Absynthe Bath and Beauty: Honest to Goodness Skin Care

 Before the year ends, I discovered Absynthe Bath and Beauty products. They are known for their hair products that are made of high quality ingredients. I was sent a box filled with their best selling products and I was utterly in awe with their packaging and the details placed in their labels. I love the fact that they have manufacturing and expiration date. I have loads of products that do not have any of these detailed imprints. What's best about Absynthe is their formulation. Their products contain no parabens, phtalates, sulfates, triclosan, synthetic dyes and gmo's. All of their products are non comedogenic, hypoallergenic, eco friendly and suitable for all skin types. 
 I also notice that their products are sealed to perfection. 

Let me give you short reviews of the products I am currently using from the goody box they sent me: 
 Hair Potion
Precious Oil Elixir 
(749 pesos for 50ml)

I was a bit skeptical using this product as I am not a fan of oils and serums. I tried this product out of desperation. My hair is simply drying out and split ends have been bothering me since I had it bleached months ago. This Hair Elexis does not contain silicone and it contains Argan Oil, the liquid gold from Morocco, Maracuja Oil, Meadow Foam Oil and Avocado Oil. Amazingly, I must say that this product, despite its steep price, is really good. I have used it as an intensive oil treatment and it helped relieved my dry and itchy scalp. What I noticed is that it did not make my scalp and hair too oily. After two successive shampooing, the excessive oiliness from the treatment was removed. It did not make my hair limp and sticky at all. It instantly revived my dry roots and brittle ends. I also use this as a hair tamer. It smoothens out my frizzes without having that "pomade look". Also, it acts as  a detangler.
Hair Goddess Shampoo 
200 ml.

This is one of the freshest and good smelling shampoo I have ever tried. It does a good job of removing dirt and oiliness on the scalp. This is my fave and my dad's as well. He has been raving about this shampoo ever since e used it. Well, both us emptied one bottle in a span of only 2 weeks! yay! My  hair feels squeaky clean every time I use this. It contains no sulfate, thus, making it very suitable to those who underwent brazilian blowout like me. On the other hand, my dad's comment on this shampoo is that it made his hair manageable without a need of any wax or gel. Sumusunod sa galaw daw ang peg. hehe

Have you tried any of Absythe products? Let me know on the comment section and tell me your fave. I will be trying out their Pure Intention Serum and Whitening Creme within the week.

Godbless to all!

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  1. Been looking for good products to use.. I want to eliminate using chemical based products this 2014.. and I will try Absythe products.. Thanks for the review! more power to your blog.. :)

  2. I have always choose organic products when it comes to skin care! And I think Absythe products is a must-try for me! Thanks for the review! :)


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