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Just a quick trivia to everyone.. My first beauty post ever, way back in April 2008 was all about Ellana Minerals (You can look for it on my search engine at the sidebar). I can still remember the MMU (Mineral Makeup Craze) back then. Mineral makeup was the talk of the town,, err primarily by female girltalkers. Mineral makeup was even sold in teaspoon (1/8, 1/4, 1/2 tsp.) and they came in a handy dandy plastic zip locks. Yehess,, parang droga lang ang peg ng mga epektos. haha Ellana Minerals was the first local mineral makeup brand. It was the very first mineral makeup that I tried and I have to admit that I fell in love with the brand. I love their HD powder that mattifies even the slightest oiliness that it touches. One of their best sellers has got to be the full coverage foundation that I would often use as a concealer because of its superb pigmentation. Despite my love for this brand, I would always wish that they come out with pressed mineral products! As the saying goes, wishes do come true.
Ellana recently had a launch. I call this "the comeback". Hihi 

Here is a quick press info from Ellana Minerals:
In 2006, two friends wondered: where could they find makeup 
gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough 
to withstand the tropics?
 The only solution was to create it, 
and Ellana Minerals was born. 

The name Ellana is derived from the Greek
 word for “bright”- a fitting name for makeup 
that gives skin a luminescent quality. 
Each sweep of powder and pat of color conjures the 
vision of a goddess radiating with light, possessing a
 beauty that withstands the test of time. 

They will be having pressed minerals which I am very excited about. 
Another thing to fall in love with Ellana Minerals is their new packaging. It looks so sleek and stylish. The lady behind these illustrations is Soleil Ignacio, a top freelance fashion illustrator.

What is great about Ellana Minerals?
*High cosmetic grade
*free from unnecessary fillers, binders, and fragrance
*free from unhealthy nano particles 

** I must add this -- Ellana Minerals are very economical to use. A little goes a long way, one pot can last for more than a year (especially the HD Powder).
Ellana Minerals co-founder and makeup artist 
Theresa Carbonel formulates each product to
ensure that the shades are comfortable, natural, 
and a true match for mestizas 
and morenas alike!With a deep understanding of
 the Ellana woman’s busy and mobile lifestyle
 she also designed products for oil control,
 sensitivity, and long-lasting resilience. 
These anchor products from the
new range redefine dependable daily wear! 

Intensive Blend Loose Foundation
 (P460/ P330 for the refill):
The Intensive Blend is ideal for oily and troubled skin
 due to its superior coverage 
and oil-absorbing properties. 

Sheer Velvet HD Powder (P460 / P330 for the refill):
 translucent high-definition powder that sinks seamlessly
 into any skin tone, smoothening and prepping skin 

Ultimate Blend Pressed Foundation (P650): 
11 coffee inspired shades with a velvet finish, now
in a convenient compact for easy transport 

Pressed Concealer Foundation (P680):
 a powerful combination
 that moisturizes as it conceals unevenness 
and fine lines 

Oil-Absorbing Pressed Finishing Powder (P550):
 illuminating coverage that blots out the shine
while enhancing a natural glow

Aside from www.ellanaminerals.com
you may find the brand in The Ramp Trinoma, Shangri-La, and

Like them on Facebook:http://facebook.com/Ellanaminerals
Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: ellanaminerals

 I am seriously loving their primer and brush!! I honestly can't wait for their pressed minerals to arrive!!! 

Have you heard about Ellana? What Ellana products do you love?

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  1. Just a head's up, some of your older posts aren't showing pictures anymore. I've actually known for a while since I sometimes come here when I'm in search of inexpensive cosmetics.
    As for this post, I haven't tried Ellana before. But the packaging is so nice! I would even say it's unique because it has art on the cover. I would totally try this out.

  2. wow! what an amazing blog you have!<3 If we could follow eachother on GFC, that would mean a world to me:) Thank you so much for a such an inspirational blog!<3 xx peach


  3. I am also excited about the pressed minerals! Oh, please make a review of the products if available na.... love the packaging! :)

  4. siyempre as usual..na missed ko tong event but I LOVE Ellana! I've finished 3 pots of their foundation! super love it! i'm glad better packaging na sila now! :D


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