ZA Perfect Solutions Now Available at Sampleroom

Now available at Sampleroom in full sizes!! 

 Za Perfect Solutions is targeted to address the signs of aging and to restore that youthful, plump-skin look. Solve all skin problems with Perfect Solution. A high performance anti-aging skincare line, which solve 3 main troubles of the women, age 25 to 35; “Firming”, “Translucence”, and “High Moisture”. The key to a youthful look is the skin condition at 3 parts of the face: eye area, mouth area, cheeks. This product offers a thorough solution to this problem and achieves firm, youthful skin with less visible wrinkles.


Improves firmness and VA palmitate reduces wrinkles.
Special ingredient for cream - Vitamin A (VA) palmitate transforms into retinol, thus reducing wrinkles.

So thrilled with the products that I got:
 Collagen Cream (I will sharing this with my mom) and a new moisturizer/emulsion for my dry skin! 
What are you waiting for? Get your samples now!

Thank you Sampleroom!!

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  1. lemming! di pa approved yung previous reviews ko... waiting mode... :)

  2. Was able to order the collagen and toner. Will wait for the facial foam to become available.. :)

  3. eeerrr, the points needed to get those samples are 200-300 =( nice review by the way!


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