our aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. At AIP, we make sure you receive only the highest quality of care. All our medical services are delivered by licensed medical professionals under the supervision of board certified physicians.
Results-Oriented Services

Only the safest and most efficacious treatments are offered at AIP. Helping you rediscover a more beautiful, youthful and healthy looking you is our commitment. This commitment guides our choices of treatments that will deliver the best results.

Expert Skin Care

We take your skin seriously. That is why we make sure only the most qualified medical professionals are on hand to deliver your treatments. Our staff is extensively trained in all the procedures we offer to ensure high quality results every time.

Excellent Customer Care

Our highly trained and carefully selected staff puts customer satisfaction at the center of all they do. From the minute you enter our facility, you will be welcomed by our gracious and friendly staff. A truly beautiful experience!

Their huge, comfy and very classy waiting area! It felt like I was in a hotel or something. :)

The staff of AIP were all friendly and accommodating. I asked a lot of questions regarding the treatment because in the waiver form they mentioned things like burning sensation and pains similarly to being hit by a rubber band. My excitement went away when I read these. I honestly was about to back out the procedure. I have very low pain tolerance. Good thing, they told me that a topical anesthesia will be applied in case I can not take the pain. They also told me that it does not feel as painful as I imagined it would be. 

Revlite is a premium laser that is multi-purpose, multi wavelength aesthetic medical laser that offers maximum power and versatility for a broad range of indications on all skin types. It utilizes ultra high speed shutter to produce nanosecond pulse widths, enabling highly effective procedures with less heat and increased safety. Revlite can create superior PhotoAcoustic rejuvenation effect, including a more refreshed appearance, reduction in the fine lines and wrinkles, smoother texture, tightening, decreased pore size. 

Acne Scars
Tattoo Removal
Pigmented Lesions
Sun spots
Age spots
Cafe-au-lait birthmakrs
Becker's Nevi
Vascular lesions
Port-wine birthmarks
Hair Removal
Dermal lesions

What to expect:
The Revlite emits light in rapid, short pulses at high peak energy for maximum efficacy and comfort. The impact feels like no more than the snap of a thin rubber band. Any post treatment discomfort will feel similar to a mild sunburn, and any redness will dissipate within a day or two as the skin returns to its natural color.

Here is the treatment room. 
The Revlite Laser Machine
The treatment was very quick. It lasted for only 15 minutes or less. I was really worried about the pain and the post treatment effect but the overall experience was really okay. I imagined excruciating pain due to the heat of the laser but it just felt like fast snapping of rubber bands. I also felt tolerable heat pricking my skin.  I also smelled this burning scent that I really thought was my skin. Afterwards, I learned that these were my UA Hair that the laser burned and not my skin. 
After the treatment, they immediately placed cold compressed. The parts developed slight swelling, reddening but no pain at all! I was just advised to take a bath with cold water the next day and prevent from scrubbing.  
With the beautiful and wonderful people from AIP.

Oh my gosh.. Now comes the weirdest and grossest part. haha Finally, after years of blogging, my kilikili (underarm) debuts on my blog. haha How can this blog post be complete without the before and after picture right?
Before Procedure, 8Hrs After the Procedure, 3 Days After the Procedure (Photo with Flash)

It did lighten and removed the thin hairs. I did notice an improvement on my underarm skin color. The lightening effect was not too radical or drastic ( I really thought that my underarm will be like Katy Perry's in an instant.. haha sadly, it did not turn out that way) I noticed that it somehow lessened the appearance of chicken skin on my underarm and there are obviously whiter/lighter areas as shown in the picture with flash (3rd pic). AIP said that I can achieve the effect that I want through a series of treatment. A single treatment for the underarm costs 5,000. 

Overall, I highly recommend this to my readers who wants instant whitening effect. I have not experience any discomfort nor did I develop any rashes or swelling after the procedure. 

For more inquiries, visit:
visit AIP Clinic at 15 Esienhower St. and get the Revlite Experience now!  You can also make a reservation at 725-0808 or 0917-7200808. 


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  1. it's my first time hearing about this clinic and wow great results! it's kinda expensive but atleast it's effective ;)

  2. Do they have a treatment for stretch marks as well?

    1. Hi Kris. Yes we have treatment for stretch marks. Come visit our clinic and let's talk about it. You can also contact us at 725-0808.

  3. It's kinda pricey but seeing the effect on your underarm, I guess it's well worth the price. :)

  4. Thanks Donna for writing about Revlite Skin Perfecting Laser.

    Sometimes when something is as effective as The Revlite Laser Treatment, price becomes your last concern. On the other hand, AIP's pricing is less if not competitive with other well known clinics in Manila. We encourage you to come visit us. Look for me and maybe I can give you something more. :)

    Thanks again Donna! Hope to see you again in our clinic soon!!

  5. 2 in 1 attorney? hair removal + whitening? parang feeling ko sulit na to for two sessions?

  6. it is a bit expensive for laser wrinkle removal, but the result is quite impressive and a highly recommended procedure.

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  8. Try Claravall Rhinoplasty, they offers dermatology services and cosmetic surgery!

  9. Do they have treatment to whitening underarm..?? My under arm is black bcoz of using many products..

  10. How many session does it takes to achieve the third pic?

  11. How many session does it takes to achieve the third pic?

  12. What do you call your underarm whitening treatment? How much and how manh sessions will it take to fully whiten? Thanks

    1. Miss donna pls answer this (up) thanks!

    2. Miss donna pls answer this (up) thanks!

  13. I have undergone my first session of soprano hair removal last November 14. Pwede ba akong magpa-revlite kahit may sessions pa ako for soprano hair removal? thanks Donna. :)

  14. Hi miss donna. Thanks for giving me hope. Seriously I'm getting really depressed about my underarm. I will surely try AIP. I hope I get the same results. Thank you so much

  15. Do they have a treatment for removing pimples AND pimple scars?
    Do they have a branch here in Alabang?

  16. Hi there! Did you continue the session?

  17. Hi there! Did you continue the session with them?


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